Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hooda thunk it

I have an itch that needs a scratchin' Not the one in my middle back which is dry like the Sahara & real itchy. Double time with the shower brush. Oops, back to point.
In a slightly hypo manic phase this week I deemed it necessary to race my mtb a few times this year. Yes, I said mtb. I actually raced mtb for 4-5 years in the early 90's. In fact I will be racing the steed from that long gone era. A custom geo SMORGASBORD 853 steel is friggin' real ride. From what I remember the SMOR is from '97. Ten years young and still sub 23 lbs.
So I got her ride, not race, ready the past few days. With the addition of a new Manitou R7 fork and some Easton bar/stem swag ( thank god Bell sports is distributing Easton now) on the way I will be set. I replaced my indexed headset with a sweet green King fron Benny today. It looks sweet with the faded green decals and orange frame.
So tomorrow I ride with the royalty of Central PA mtb. Weston V the 14th, Manzarek & Nance. Michaux for 3-4 hours. I hope the fork holds out.
More to report Sunday.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Walk a mile...

... in my shoes at the present time. Go ahead I dare you.
It has been one body blow after the next.

Sing to the cadence of Sorry Somehow, Husker Du.

Friends and fam don't know what to say, hold you with kid gloves
Yeah I know words are tough, just send a little love
Nights are short and days are way too long, just like to rub it in
It's not a game this is my life, when will I ever win
Climb the rung start to see the light I can almost see the top
Two steps up and three more back when will I get the drop
Walk a mile if you will, do you have the time
Buckle up and hold on tight everything will be just fine
Here we go yet again it's getting fucking old
Your grass is green and it will grow, it's not made of gold
Bleed me dry, hope you feel good, get your pound of flesh
Play by the rules don't be so sneaky, that would be the best
Cut off your nose to spite your face, forest through the trees
Pick you battles wise my friend, do you want to mess with these
Walk a mile if you will, do you have the time
Buckle up and hold on tight everything will be just fine
What do you want to be when you grow up, hurry now and decide
Do you bleed red for the colonel, no, that's corporate suicide
Give me your best, we'll take care of you, yeah we'll give you our all
Sit by your phone yet again, here comes that November call
Ten years in, fifteen to go, a lifetime away
I can barely get outta bed and make it through the day
Walk a mile if you will, do you have the time
Buckle up and hold on tight everything will be just fine
Touch 'em all rounding third save the best for last
We had fourteen years, I hoped for more, yeah they were a blast
No one knows, no one ever can or will, like the way I do
We shared the best and we shared the worst, table set for two
Now here it is the time is coming I worry what they'll say
I know in my heart I tried my best to love you every day
Walk a mile if you will, do you have the time
Buckle up and hold on tight everything will be just fine

Friday, January 12, 2007

God love the Ruskies

Sorry Lux. I think I just spent $8.00 at my new fave download site. that $8.00 got me 52 songs. Sweet!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Shake dem bones

Yeah, it has been a while since I busted out some Dead. Tonight just felt right. Some good Tequila is working so I will try to recollect some of my fondest memories of some of my best times with the most important people of my life.

I was a late bloomer. 86ish when I started getting hooked a year or two late seeing shows, Thanks go out to the infamous Webb brothers. Good dudes. Big Al Webb especially. I remember being at an RFk show with my bro, Silsley & my Mom. I saw Big Al strolling thorugh the crowd. i have not seen him for a year or so as he went out West to sky. There he was. Minutes later I saw my man Fabo ("I love pot"). The big guy almost crushed me with a hug. That is what the Dead was about.
Oysters with SWaulters & Amy. Bojangle chicken & bisquits. Yummy
Camel hair van and the keg/broken door incident
Camel hair van and the beer ball drive
Me almost getting arrested protecting the said Camel hair van
Eric, Steve, Carolyn & I in the very fucking top row at RFK. Row Jimmy comes on. Totally awesome. We decide it is time to go to the floor to move. Sils jumps the fence and the guards chase him whilst Eric, Carolyn & I stroll in.
Selling Barleywine homebrew
Fred Clepper, god rest his soul.
Steve's car alarm
Broken foot and crutches in 95 degree heat. Foot swelled like a bloated sausage
Tading birks for tix. I am wearing the Birks right now. 15 years later.
Amy, no show was complete without lovely Ames being indoctrinated.
Digress, Brokedown Palace is on now. Full on tears, sorry. My cousins played this at their Mom's funeral a few years back. God rest, Janet. Eric & I got them into the Dead.
First time, and only time I wor a skirt/dress. Regimental, fuck yeah it was comfy. I danced liked a true Deadhead that night
Baked, lots
Drunk, lots
Drum circle under the overpass
$1 beers and Falafels
Crazy buses
Crazier people
Lisa Heintzleman where are you? Man I would like to see you again
Star Lake:
Mike Hart, Shecky, Fabo, Ames
'Shroomin & boomin
Keystone Light, 3 for $2 just to get home. Yeah I was broke
Steve Miller band & Sting as openers. Sweet
Nasty paved parking lot scene, the worst
Notar, my brother. Mother fuck, you were right! I miss you man.
Cap Centre;
Jen Maclay, virtue & vice
Some vegan girl from Madre who wanted to ride along
SECOND FUCKING ROW. Bobby spit on me, almost
Who has my miracle. Why I do, young man. Two seats second row center for $100 total
What a trip literal, figurative
The best lot food
March early 90's shows 4 nights. I commuted every one.
I tought severe MR & disabled kids how to swim in the morning. They made the trip worthwhile.
Scraping the concrete median on the drive home night three.
Got wasted and said something dumb to Jen Maclay. I will always be sorry for that.
First shows with Gus.
Boulder Theatre:
Little women
The night Brent Midland died, freaky.
Turns out a did a lot of mtb'ing with the Little Women drummer years later in PA
Won tix to see Bobby at Alpine Mt. Front row. Bike race, guess which won out. Dumb.
There was much, much more. This was just a little taste