Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Clipper Inn Bed & Breakfast Freeport Maine

This post goes out to the honor of Captain Ron. This is my personal thank you for making my Mother's birthday such an experience to remember.
It is my sincere hope that this blog entry will forever change the way you do business.
My Mother is in Maine visiting friends at the present time. For her birthday she wanted a night stay at a B&B in Freeport, ME. She sent a link of B&B's, so I looked at them and tried to pick a nice one. I settled on the Freeprt Clipper Inn. The rooms looked nice and each had a private bath. The Inn was within walking distance of Freeport. I was able to make an online reservation. I received email confirmation and forwarded that to my mother.
Fast Forward to yesterday. My Mom arrives in Freeport and goes to the Inn at 6:15. Check in was anytime before 7:00pm. Upon arriving she was greeted very tersely by the Innkeeper. He informed her that she was late. My mother clarified that check-in went until 7:00, and provided her name. She was then informed that there was not a room for her. They were booked. My mother was confused as she pulled out the email with the confirmation. At this point my mom is still outside. The Innkeeper curtly states "come in". My mother says she is confused, because the confirmation shows payment. The Innkeeper replies, "well I do not have your money". My mother is even more confused. I forget what she said next. The Innkeeper replied, "get out". No trying to rectify the situation or even slightly understand it. No help offered at all. No call to Webservations to clarify. Zippo. My mother again states she does not understand. To that the Innkeeper says, "FUCK YOU!" He then turns and walks away.
My mom is 62, about five foot tall on a good day and could not utter a mean word to anyone. Trust me when I say we are polar opposites as it relates to colorful language. For me to hear thsi last night made me equal parts sad, livid, and just plain angry.
As we spoke I looked up the Maine Innkeepers Assoc site, which the Clipper Inn is a member. I hope my mom went to the business and filed a complaint. I also hope she files a complaint with the Freeport, ME Better Business Bureau.
Until that time I will use this blog entry as feedback on the Clipper Inn B&B in Freeport, ME. I hope every tourist that googles that place sees this blog entry.
So, Clipper Inn, consider this my most sincere way of thanking you for the steallar treatment you showed my mother.
By the way.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gay like happy, or gay like well you know?

Yeah he hit it on the head. The blog has turned a bit introspective, shall we say. The ole piss and vinegar is just not there right now. No worries you still have these offerings to tide you over, each are first class readings.
Again I miss the Beer & Booze at Black Lane due to the Granogue/Wiss weekend. Someday, I promise. Today & tomorrow I step it up to roll the Elite class. That ought to be fun. If they hold it together, the top seven each day should be the guys who have represented the US at cross worlds last year. Fun times, the goals are finish in the money and on the same lap. Oh yeah get through the start unscathed each day.
Seems politics, taxes, banking crisis are hot cyclist blog topics these days. I liken that to James Carville blogging about bike racing. We know just enough on the surface to be relatively informed and super dangerous. After renouncing my Republican ties last year I find myself looking to vote not for the candidate that I feel I relate to, but more against the candidates that I feel are not right. I guess that is reason enough? I generally loathe the political and electoral process. It brings out the absolute worst in people. Slander, mistruths and lies, all for personal glory. There is so little substance offered for a person to make an educated decision for their candidate. At least there are a few more weekd of Tina Fey skits to look forward to.
Let me see if I can stir up a little something something.
Here is my Presidential pick.
If the weather is super shitty nasty McCain will win. If the weather is predominantly nice across the country Obama will win. Draw your own stereotypical conclusions.
Can I write in Burt Hoovis on my ballot?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Good times

Since damn near all these blatherings are about bike races why change. It was a loooong bike race weekend after all. Iron Cross weekend has come and gone and I have noticed a few things about myself.
I still like to be involved with helping a race come to fruition.
I still dislike being one of the last people around tearing down a course.
Friends will always get my help.
I am riding pretty fast, if I may say so myself.
Mean, Mt Vesuvius Hebe is a faded memory, thank god.
Mechanicals will eventually happen, how you deal with them is the key. I finally can.
I like racing a death spiral where you can pedal and attack.
Crossing a finish line and seeing my lovely lady is awesome.
Spending time catching up with friends is a blast.
Meeting more of Kara's friend's is also a blast.
I would kick Hoovis's ass in a tri-geek game.
I love lazy mornings.
I do not need to race cross twenty times to feel good.
I do not want to race cross twenty times.
I feel like a little kid when I ride a bike in the woods.
I feel like a little kid at Christmas when I see that awesome smile.
After reading through Random Acts of Kindness, I realize I can be a better person.

For those who wanted a piss and vinegar diatribe about my Iron Cross experience, sorry, not this time. Like I said to someone Sunday. It is still a beautiful day and I got to spend it on my bike and with friends. That is awesome.

Monday, October 06, 2008


Yep, pretty much so. Lots going on of late.
Hmmmm let us see.
Wall St collapses on people playing motgages like it is a roulette table.
Palin does not totally flub it. I hope people saw right through the smarminess. If you looked real close you could faintly see the pupeteer strings moving and the spindoctor inserting the words directly into her mouth.
Baseball playoffs, Huh? Who knew?
Armstrong coming back. Interesting. My stance on the grandstanding of the French doping labs is distinctly different from this flaming tri-geek . The samples were deemed unusable, period. No more testing. I look at it this way. Armstrong was probably the most tested athlete ever. He was never found guilty. Maybe he was one step ahead in medical technology? Surely he was not alone, that has been shown to be true. He still won. Call it what you will. He still pedaled a bike across the line first 7 times in a row. Personally, I feel that is the greatest sports career accomplishment ever. Enough of that. No, I am not a LA groupie like a certain someone.
OJ guilty again, ooops my bad, for the first time.
Cross season starts with 2 wins and a good Elite 7th.
No stress with cross. Just chillin', race when I want to. Novel is it not?
Started to swim again with K. Very fun. Who knows maybe Xterra next year. I would spot the Doucheblogger 10 minutes in an Xterra race. Shall we start the challenge now?
Hopefully, or maybe not, the blog slackerdom will not be as lengthy until the next time we chat again.
Oh Yeah. Halloween Party Sat. 11/1 7:00ish. Costumes required. You are invited.