Friday, December 22, 2006

SSSHHHH, I have/had a secret

I do. Some know, most do not. It is cathartic to talk about it, yet painful enough I want to conceal it.
I had heard about the Post Secret project from a TV special. Basically, a man from MD placed postcards everywhere he could think & asked people to return them to him with a secret. There were two conditions. The secret must be true. No one has ever heard the secret before.
I figured I would buy the book and try to use it as a way to help me in some fashion. I made it to page twenty-four before the tears were streaming down my cheeks. I have two hundred and fifty-one pages of someones most private thoughts to read. This may very well be the most powerful collection ever compiled.
Post Secret, compiled by Frank Warren

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Numerology Top 20

1 Number of cars I punched today
2 Number of times I called the lady a "Fat, See you next Tuesday!"
3 Pieces of Muenster cheese on my sammy I had for lunch. Yummy
4 The number of Black Crowes discs in my CD player. Listening to a lot a Crowes lately
5 The number of cars that almost hit me today. I mean within 2-3 bike lengths close calls
6 Days until Nats race
7 Days until a wicked drunken bender
8 Snowman, in golf parlance, I hope Amy gets a White Christmas
9 Thousand miles I will have ridden my bikes this season
10 Cans of Diet Vanilla Pepsi in my fridge
11 Days until D-day
12 Years, Amy & I have been married
13 Unlucky, I will skip Thirteen
14 Cross top tens this season. Including two series overalls
15 More shopping days until Christmas
16 Cross races this year. After a 40 race road season
17 Weight, in pounds, of my Cross race bike
18 Age of Consent, New Order song just popped in my head
19 th Nervous Breakdown. Stones. Fitting
20 Days off I have after next Tuesday until I go back to work

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Blogference Call

Since I did some Net surfing during my year-end eval Monday, today I will keep up the trend. I will compose this blog while on a conference call for work. Some may call it apathy. I prefer to look at it as a way to ultra focus my concentration. To be the consummate multi-tasker. To be able to engage both all of the brain at once, creative, logical and executive function.
Here we go. Sweet, I think my manager has given us the incorrect access code. I am on a call that is for managers. WTF! Damn, I just missed some area awards. That would have been classic to here that info.
Yesterday I had a great ride on the road bike. Nice tempo with some Threshold (400+) Watts thrown in. Legs are really good going into Nats. I may race on Sunday or zip to Lancaster for the Sunday Worlds. I want one last good hard effort then BIG rest. Front row start, so hopefully I will make the best of it. Get out fast and roll strong.
I went to Eric's last night to pick up a piece of furniture. It just fit in the Blazer. DK is helping me move it in today. I had a nice talk with my bro last night. He helped me think through some things and it was good to be able to talk through all the stress that I am experiencing. We talked about my career and how unfufilling it is presently.So much goes through my mind every day. What to do? Should I make some serious changes in my life? Will some serious changes in my life be made for me?
Back to my call. Blah, blah, blah. Yeah I got it.
Here we go, let's be creative. Any visuals? ASS CLOWN! Can we use a Lionel train? You know, open the gate to Gateway. HA HA HA HA. Unfreakin' real. Yeah I have been selling for 9+ years in this industry, and the best support I can get in a f'in Lionel train! That screech you just heard wasmy career hit the Lionel train breaks. Choo, Choo, chugga, chugga, chugga. I think I can, I think I can.
Call is done. I am out.

Monday, December 04, 2006

So much to say

So hard to say it. For the seven or eight people who read this you will have to wait another week. I jokingly say on my profile something to the effect of "those in the know, know". Well that is quite true the past few months.
I have never cared less about work. I had my year-end performance review today at Starbucks. I was connected to the interent to access some Lilly info for my review. After a few minutes, I actually started surfing Cyclingnews, velonews, bikereg and a few blogs, during the review. My manager did not have a clue and I was two feet away from him. Unreal. The highlight of the eval was my monstrous rice krispy treat & soy mocha.
Riding is going well. The legs are really responding with a good ride at States & great ride at Reston. They were fun days on a bike. Yesterday, I was very aware of what was going on. People taking pics, what announcers are saying, who is cheering, people watching. It was somewhat surreal. The race was hard, but I was so in tune with everything. That is, until that last greasy little root that I bobbled and lost contact w/ Joe & Gunnar my Gunnar. At least I concentrated on something positive for a while.
Personally, today I woke up and said "today is a new day". Tomorrow I will do the same. At least I had the company of a good friend to hang with this weekend. That makes life more bearable.
To all my cross friends and aquaintences, it was a great season. Thanks for racing and making weekends fun.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


As I was sitting in an office, feeling sorry for myself the other day, I gained a little perspective. Today it hit home. No matter what happens in my life work, personal, social, cycling, regardless. I have my health.
I was waiting for my lunch appointment, and out of the office came a gentleman that put me in my place. Working in the mental health/neurology field, you tend to see some people who are going to elicit an emotional response. I try not to make eye contact with patients, so I do not have a response to them that they get a hundred times a day. The young man, maybe early 30's, came out of the office shuffling behind a walker. He could barely move. His sister, as best as I could tell, was trying to get his coat on him. There was a little girl who was with them and she wanted some candy. The sister, said she already ate on of her three pieces and this would be her next to last piece. The sister then asked the young man if he knew how many pieces of candy the little girl would have left. He took a little while and then thought aloud in a barely audible and recognizable voice said, "two". The sister then reminded him that this is the second piece of candy. "Three minus two, is how many?" After about five seconds, he replied, "one."
This gentleman was not MR, he has just been ravaged by a disease that has taken his body & his mind.
So when we are pissed about finishing 12th instead of 8th, or even worse, 2nd instead of 1st. Maybe it is time to get a little bit of perspective.

Kind of like watching a car wreck

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

For Ms Dambach, Its a long way to the top

I had a project in 8th grade music to write a story using song titles. Here is a borderline manic attempt twenty-five years later. A true manic would not stop at the R's, but I need to sleep.
Try to guess how many titles you can find.
Rock & Roll ain't noise pollution, especially when it gets the girls dancin. Amy likes to dance. She's crafty as she works the homies for a little brass monkey for her and her circle of friends. You know I will always be by your side. Hell, only a fool would let you go. I need a remedy for that thorn in my pride. You should never have to say quit kickin' my heart around. The bike, sometimes salvation, sometimes it will just sting me.
Is it too late to change now? What's my age again? Dammit, maybe I should act it before I go man overboard and they rename Adam's song. I will be Johnny 99 before you know it. Going all apeshit in the badlands in the darkness at the edge of town, down by the cadillac ranch. Because the night was so bad I did not know what else to do. For what it's worth, I did not mean to hurt anyone. Do not worry about me, I will survive. A sugarhigh here or there will probably get me in a whole lotta trouble. It's these pictures of you that I look at everyday that drive me crazy. I would do anything to be one of your heros again. This years love has been hard. I feel the pain.
Did you ever just want to lose yourself? You know, shake that up a little. I do not mean hey man, nice shot style. All my life I have tried to avoid times like these. I have tried to do everything in you honor. Now it seems I have thrown a monkeywrench in my own happiness. It looks like it may be time to learn to fly. Some may say that nice guys finish last, but I am in the minority and disagree. Bittersweet my ass, just bitter, nothing sweet about it. Never did I say I don't want to know if you are lonely. Now I am just sorry somehow and hardly getting over it, because really all this I've done for you. No promise have I made means more than the my vow to you. I would run to the hills to keep that. Jane says that she thought we would be the couple slow dancing in a burning room, just waiting for the world to change. Now I just hurt, like I have the folsom prison blues. Jackson, the cocaine blues have nothing on these. I feel like I have been everywhere, yet stuck in a ring of fire that I can not get out of. Like a 1960's black chick white guy scene, in good ole sweet home Alabama. Am I just wasting time, walking down this lonely road of faith like some cowboy pretending to be all Mr Brightside? All these things that I've done I can never bring back. I can not rock and roll all nite, but I can shout it out loud like some Christine sixteen on prom night. I love you!
Ready, steady, go. It is time I remove that proverbial long black veil and kickstart my heart. Who knows, after the goldrush I may not feel so helpless? Never so bad to see the needle and the damge done, yet at times I really do wanna be sedated. Just get on that crazy train and steal away the night like someone freakshow diary of a madman. Just ride on until you say, let my love open the door because you know I do not need somebody to love. I just need you to love.
Yes I have been under pressure lately. Mama we are all crazy now, especially me. Talk about the passion, I know the bike is to blame. I probably would have taken to gardening at night so I could keep training. It seems like the end of the world as we know it, or at least as I know it. People going here, there and everywhere, but don't go back to rockville. Driver 8 is full steam ahead even though you can't get there from here. It looks like there is a bad moon rising tonight, this is the Rancid version though. I just hope I do not fall back down as the first time hurt enough.
There you go. I opened my soul and my Ipod. The titles are in alphabetical order by artist, which made it tricky, from AC-DC to Rancid.
I apologize to all my family and friends who I have placed second to my own desires for so long. You all have deserved better.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Feel the pain

Cross has been good so far. I have been feeling the "A" pain, and gaining a lot of confidence. Decent legs, little race stress, good mindest. Enough said.
Unfortunately I have been starting my days out with Dinosaur Jr., Feel the pain, of late. Great song, yet it is one that I tend to internalize more than most. I attach meaning and memory to music. There are certain signs that I watch out for. Feel the pain is the harbinger, not forwarding through Husker Du , Candy Apple Grey album is the other.
Gotta go, Bob Mould is calling.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

And a good time was had by all

Ames & I went to a nice quaint gathering @ Scott & Earl's house last night. Scott has a great place on second street. 1800's house w/ exposed brick walls walnut wainscoting for the ceilings and textured paints & papers. Really sweet place. Thanks for opening your house and making some great food. Danny & Libby were there as were Steve & Steph. Danny & Steve are two of the funniest guys I have ever met. I need to tie on a Hubert J Ass buzz with those guys some night. Good food, drink, friends and fun. I'll take that anyday.
Today was the first cross event of the season & Kris, Bernie & the C3 crew kicked ass. Great show everyone. It was hot today, and I do not do well in hot cross races. I decided it was bottle & cage day, wise choice. I drank a full bottle during the race. Forty guys started the Elite race. After some sorting out I settled in with a group from 6-12. I did most of thje work chasing my old FORT mates, and ended up 10th. I am happy with that. My poor sticker bike was squealing like Ned Beatty in Deliverance. Avid front brakes stink, too grabby and always squeal. I saw a lot of my cross friends again, that was good for the mind.
The vibe was great. I heard a lot of people cheering for me, so that felt good. That is what is so cool with cross., everyone supports everyone else. Cross really is king.
Oh yeah. Leech kicked ass. HOWEVER, HE ROLLED A FREAKIN' TUBIE. Five minutes into the season & HE ROLLED A FREAKIN' TUBIE.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Do you ever ride to just enjoy it?

Those were the prophetic words once uttered by my mother. I had to really think about it when she said that. I have been racing since '87. At first it started in Triathlons, almost as a challenge from my old high school principal, who raced triathlons. For me it was all about being better than that hard-ass. Racing was an experiment in '87, a progression in '88 a full throttle lifestyle choice by '89. In '90 I moved to Boulder to train for Ironman. What an experience, what a beautiful area. Back to PA to race the road for a few years. Then the switch to Mtb's for a few years. That was fun. People were fun, riding was fun. I took it all for granted. Then my buddy Rod Myers got me back to the road scene in 2000. Man that was hard to get rolling again. Since then I have worked very hard to be the best racer & teammate that I can possibly be. Along the way I forgot that the lowest common denominator of racing harkens all the way back to Mark Twain. Twain once said, paraphrased, "there is nothing so pure as a boy and his bicycle."
Last night I set out to pay hommage to Mr Twain. I took my cross steed to Pinchot Park to ride the horse, hiker, bike trails. Most are banned to bikes (shhh), most are very underused. A great mix of roots, some rocks, but mostly twisty turny single-track that makes you want to smile and make motorcycle cycle throttle sounds. It was so much fun to rip around back there. I actually found a great section of Lakeside trail that is marked for bikes. This may be my new weekly gig.
Last night I enjoyed being on a bike more than ever. Nothing could spoil the mood, not flat #1, 10 minutes in, or flat #2 20 minutes later. It was so much fun. No stress about work, racing or Ames being away. It was just a boy and his bicycle, simple & pure.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

In the blink of an eye

A man's life was taken from him last night.

How many cars pass you when you are out on a ride? How many times is that taken for granted? I know I never give it a second thought. Jon Dechau probably never did either. I met Jon once or twice, and do not profess to know him. I friend of mine knows Jon very well, and I am sure he is pretty upset as I write this. I could drone on and on about cars and drivers who do not pay attention. Riding a bike on a public road is an inherent risk, just not one that I see as a bad risk. Every day it seems to get a little worse. It is getting to be like a Hill Street Blues send-off, "Let's be careful out there."
Enjoy what you do, do what you enjoy. Just be careful out there.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Been a while

A little chronology.
8/25 Who knows, who cares
8/26 Ames & I went to Cape May for a few days
8/27 Beautiful day at the beach
8/28 See above
8/29 AC for some Pai Gow. Flummoxed at first then the flow came back.
8/30 Came home as it was to be a rainout due to Ernsto & we needed to get stuff done at home
8/31 Mowed the yard. First time since July 4th weekend
9/1 see 8/25. Started to rain
9/2 Rain and more rain
9/3 B-day brunch at Mom's w/ Eric & Julie. The to the Kessels for more b-day food & fun
9/4 39 baby
9/5 Work again, blah. Possible good news on the career front
9/6 see 9/5
9/7 Very good lunch with manager looking to hire for the job that I want
9/8 see 9/5 & 6. Notice how rewarding my present job is
9/9 TT. 30 seconds off what I should have ridden. Beat person I needed to beat. Did cross clinic, that was very fun. YBR group is great and very thoughtful.
9/10 Decent ride today w/ DK. Middle hour was low-end tempo. Did not eat at all during ride and small breakfast haunted me. KABLOOIE, ZING, POW, BANG, CRASH. Yes I bonked as in 8 mph on a 14 mph climb. Just dying and shaking. Sucked down a Pepsi & hit Newberry diner with Ames. Slept on couch for two hours.
All caught up. Three weeks in 10 minutes. How uneventful.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Integrity for sale, 40% off

So, I decide I need some new shorts for the beach this weekend. I have not purchased any new shorts lately, so it was high time. I decided the Bon Ton would be my best bet to get some nice casual shorts for a good deal. I get to the shorts section and find a few pair that are my size and are pretty nice. Since I have this hang-up on spending any money on myself, I guess it is common among my "people", I am hoiping the sale price of $40/pair is discounted. I look around to see if there is any sign, anf lo and behold I see a 40% off sign above the Nautica SHIRTS. Well maybe this applies that is a bonus. I go to checkout and a very nice lady helps me out. I am trying to see the screen as she rings my shorts up, and viola 40% off. Sweet. Pair number two gets their attention and whoaaaa nelly. What gives, something is amiss. The formerly nice lady is now questioning me. Sir, this pair comes up as 80% off. Is there an 80% off sign at this rack? Uhhh what to do. " I am not sure?" "I just pulled all the shorts off the same Nautica rack, so I assumed they would be the same price." This is strange she says two pair are 40% off, and this pair is 80% off. They are all the same brand. At this point, I know damn well what the sign said, I also know damn well I was quick on my feet with the "all the same brand, I just figured blah blah blah BS." We have come to a retail impasse. She then gives me this look like, I am going to hook you up. The friendly check-out lady then says, "how about I just ring all of these shorts up at 80% off." What am I to say? No really, I appreciate the hospitality, but I would prefer to pay the extra $30. No, I did what any good retail shopper did. I marked down my integrity by an additional 40%.
Thank you Bon Ton.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


So I have generally been feeling pretty bummed lately, for a myriad of reasons.
I reached for, Suess-isms: Wise & Witty prescriptions for living from the good doctor.
Being that I am finding less enjoyment in most things of late I decided to see if I could bastardize the good doctor.
Here goes.
Actually I just erased my bastardizations. I think I had an epiphany will reading a children's book.

You have brains in your head
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose
You're on your own
And you know what you know
And YOU are the guy
who'll decide where to go
-Oh the places you'll go

Come on! Open your mouth and sound off to the sky!
Shout loud at the top of your voice,
"I AM I!"
ME! I am I!
And I may not know why
but I know that I like it.
Three cheers! I AM I!
-Happy Birthday to you!

Only you can make your mind up!
You're the one and only one!
-Hunches in Bunches

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better.
It's not.
-The Lorax

I meant what I said
I said what I meant
The LEGEND is faithful
One Hundred percent
-Legend hatches the egg

There you have it. Children's book quotes. Pathetic

Better reading: piss your pants funny no holds barred, NC-17 rated you mean you can ride a bike and not race it? Who knew? LOML

Monday, August 07, 2006

Fun in the sun

New race yesterday. Awesome course for a first year race. Yellow line rule shmellow line rule. Yeah, that lasted about 10 minutes. Rippin fast, but easy to sit in. Hacker was an attacking stud yesterday. Went twice, once for about 1 1/2 laps solo. I sat second third wheel and watched him ride. It was impressive. Tried to go once but the filed kept coming then Trey would not work, so that was failed. Two mile to go and I positioned Jared at the front. Swarm hits and Kyle Eckley helps us out before Nate takes over. We were just too far away. Young TSV guys & Ideal Tile guys get jumpy and all hell breaks loose on the little climb. I am positioned well in 6th, then Mike Miller decides today is his day to learn how to sprint & chops the corner, gapping both of us. Fight to get back in line & end up eighth. Jared meanwhile ramps it from a LOOOONG way out and hold for third. I end up ninth. Miller 16th. At least that is what i think the blurry ffinish photo said.
Then off to our very hospitable afternoon hosts Rob & Caroline Hacker for some awesome beer, food & swimming. What a fun afternoon. There was more dry cutting humor in one gathering than at Last Comic Standing audition. Rob crushed the grill with the some aplomb as his race attacks. It was classic when Caroline's mom was busting Rob. "Isn't my son-in-law just the smartest son-in-law." I wish I could remember whar precipitated that exchange, it was priceless. I think Hacker slipped me a BOCA burger instead of a real flesh burger though. My GI was all rumbly for the way home. Rob & Caroline, thanks again for the great afternoon.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


It is on the horizon. 8/27 for a week, then long weekend for Labor Day. The the last of the 30's b-day fete. Well maybe not a fete. Crabs & croquet anyone? Hopefully DK will not sulk this year when he loses again.
Road season is winding down. It has been long and quite successful for myself and the team. Hopefully we can keep it up for another month. Cross is two months away and I am starting to get a little itch. Maybe I will take a week or so off the bike and come into cross really wanting to rip. Last year I was dead. Physically & mentally, I was done at Granogue weekend. Hopefully the more miles and less intensity training I have done this year will be the trick. I have as many miles in now as I did on October 9th of last year. I have not followed a training plan this year, so mentally I am pretty fresh to ride.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Catching up & dumb, dumb, dumb

A lot of stuff has transpired in three weeks, yet I felt no real motivation to write about it.
New job possibilities still on hold, although the position is now definitely open and should move forward quickly.
A few races where my tactical errors cost me. Hummelstown, Allentown and Crit Nats.
Nats RR in rain and with food poisoning/virus. Yeah, that was fun.
Work is still boring as sin.
Trying to figure out cross season, on all fronts that I am involved with.
Trying to get through road season without cooking myself.
Trying to spend time with Ames whenever possible.
A good friend's husband passed away after a lengthy bout with cancer, he was only 36.
Neighbors have been away all month, definitely a hole in the 'hood.
Reeser's soft Ice cream has been phenomenal.
Tour has been phenomenal.
Landis is inspirational. How long before fatass Lemond downplays Floyd's ride?
Oh Yeah, the title, dumb, dumb, dumb.
Mt Holly RR. 92 miles of flat, fast Navigators led Jersey racing with 150 guys who all think they should be at the front. Being that it is Mt Holly, two things are guaranteed, rain & a big crash. Well right after the start the heavens opened with a monsoon, and no that is not an overstatement. The wind was so strong for a while that the rain flat-out hurt when it hit you. I enjoy racing in the rain, it seems to calm me down and make my legs feel good. Right from the start I stay towards the front, just in case. Fred Billet moves me from 40th to top 10 when the first swarm starts. From there it is rippin fast through a little woods section and into town through the chicanes. Then to the feed and a false downhill with a tailwind and 38 mph. After this section we turn 180 into a false up headwind and those who were not in front come rippin into the front. Dumb, dumb, dumb. As I was sitting 15-20 deep I see some movement out of my periphery, to the right. All of a sudden two guys fall to either side at 30+ mph. I get by to the left, but then it happens. The sound no racer wants to hear. Bikes smashing into each other, aluminum breaking and piling up, tubulars exploding. It must have went on for 5-10 seconds as we were riding away. There it is. Mt Holly is decided 15 miles in due to a crash that takes out SEVENTY riders! All of my teammates are involved. Flyin' Ryan went over the bars and over a ditch. He said after he landed and got up people were still flying into the crash at 30 mph, oblivious to the carnage. To add insult to Mg-GPOA injury I flat 20 miles later and negotiate the painted line & cobblestone chiacanes on a flat front tire. I go from 10th all the way to the back waiting for Mavic to come with a wheel. When they finally arrive, behind six other team cars the field is 300 meters up the road. I ask for a draft to the caravan and the tech does not respond. Tehn as I give chase here comes Mavic flying by, zoom no pace. I go through the feed zone and hear that I am twenty seconds back. Not bad if there is a climb. twenty seconds solo, when the field is going 38 chasing a break means I need to go 40 for about a mile. Yeah right. I chase 3 miles and the field is gone and my team car is nowhere to be seen, as they were caught up and trying to get Ryan back in the race. At least I stayed upright. Ryan has been going so well & I felt good, I wish we could have had the chance to race.
Oh yeah, when I got my wheel change at the finish of lap three. Here is what my computer read.
36 miles in 1:14, 29 mph, and it really was not hard at all.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Long day in the saddle

Not really.
It was a long day on the couch though. Shitty weather and some decent sports, World Cup, F1 & NASCAR, at least for me. It started with the England vs. Portugal game. I missed maybe the first fifteen minutes after getting back form a nice easy ride. However, from 11:30 on I was on fire logging almost eight hours of big couch time. After a little nap during the F1 race, I got nutty and switched couches and positions. I went from the couch to the loveseat, and seated to reclined. Yep, that was the big news of my day. Back to the couch for NASCAR.
The England match was pretty good. I do get sick of all the fake flopping those guys do, yet it was still a good match.
F1 was the typical race to turn one and that is all she wrote. Schumi did drive a nice race, but positioning is everything.
NASCAR was a road course, so it was one of the two days where they actually have to show skill. No real surprise in who dominated. Gordon was spot on. Reminded me of the SPEED Network special where he drove Juan Pablo Montoya's F1 ride at Indy. He rocked out at .5 seconds slower than JPM, after about an hour in the car. Say what you will, the dude can drive.
All in all it was pretty f'in boring today. The only real highlights were a killer brunch & dinner that Ames made.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Damn Birds

If the freakin' birds outside the bedroom keep me awake again tonight I am getting a pellet gun/pistol tomorrow. I crash in the spare bedroom if I can not sleep. Outside the window is a tree which is home to these evil nocturnal birds. They woke me at 1:30 this morning, so I went outside to show them who is boss. I picked up a handful of mulch and whipped it into the tree. Problem solved, or so I thought. Ten minutes and they are back at it, this time it seems louder. I go downstairs and debate my next step. Glass of water or the garden hose. Since the neighbors in front of us are still awake, he is a nurse with weird hours, I opt for the pint vs. hose method. The little f'er is chirping to high heaven, so I douse him. Shut him up good.
Now realize there is actually a great deal of forethought and trepidation involved in this process. First I was somewhat scared because I witnessed a bird of the same make and model as my little chirping friend attack a squirrel yesterday. Yes, he/she/it was divebombing a squirrel and beaking it. I was riding and had a front row view of the bird chasing the squirrel across the street, dippin' & divin' until the squirrel found solace under a shed. So at 1:30am I am thinking I am going to hose down this little monster and then the bird will attack me and beak my eyes out. So now I am blind, bleeding and rolling in the front yard. So I decide the pint cup is my best option. Then I think the super-evil Hitchcockian bird will somehow chase me in the house. Now I am being beaked in my own abode & have to explain to Ames why I have awoken her with my screaming. Yes, there is a lot of thought process that happens at 1:30am to shut up a little varmin. So tonight I will see if the bird will wake me. If he does it again, than Charlton Heston will then be my president, albeit a pellet or BB gun. Charlton would still be proud as I excercise my right to bear BB arms.
Wish me luck.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Be careful what you wish for

My job is very unsatisfying right now. The thrill of short days wears off quickly. There is a possible opening on the horizon. It is a position that I think I would really love. I would work in the PA State Government as a liaison between Lilly and policy makers. Way cool, as I enjoy the nuances of politics and would be more in an advocacy role for open access pharmaceuticals. It would be a huge jump in rsponsibility and pressure. As the role is seen as the make or break person as it relates to making sure Lilly products are covered on State formularies. Definitely a challenge, with a huge upside. Also like any high pressure job there is a huge spotlight that only gets bigger as the shit gets deep. The lady in the position now is feeling that heat. I spoke with her about the job and she said, "be careful what you wish for." "Oh yeah, I also gave you an unconditional recomendation, to take this position." SWEET, I think.
So here I am with a possible major career change in the works, and I need to really sort this out. If I would be offered the position and turn it down, it would probably be career suicide. This is finally a position where I can sit at the big boy table and truly make a difference. Yeah, this is what I want. If it means huge sacrifices for the fall season, so be it. This is the first step to what I want to be when I grow up.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Happy Eve of the Apocalypse

Remember kiddies, tomorrow is 6/6/06. If you have something special to do, do it today. I wonder how many religious right crazies will use this as a platform for moral decline?
Marketing geniuses have already taken advantage of this.
Damien flick opens tomorrow. Cannondale System Six frame is officially launched tomorrow. Hell, MI is throwing a town party.
Maybe I will go to work in red face paint and a pitchfork?
I think I will break out my Iron Maiden, Number of the Beast, cassette in tribute.
Rock on Hellions.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tall times in AC

Black Crowes at the Borgata 7/16.
Small intimate hall, I think this one has my name all over it. Blast out from 7 Springs, Masters Nats, to the Crowes show. Trdina, Geronimo any other takers?

No real desire to post. Yeah, I know, the hearts of all nine people who know this exists are breaking.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

In the presence of something special

I think that is a good way to describe today.
It started by like most weekends by going to a race. Our team
was in full force. This is where the first part of special comes in. Geronimo is fresh off a 3rd place in a hard road race yesterday Jared & Nate, our sprinters supreme are there. Super toughman Hacker is excited about the most agressive preme and Steevo, Stubna, Graff and myself are also present. Long story short. Splits everywhere, people attacking everywhere three groups form and we have 6 up front. Stephan wins with a wicked sprint, Nate is top five after a huge bridge. Hacker tows around eveyone's least fave racer and still gets ninth. Stubna attacks the "field" at 2 for 10th. Steevo attacks the "field at1 for 11th & Jared crushes the sprint for the last paying spot. WOW! Yes I am humbled to be a part of this team. Great riding guys.
The other part of my day was not so pleasant, yet was right in line with the blog title. The father of one of Amy's two best friends passed away very unexpectedly on Thursday, and today was the viewing and short service. I had only ever met Joe Britt once or twice, however the impact this man had on people's lives was obviously profound and quite obvious today. A husband, a father, a grandfather, a serviceman, a friend are just a few things Joe Britt was to many people. People came to pay their last respects to the Joe Britt that thay knew and loved. As I said, I did not know Joe. I do know Joann, his youngest daughter. She is one of the nicest people you could hope to meet. A loving wife, mother and friend. It is obvious that these traits were directly from her father. I feel so profoundly sad when people lose a loved one. You wake up one day or come home from work and the world as you know it is forever changed. This isnt' graduation, moving, divorce, or falling out of touch, it is final. There will never be another chance to pick up a phone and say hello. There is no reunion or summer party, there is no chance to reconcile.
Whenever you are having a bad race, day at work, argument with someone you love, think long and hard about the special people in your life right now. We are all in the presence of something or someone very special.
Some parting thoughts from Paul Westerberg of The 'Mats circa 85ish
"The ones who love us best are the ones will lay to rest, and visit their graves on holidays at best."
"The ones who love us least are the ones we'll die to please, if it's any consolation I don't begin to understand it."

Friday, May 12, 2006

Behind the musical curtain

Every song has a meaning. Play along with the Ipod.
Poison Pen, Gurus. Theta Chi and the boys. Friday at 10:00. Unreal.
Man overboard, Blink 182. Good upbeat, get you in the mood. A threshold interval staple.
Gardening at night, REM, good times at live shows. Star Lake. Wow, shit was easier 10-15 years ago.
Driver 8, REm. Blah. Time to remove this poo.
Adam's Song. Blink. what is up with the repeats. About suicide. How can you possibly think that your life is done at 16, at times I was not too far away.
Gin & Juice remix. John Popper. Whew. Blink was heavy & bad memories. Big, fat John giving a little spin on Snoppy doggy. Awesome cross genre cover.
Werewolves of London. Zevon. Lick getting a message from a long lost friend.
Wasting Time, Kid Rock. Nice. Ames & I saw the Kid at Mandaly Bay, on Lilly's dime. Rockin' cool show, plus the Colonel paid the tabe, for a good sales year.
Black chick, White Guy. Kid Rock. I will listyen to this all through. No quick ff after this line. I was registering for race this year & had the ear buds still in. The guy at reg, asked what are you listening to. A sly smile, i reply "Black chick, white Guy." Dudes look was priceless.
I will survive, Cake. Another cross genre beaut, Donna Summer's hair is going straight as I listen.
Add it Up, the Femmes. Gordon ganno is now a minster. Side one of the cassette is one of the best d=sides of party music anywhere. A Theta Chi staple, thank Sunday & Davis.
Queen, Fat bottom girls, funny how a raging flamer pens this tune & the greatest rock anthem ever. Freddy Mercury rocked.
Lawyers, Guns 7 Money, Zevon. AAAHHHH there is that call from an old friend.
Six different Ways, The Cure. Robert Smith put aside the self loathing for a while. only recently have I started to listen to the lyrics. a party with six ex's in attendance. What a scene.
Speaking of six. Time for another Cerveza.
Yeah, music means a great deal to me. It brings you to levels of euphoria and reminds you of despair. I always tear up when I hear Heroes, by Bowie. I know I am depressed if I reach for Husker Du, Candy Apple Grey. The Crowes & the Dead make me remember life is good. Weezer, Beverly Hills just cam on. It reminds me that i am getting a little deep and stop taking myself so seriously.
Pacifico, my darling, here I come.


High school football number & Cervexza consumpyion count so far. Oops, the typos are coming now. Yhis coiuld be fun. Really, and you casn ask Ames, it is not so much the buzz as the fact that I fatfinger a keyboard whilest I hunt & peck. I sometimes get on a roll and then all typing hell breaks loose. Lords only knows what will happen. All you need to do is read the blog while looking to see what letter was in close proximity to the blundered letter.
Crowes, Sometimes Salvation. If the brothers Robinson could have onlky gootern along, (those last words are funny) they would have been way up on the annals of Rock Stardom. Rolling Stone once called the Crowes the next coming of the Stones, heavy praise for a bunch of stoners. Chris Robinson does have the perfect physique for a pro cyclist though, and damn if he is not marries to that hottie Kate Hudson.
OOOHHH back to the 'Mats. Waitress in the Sky. Once upon a Mason glass or twelve of beers at the paradise Alley I sung this song to a chick who was so happy that she was a Stewardess. I know, it was cruel, she did leave sobbing, but I was young, drunk & stupid. Those are three qualities not to put on a reesume.
Stop draggin' my heart around, the crowes again. One of my fave bands. I was once thinking of getting the "ex"ed out eyed crowes inked up onn the shoulder. Then I thought, better of it. Still, what I wicked band.
So I need some new ink. i am thin king either a fill in big colorful ankle piece to mix in w/ the calvin & hobbes dreamer tat, or a brightly colotred Norht Star on the left shoulder. Times have been stressing of late and the Star is the sign for gui=dance, find you way home type of deal. have not decided just yet.
Bittersweet, Hoodoo Gurus. Mars needs Guitars. I see Simky, Davis, Perdue, Sunday and the boys at Theta Chi circa '86 getting ripped on IC light $18 barrels from babe Lamantia. Do you ever feel that college was a high point? Some days I do, some days I wonder what a decision here or a decision there may have yielded.


High school football number & Cervexza consumpyion count so far. Oops, the typos are coming now. Yhis coiuld be fun. Really, and you casn ask Ames, it is not so much the buzz as the fact that I fatfinger a keyboard whilest I hunt & peck. I sometimes get on a roll and then all typing hell breaks loose. Lords only knows what will happen. All you need to do is read the blog while looking to see what letter was in close proximity to the blundered letter.
Crowes, Sometimes Salvation. If the brothers Robinson could have onlky gootern along, (those last words are funny) they would have been way up on the annals of Rock Stardom. Rolling Stone once called the Crowes the next coming of the Stones, heavy praise for a bunch of stoners. Chris Robinson does have the perfect physique for a pro cyclist though, and damn if he is not marries to that hottie Kate Hudson.
OOOHHH back to the 'Mats. Waitress in the Sky. Once upon a Mason glass or twelve of beers at the paradise Alley I sung this song to a chick who was so happy that she was a Stewardess. I know, it was cruel, she did leave sobbing, but I was young, drunk & stupid. Those are three qualities not to put on a reesume.
Stop draggin' my heart around, the crowes again. One of my fave bands. I was once thinking of getting the "ex"ed out eyed crowes inked up onn the shoulder. Then I thought, better of it. Still, what I wicked band.
So I need some new ink. i am thin king either a fill in big colorful ankle piece to mix in w/ the calvin & hobbes dreamer tat, or a brightly colotred Norht Star on the left shoulder. Times have been stressing of late and the Star is the sign for gui=dance, find you way home type of deal. have not decided just yet.
Bittersweet, Hoodoo Gurus. Mars needs Guitars. I see Simky, Davis, Perdue, Sunday and the boys at Theta Chi circa '86 getting ripped on IC light $18 barrels from babe Lamantia. Do you ever feel that college was a high point? Some days I do, some days I wonder what a decision here or a decision there may have yielded.


High school football number & Cervexza consumpyion count so far. Oops, the typos are coming now. Yhis coiuld be fun. Really, and you casn ask Ames, it is not so much the buzz as the fact that I fatfinger a keyboard whilest I hunt & peck. I sometimes get on a roll and then all typing hell breaks loose. Lords only knows what will happen. All you need to do is read the blog while looking to see what letter was in close proximity to the blundered letter.
Crowes, Sometimes Salvation. If the brothers Robinson could have onlky gootern along, (those last words are funny) they would have been way up on the annals of Rock Stardom. Rolling Stone once called the Crowes the next coming of the Stones, heavy praise for a bunch of stoners. Chris Robinson does have the perfect physique for a pro cyclist though, and damn if he is not marries to that hottie Kate Hudson.
OOOHHH back to the 'Mats. Waitress in the Sky. Once upon a Mason glass or twelve of beers at the paradise Alley I sung this song to a chick who was so happy that she was a Stewardess. I know, it was cruel, she did leave sobbing, but I was young, drunk & stupid. Those are three qualities not to put on a reesume.
Stop draggin' my heart around, the crowes again. One of my fave bands. I was once thinking of getting the "ex"ed out eyed crowes inked up onn the shoulder. Then I thought, better of it. Still, what I wicked band.
So I need some new ink. i am thin king either a fill in big colorful ankle piece to mix in w/ the calvin & hobbes dreamer tat, or a brightly colotred Norht Star on the left shoulder. Times have been stressing of late and the Star is the sign for gui=dance, find you way home type of deal. have not decided just yet.
Bittersweet, Hoodoo Gurus. Mars needs Guitars. I see Simky, Davis, Perdue, Sunday and the boys at Theta Chi circa '86 getting ripped on IC light $18 barrels from babe Lamantia. Do you ever feel that college was a high point? Some days I do, some days I wonder what a decision here or a decision there may have yielded.

It's all good

Fourth Cerveza, seconf chocoalte brownie w/ PB chips, Romandie replay on, Only a Fool by the Crows on Itunes, Martini Girl is sporting a gray thong, she is hot and life is good.
I keep hearing this dinging of a bell and the screams of baby emmanating through the house. Man, I hope Russell and Dan get here soon. there is a distinct deficiency of testosteroine gong on.

Remember my rule from the previous post. No spellcheck. if i make a mistake and catch it, i will correct. If I do not catch it, then going ends up as gong. so be it.
The mates are at bear Mtn this weekend. i forsee Stephan on the podium. Dude is wicked strong this year. Deja Vu all over again as Yogi Berra woyld say.
Ozzy, Over the mountain. Come on everyone, well that would be me, make the deviul fingers. Rock on.
So Frank Schleck is 6'1" and 145#. Anywhere in the world he would be malnourished. Fir cyclists, "he looks lean". No, Frank is emmaciated! He is wicked fast and only 26, but he is proprtionately not far from Manute Bol.
Pacifico is much smoother than the nectar from the glass lined tanks of old Latrobe.
I will dare, the Replacemants. Sweet. If you dig alt rock right now, say thank you to Paul Westerberg and the 'mats.

Bits & pieces

Tonight I will enter a progressive drunken blogdom. No spellcheck, so as to see if alcohol impairs blogging. Keep in mind I have not drank more than three beers in succession in a looong while (not a typo). This being the first entry while on beer number three.
Ames is having a Bunko party with her friends tonight. So, I am pretty muched resigned to cooking for them, which was cool, and internet surfing while drinking.
It seems like a real cool group/gathering. Tenish ladies who get together monthly to socialize & play this card game. I wish I had ten friends to do something like that. I have ten or so teammates that I consider friends, but we are racing vs. drinking & socializing. The burgers were yummy & the pasta salad good. Nice segue, there smoooth like Ahmad rashad.
Next entry in t minus 4 or so ounces.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I need one. Pay is not very good. You get to work with a crotchety late thirties man who gives praise grudginly, is highly opinionated and suffers from bloggers block. You will surely get less satisfaction than I will, so a strong will is a must. I prefer if you have had prior muse experience. Preference will be given to those who have interests that are greater than just cycling.
Like the pharmaceutical industry, salary is commensurate to your physical presence and beauty. Pictures are required as are references of your muse works.
If you feel that you are ready for such an undertaking, knock yourself out.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Elevator talk Part Deux

I forgot another mindbender from my newfound friend yesterday. As I stated that my heritage is Norman, he looked quite quizzically at me. Before I could explain he retorted, "uh, Norway, there are a lot of Jews in Norway." Excuse me, what did you just say, I retorted in utter disbelief at the totally buffoonery that just spewed out. He replied again, "there are a lot of Jews from Norway."
I can not believe that I forgot about that gem. Oh yeah he was from West By God Virginia.
Gotta go put some noxema chamois cream on my motza balls & ride.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Elavator talk

In my job I wear a nametag. Kind of like a Wal-Mart greeter, but with a tie and pay and benefits are arguably a little better. Also I happen to run into a great deal of people going into doctor's offices, hallways, waiting rooms and elevators. Which leads me today's adventure.
I have the good fortune of waiting for one of the world's slowest elevators when a man walks up to wait for the same elevator. There are certain rules of etiquette that should always be followed in an elevator. No staring, look ahead ro acknowledge with a simple smile. No social banter with someone you do not know, a polite hello will suffice. Actually I jumped the gun a little, as I am waiting this gentleman is just staring at me. Mostly he seems to be staring at my nametag. Luckily I have on the generic Lilly badge, as opposed to my promotional badges. We get into the elevator, and the guy makes eye contact. Actually he makes stare contact. I politely say hello. He retorts with this little gem. "I have seen a lot of Jewish names today." Excuse me, I reply. He in his best no pre-frontal cortes screening incapacity says, "your name, it is Jewish." I am absolutely dumbfounded that someone would ever say anything such as this to another person. I calmly state that the name, of which I have been led to believe is of Norman descent. He looks quizzically and asks what Norman is. I do a quick geographic explanation for him. He then stares right at me and states this mindbender. "No, your name is Jewish. I know two orthodox Jews in New York City and their last name is the same as yours. Your name is Jewish." Now keep in mind I am only travelling three floors in this godforsaken elevator, yet I have still not arrived. I politely reply, that their name may have been shortened at some time for certain reasons, as I believe the Hebe surname may have been shortened centuries ago from Hebert. He does not understand this concept, nor does he buy it. As the bell finally rings to signal my escape he states again his belief of my Jewish heritage.
What an eye opener. I was so taken aback by this guy. Thankfully he was not going in the same office I was going to see. However, he was going into the office I had lunch scheduled with. Being the good salesperson that I am, I ask a few leading questions of the office's morning. I then retell my elevator story. I wanted to hear what the office take was on this guy. It turns out he accosted the Immitrex rep right in the office waiting room about having a Jewish surname as well. That rep is not Jewish either. The ladies said the guy was really wacky and did not want treatment from the doc because Dr. Cho is Korean and my new friend did not think the doctor knew the English language.
Unreal. Another day, another learning experience of the human psyche.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Plan your work, work your plan

So in the beautiful sunshine today i felt the need for another 4 hour jaunt. I ended up on some roads I have never been on, or it has been a great while. My journeys took me down to my alma mater, The Berm. Bermudian Springs High School. The institution of higher learning, where there were more people in FFA & FHA than college prep. BTW, FFA is Future Farmers of America & FHA is Future Homemakers of America. I am giggling as I type that. Yessiree boys and girls, I could not make that shit up.
On to my title. As I stopped at the BERM to fill my water bottles, I noticed my friend and Berm teacher, Brian Oswald. Brian is in the weight room, so I yell down the hall to get his attention. He comes down, we chat, and he says "Greenholt is in there lifting, you should go say hi."
Russ Greenholt started at the Berm back in '83, I believe, when I was a Junior. He started not as a teacher, but as a football coach and STAP (in-school suspension) supervisor. He never taught while I was at the Berm. Later on he obviously finished up his teaching degree/accreditation and taught. He then moved to an Asst. Principal, and now he is the Principal. I knew all of this, and it never ceases to amaze me how wrong I was about this fine gentleman after my brief time with him while at the Berm.
We did the pleasantries of how each other are doing, he asked about Big Boy Pullin', etc... I then said, "You run this place now don't you." He was always a humble dude, from my recollection, and said that he has been the principal for the last three years. I congratulated him on his achievement and how I felt it was awesome. He did not stop there, however. He told me that he is now working through his Doctorate, and has two years to go. He is in an off-site program from Immaculata with 14 other administrators who are local. It sounds like a great program where local administrators with the same goals and passion for education get together to achieve their Doctoral degree.
He obviously had a plan and he has worked it for 23 years now. That is dedication.
If, in 1983, someone would have said Russ Greenholt would be the principal of the Berm and have his doctorate 25 years later I would have laughed at them. This brings me to my point, finally. Russ Greenholt is someone you should model yourself or your children to be like. He started at the entry level of the education ladder, and has never settled for the next step that he has achieved. Now at the top, he is striving for yet even more.
My hat is off to you, Russ Greenholt.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Feaster, rides & Mt Joy

So, I had some extra time this week, so I decided to get in some longer rides. I need to do some Turkey Hill prep, so Tuesady & Thursday were rolling 75 milers. Felt decent each day, was bummed when my POS PT pooped out. We will see, tomorrow, if they warranty the issue.
I was not going to race this weekend, but Ames was cool with it and Jared & Steevo were making another monster drive. I figured I would get in some more miles and help the lad.
Mt Joy coursa was cool. Very windy with a long false flat & a steep, short climb. Nine laps fr 51 miles. First few laps were people drilling it and people going out the back. The MG-GPOA mafia were all present in the top 15 on the climb. Coming in to three to go I witnessed the worst high-speed crash I have ever seen. A stupid crossing of wheels at 33 mph and wham a guy was slammed to the ground, damn near head first. The nasty sound of that and squealing brakes and mangling bikes was horrible. I was just to the right of it and made it through. The was basically the race as the field was split w/ two off the front and maybe two dozen of us making it through with six laps to go. Round and round with hard accelerations up the steep pitch. A group of four w/ Butts & Benitez kust roll off to 45 seconds. The Steve May rolls off. I go to the front to bring it back for the boys, but no other team helps. I ride steady for half a lap and bring back May and lower the gap to the group of four to 20 seconds. Up the pitch for the sixth time and Jared, Steevo & I are all still there. Then it happens on the wicked fast descent. I nail a rock. I am hoping and praying I am not flat. Well, thirty seconds late at 35+ mph my rear clincher goes down and I am swervy wervy. My day is done as the wheel van is no where to be seen.
The next lap Joe Whitman somehow rolls off and gets a 50 second lead on MG-GPOA group. The group of four up ahead starts to monkey around & JW catches them. By the end, JW rolls through them for third. Big talent there. Once he learns better tactics (like he showed today), he will be awesome. Jared follows a Mike Miller move and takes the third group sprint for 8th. Steevo rolls slightly after that.
On another note, I am so glad I ride for a team where I like all the riders and have great respect for them. I say this after I try to mediate a near fist fight betweem two Alliance teammates, mid-race. Long story short Bill Short misinterpreted a smart move by Ramon and screams at him in front of the field and the finish line spectators. Ramon wanted to fight right there. Ramon finished the race and promptly quit Team AE. He will be a thorn in their side all year. I guarantee, from knowing Ramon, he will make it his mission to ruin their races.
It goes to show that good teams are made up of greast people. Mike Miller said it to me during the race, "too many chiefs."
Ahh Feaster. I shoved so much food it was almost obscene. Beautiful.
Weel I am going to finsh watching Amstel Gold and enjoy a relaxing day after a hard week of riding and general stress.
Bye all, have a great Easter.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Karma, or ...and tonight I met Gene

Today was a well needed easy day on the bike and the mind. A lot of stuff running rampant in my cluttered little noggin. After two days of racing, a nice easy 90 minute spin was well needed. A slap in the Ipod and go. The tunes were incredible tonight. Werewolves of London, Folsom Prison Blues, Lucky Man, Heroes, Everyday, By my side, After the goldrush, Somebody to love. It put me in such a mellow mood, it was perfect for a recovery ride. 200 Watt ceiling, JRA.
If you can sing to your tunes on your Ipod, you are going the perfect speed for recovery. There were probably 6 or 7 people I passed who just gave me wierd looks as I was riding and singing. It was the type of ride that was good for the legs, mind and soul.
Ahh the soul, that almost leads me to Gene, but not quite yet. The Karma patrol struck before that as I met the man who feeds the wild cats. There is this rusted out back end of a pick-up/trailer that acts as a shelter for 4 or 5 wild cats, that I pass on most of my rides. I always notice the cats have full paper plates filled with cat food. I always wondered who did this. Tonight I met him. As I ride up this little rise he is walking to his car with these huge buckets of cat food. He smiles and says, " Ain't life always uphill?" I reply, yeah sometimes it feels that way. I thought to myself that I should have stopped and said hello, and commended him on his helping the cats. So I roll along for a while and hit the daily double of emotional songs. Heroes and Somebody to love. This is right after I had just heard By my side, twice. I am rolling, just enjoying the ride, yes actually ENJOYING pedalling a bike. Like it was my Western Flyer from 30 years ago. Then I hit the homestretch and I MET GENE. Gene, to me is an institution. If you travel Space Highway, you know of Gene. Gene is the dude with the feathered 1970's poofy mullet. Gene is also the dude who walked his Doberman everyday for 4 or 5 miles. We always gave each other a friendly wave and a smile. Probably thinking that the other was a nut for being outside doing what we were doing.While I was bundled up putting in base he was there. When it was 95 and humid he was there. A man and his dog enjoying each other.Unfortunately someone hit and killed gene's Doberman a few weeks ago. Tonight was the first time that I saw Gene walking in the 3 or 4 weeks since the death of his dog. As I rolled along the Karma police got to me. I stopped and told Gene how sorry I was that his dog was dead. He was definitely taken back that I stopped to say hello and express my heartfelt sorrow. He was very nice and very thankful. We spoke a bit about his dog, and what happened that day. Gene was not angry, and he had every right, since the f'ing coward that killed his dog never stopped anywhere to see who the owner is. Gene said his dog was great in the house and on a leash, but nature took over when a door was left open. It was an unfortunate accident, like a lot of things in life. You can be going along enjoying yourself, and in the flash of an eye, your world can change. As we were done talking, he extends his hand and said, "my name is Gene, it was nice to meet you, thanks for thinking about my dog."
We each put in our ear phones and continued on in our respective ways. I can not help but think that today, Karma was on my side.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Visions of Cross Nats danced through my head

They were not good visions either. Cross Nats, worst conditions ever on a bike. Bar none.
Philly two-day was this weekend. Here is a VERY brief synopsis. My desire to write race reports has waned. Plus 44 laps and shit runs together.
Saturday was 41, windy and raining. I was not liking this. To add insult to injury, my trainer finally broke when I was 1 minute into warming up. No warm-up, nasty weather and 51 miles. Blech. The whole was basically there. Jared freakin' rocked. Dude is awesome. Everyone was in breaks, and was really active.
Sunday was a tropical 55 and Sunny. Lemon Hill course, which is wicked fun. Lots of attacks and a big group of ten sticks with Colin & Fred in it. Then with 6 or 7 to go, they somehow get pulled back. G, Jared and I are near the front and Mark Light comes from way back with a rippin' attack. Hacker smartly follows and we now have a guy in a break, so we chill. Hacker stays off, there was no doubting that by us. We get ready to set up a leadout and Colin attacks and dangles for 2 laps. We can not chase and at one to go the field swallow the front and G, Jared & I reposition. G is so smart & fast, he takes 2nd in the field sprint doing the leadout. Jared is not far behind that & I not far off Jared.
What a success, as Jared beats Gui N. and takes the omnium. Hacker's move gives him second. Stephan's sprint lands him in 5th. Stubna ends up in the last money at 10th. Colin, Steevo & I are somewhere probably around 12-15th. Good weekend for the team. The guys are flying. Now it is time for me to actually start doing structured training. I have held off due to a long cross season. Now it is time to pay the piper.
Eric's b-day was Saturday & I interloped on a gathering at his place and crashed there. Thanks again Jules and Eric. Ames was at a scrap-fest Saturday making some cool pages of her Cape May vaca & KB's 30th. Sunday she took "the girls" to a gym play party for one of her ex-coworkers son's b-day. I would have loved to have seen that.
No posts lately as I have been generally uninspired or do not feel like writing about stuff. We shall see.
Blah, blah blah

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

You might be a racer...(dork)

If you stare in amazement as you see hair on a teammates legs
If you take TP into the woods like it is standard operating procedure
If you have more wheels in your car than on your car
If a large part of your self-esteem is based on how fast you can pedal a bike
If you think you made out even if your split is less than the entry fee
If you like the feel of Noxema on your chamois
If you have begged a place to crash the day before a race
If you drive 400 miles in a weekend to ride your bike 110 miles
If you have taken a premature exit to the woods during a race
If you think a towel is a changing room
If you think vaseline doubles as leg warmers
If your bike(s) are worth more than your car(s)
If you no longer ride your bike for the fun of it
If you come up with more excuses for poor performance than a NASCAR racer
If you think you are a more interesting person because you race

Monday, March 27, 2006

Magic Kingdom, my ASS

I spent last week at the Dolphin hotel at Disney World, for a work national sales meeting. This means a few things.
1) I never get to see the much if any of the destination.
2) I am stuck in a hotel room for eight hours a day in meetings.
3) People drink too much and act like it is the last night of beer on Earth.
4) The ammount of ass-kissing hits a year high crescendo.
5) Lilly goes all-out for a night to keep the spirits high.

All the above held true. It was a standard Lilly issue meeting. Sessions were long and relatively inconsequential, as it relates to communication of new material. There were some nice perks like an East area dinner at a cool theme restaurant & the run of MGM park for a couple of hours. The meeting was definitely well organized, and came at a good time, as moral is a little low in the rank and file.
Yes, there were a LOT of drunks running rampant. I have one rule at these meetings. Would I do this at home on the same night? How many people get shitfaced on Tuesday, to where they can not control what comes out of their mouths? When was the last time you drank a dozen plus beers on a Thursday? Whatever, who am I to judge? Really more of an interesting observation, as all these people still made their meetings and contributed the following day.
To watch the ass-kissing is almost unbearable. So many people think that they can name-drop their way to the top. Granted being connected and recognized is VERY good, within Lilly. Unfortunately, being an ass-kisser is also held in high regard. So another year down and another National meeting gone by. I saw some old friends and got to better know my teammates. So for that, the meeting was good for me.
My biggest and most conflicting take-away from the meeting was this. Our US affiliate Vice President showed a quote from the President of Wisconsin Power & Light about winning in business in the times we are in. It goes as follows, paraphrased. "We can not continue to do the same thing, give me rebels, radicals, revolutionaries and people who want to howl at the moon." Immediately after reading this quote our VP (horrible communicator) states, "now go back to your meeting rooms and practice your sales messages for perfect implementation."
Practice a script and spew this back verbatim to a doctor. You Rebels, that is radical dude. Implement, implement, implement. It is rare that the word SELL ever gets mentioned. AARRGGHH!
I do have a new-found respect for our President. She gave a great closing speech, without the use of a tele-prompter. Sadly enough, she was the ONLY presenter to go sans prompter. DC gets HUGE respect in my book.
I could go on and on, but am getting generally tired of this post, kind of like I waswith the meeting. Well, I have a field day with my manager tomorrow. Hopefully I can leverage another peer award I recieved into some action, to further my stalled career.
Time to go and watch Two and a half men. Good comedic relief.
Oh yeah, now I am getting sick. BLAH!
2,500 road miles so far, since 12/20, pretty much all base. Hopefully I can turn that into some form soon. 900 more miles than last year this time. No wonder I was so tired last week. Hopefully a week off the bike and a relatively easy week will bring some form this weekend.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Most things in life really are, however since this is my bullypulpit I will focus on a few that affected me this weekend.
Form, for all you cycling geeks

Relationships. Actually this is the one where my fragile mind is rather at ease. I am however very disappointed in myself for a lack of Anniversary surprise or gift for Ames. It is our twelve year anniversary, and I hate to say it, it was another day. Some may feel that is callous or uncaring, some may see it a little like me. In that, I see the day as expected. I do not love Ames any more or less today than I did yesterday or tomorrow. However I should have at least done something. Especially when she got me two very heartfelt gifts. Walk the Line DVD & the accompanying soundtrack. I enjoy the Man in Black and I enjoyed the movie. It was an extremely thoughful gift. I on the other hand got a card. "I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen!" well not as bad as that, but still somewhat schlepish. We did go to a great dinner at the Accomac Inn in Wrightsville, courtesy of Cal. It was superb.

Mindest. This gets tricky. Those who know me, know that if I experience any doubt about something, it is not good. I start to second guess things left & right. Right now work is very unrewarding, but I am encumbered by a pretty nice set of golden handcuffs. I enjoy my job, when I get to actually see and speak with physicians and have meaningful discussions with them. Lately they are few and far between. So I wonder a great deal, when it was that I actually sold my soul for cold hard cash? Would I be any happier doing something else for less money. Would a change just lead to more second and third guessing for a fragile mind?

Lastly, Form. This is as it relates to cycling. Well, I sucked this weekend at Strasburg. That is all that I will say. I was humiliated and embarrased with my performance or lack thereof. So form is a tricky thing with cyclists, some time you think you have it you suck. Sometimes you feel shitty and viola you have a nice race. Finicky.
After little rest from cross, maybe that is the issue, I have put in 2,400 miles since Christmas. All power markers from 5 sec through 10 minutes are at or better than last year's best numbers. Yeah, I thought I was on track. Well, maybe I was digging so hard, I dug too deep. After looking at my last two weeks data again, of which I was so proud of not so long ago, I realized 10 of my last 19 rides were high Tempo intensity or greater for the duration of the ride. What does that mean? Basically my fragile training mind said more is better. It was not in this case. Hopefully a week off will be what the doctor ordered.
Kudos to Geronimo, Miller & Trdina for their Strasburg efforts. Trdina is one damn good rder that does not get near the credit he deserves. That is a shame. Godd dude, funny as shit, good racer.
Sopranos time.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Twelve quick years with Ames
Ups, downs, smiles, frowns, would not change

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Naughty Little Minx

Yes she is.
Top Ten reasons to pick pickler

10) Calamari, what's calamari
9) I will have the Sal-man for dinner
8) Comet the wonder dog
7) Lives with grandpa Wilbur
6) Hooks up Gramps w/ sandwich dates
5) Hayseed
4) More naive than one person should be allowed to be
3) Not a bad singer
2) Easier to look at than Mandisa
1) Beacause she really is a naughty little minx

On another note, anyone who listened to me about movie selections I told them to see Crash. It won the Oscar last night. It is a great story of race relations, perceptions and how they impact a random event. One of the best flicks I have ever seen. I can not believe the same guy who "sharted", in Along came Polly then went on to play Truman Capote. He then wins the Oscar, amazing. Another naughty little minx won Best Actress, Reese Witherspoon for her portrayal of June Carter Cash. She was good, but if you want to see Reese in a cool, dark comedy rent "Election". Pick Flick.Wow, the segues are flying fast and furious. If Pick Pickler sang the song Pick Flick sings as June Carter Cash in Walk the Line, she would crush the Island of Mandisa. I say Pick Pickler needs to channel JCC and sing, Jackson. Her voice is close to JCC, and she could rip the shit outta Jackson.
Keep up the support for that Naughty Little Minx. That little Hayseed hottie needs to last another week or three.
Vote fast and vote often.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Who hires/promotes these people?

Contrary to the tone of this post, I do like the company that I work for and I do enjoy what I do, when I actually get to see a physician and have a good discussion.
Here goes. Some knucklehead 20something on the Strattera brand team got the brilliant idea to send a framed photocopy of letter a kid wrote to Lilly, thanking "us" for making Strattera as it changed her life. Here is where the shit goes wrong:
1) It was an f'in photocopy of the letter, at least do a print for crissakes.
2) I do not care. Do you think anyone will actually hang this in their home. Gee friends, look what Mona sent me. Do you want to motivate me, send me money or find ways to challenge me.
3) It was in a nicely matted design. Three openings, beveled, and all different sizes. Not cheap
4) Nice frame w/ real glass, also not cheap. Remember this goes out to 1,000+ people.
5) It was sent UPS in a regular box, no bubblewrap, with other materials.
6) The glass was very broken when it got to my house.
The upside is with the broken glass, it came out of the frame easier when I threw the photocopy and said glass away. I now just need to find a few pics that fit the openings and print a little descriptor for the small opening.
The thing is some freakin' nipplehead thought that this is a good motivator. The brand team sent a letter saying this is a thank you for a hard year's work. Is a prudent way to spend resources? I now that I am a cynic, that is not really a bad thing, but really why not send evryone a $20 AMEX. Shit like that is what happens when a 20 something with no real world experience and 1 or 2 years of pharma sales is put in a decision making, position of responsibility. The shame is he/she will probably be blessed because they could move to Indy and do a bullshit picture frame project and then come out and be my manager in a couple of years. What the F can he/she possibly say to bring benefit to someone, anyone with 10 years in the industry and reads more disease state journals than most docs? " Well why don't you give the well respected psychiatrist this little school bus lunch box and fill it with popcorn and tell the doc that Strattera works while little Mona is at school and in the evening." That is what the popcorn is for, get it. Tee hee hee, picture hair tossing and boob jiggling as you read the previous quote.
Yes, that is what some parts of Big Pharma are coming to. I do a Neurology CME on neuropathic pain and medical comorbidities in my free time while some f'in twit thinks up ways to incorporate a short bus lunch box into a medical discussion.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ding dong the (w)(b)itch is dead

Brenna is done! Hoo Haa. That is one person that was so ingratiating that I could not stand her. Just an absolute pompous self-centered C U Next Tuesday!
My girl Pick Pickler hung tough and was her spunky little hayseed self. What movie was the hayseed reference from. Hint, the Coen Brothers.
Speaking of Hayseeds, that Bucky is classic. I like him because, he is so unassuming and unpretentious. Someone does need to coach him to either speak less or sing all of his answers as statements from Skynard songs. It is a shame the little punk outlasted Sway. I am not a big Stevie Wonder fan, but I thought Sway was decent. I can not get over the little dude's lisp.
So the judges say it is all about song choice. I am hoping that Gene Simmons comes back as a guest judge, but in the phase where the contestants sing KISS songs. That would be sweet. Every contestant must sing Christine Sixteen, and then their fave KISS tune. Rock on!

So on to a little politics. The powers that be at CD high school seem to be trampling all over the first ammendment right of free speech. It seems a student was "placed" in an "alternative" ed program. Some other students objected to his placement so they have taken to wearing "Free Turk" homemade t-shirts and writing the slogan on book covers, backs of hands, etc... Basically a peaceful, visible protest. Well the CD Board has supended 20 students for showing their support of Turk. The ACLU is now involved and is going to file suit. If I were a CD taxpayer I would be freakin' pissed because the school is upholding the suspensions and are going to challenge the ACLU. There is precedent to show this type of action is free speech. More taxpayer money down the shitter, just like Dover. When did school districts take the stance that they are going to impose their will instead of educate their kids?

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Giving credit

This entry is all about the proper respect being given to someone/thing when it is truly desreved. Think about your life for a second. If there is something that you absolutely excelled in, could you do it for 16 hours a day? The amount of focus and energy would be almost incomprehensible. That leads to todays recipient of my highest praise. HOBBES!!!!!!!
There he is, on the right, holding on to wakefulnes by his two front teeth. Actually he has four teeth. Yes just four front teeth. The others are nubs from 14 years of tough living. Hobbes is the king of sleep, as are most cats I guess. The difference is Hobbes sleeps so that he can later achieve bouts of athletic prowess that are only dreamed of by other quadripeds. My guess is that his nightly jump onto the counter to search for butter, flour or food scraps has an opportunity energy cost of probably three hours sleep. It depends if he actually can get into the butter for nourishment. Not only is he extremely athletic. We, especially Amy, likes to think of Hobbes as something akin to a prototypical NFL DE. Kind of big, (16 lbs) yet very agile, quick and strong. If you walk by him he will showcase all three atributes by lulling you into a false sense of security by looking something like a hunting trophy rug. Then as you pass, usually with a drink or soup in hand, he stretches his disproportionately long arms out and wraps around your ankle. He then pulls his back legs into your anle and proceeds to "give you the business."
Of course that is exhausting, so Hobbes needs his rest. After a tough day he just wants to be alone, note the top left pic.
Hobbes' other great talent is his wits and opposable thumbs. He can actually open the latch to the basement door if we shut him down there. I have witnessed the feat with thine own eyes.
I could go on heaping credit on this well-deserving feline, but by the sounds of his whines i can sense Hobbes is a little famished and probably needs to sleep. He has been up almost seven hours, with but a little nap.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hot or Not

Hot or Not
Wicked awesome stir fry for dinner; Bread and butter post ride sandwich
Scott Z off the front all day in Cali; CSC lead-out train, unless you ride for T-Mobile
US Olympic snowboarding; Jack-Ass Bode Miller
American Idol; Olympic figure skating
Saturday kick-ass ride; Sunday recovery ride in 20-30 mph wind
Sleeping in; 7:30 am conference call
Excel at your job; Kiss your bosses ass
12 year anniversary in 3 weeks; One week meeting in FL, the next day
Ebay; Ebay
Blogging; Blogging
Ipod while training; Not hearing the oncoming rednecks
Sopranos starts 3/12; $75/month for cable
Joey Cheek, total class; Jackasses Shani Davis & Chad Hedrick
Me being happy; Me being a cycnic

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Music to my ears

Pick Pickler!!!!!!!!
That little hottie is half my age. WTF! The island of Mandisa was really good tonight, and the 17 year old prodigy who did Midnight train to Georgia was incredible.
On another note VH1 classic was rippin' on 2 for Tuesday tonight. Smiths: Sheila take a bow, Two old school U2 songs before Bono turned world saver and the Coupe de Gras Psych Furs (senior citizen version) Pretty in Pink live. Pretty in Pink is a personal fave from the days of Ducky at the dance. It was cool.
Speaking of Ducky, if you are not watching Two and a half men you are missing one of the best shows on TV. Funny beyonf belief, a lot of the humor is sexual and the FCC most be on the edge of their seats.
Poor Stevie opera is begging for her life as her sung was poor. Unfortunately is was not as piss poor as the chick who sang Because the night. Butchered a song I really enjoy, damn. I am just waiting for Simon to ask to bang her.
Hopefully the rest of the show is better.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Da girls

So I finally get home from my team ride today and Ames was watching our neices. Riley who is 4 and Maggie who is 2. They are quite the little pair. I walk in the door and Amy is in the obligatory lapper chair, laptop that is for all you depraved fiends. The girls are "hiding" on thefloor behind her. I play along saying I can not see them, they start to giggle. So now I threaten them with tickling unless they come out and say hello. More giggling, so it is tickle time. Now keep in mind, that I have been listening, yes listening to MRN on the way home and I know their is only 10 laps to go in Daytona. The predicament is that Charlotte's Web is on TV. So I "ask" the girls if I may change the show, and they agree as long as I "fly" them.
No problem, 10 laps, 5 minutes a few lifts in the air. So I pick one up and quickly lift them in the air and set them on the coach, then I pick the other up. Well the little shavers realize I can not really turn them down, so it is like a little production line. Lift, set down, pick up, lift set down and on and on. As I set one down and pick up the other, the one I just set down is now waiting for round 2,3,15,37. All of this as I try diligently to watch the end of the race. Damn cautions keep the game going far too long. Finally I made both of them sit down on the coach with me and watch the last two laps. I coached the oldest, Riley, to make sure she tells Mommy & Daddy that she watched NASCAR with Uncle Mike this weekend. That out to be priceless. Like when I tought a two year old Riley to do the "hook 'em horns" fingers and raise her arm above her head and say "Rock and Roll". SHe actually walked around for a while with her fingers in the Hook em Horns position. Damn I'm a cool uncle.
Well now I am doing laundry, some Lilly work, Ebay listing and getting ready for a well needed shower.
Good eve, all.

Meet & greet

This weekend was the official Meredith Group-GPOA team meeting, bonding, riding weekend. Of course it was wicked cold. Saturday was a team ride, but I missed it due to helping out at my buddy's shop. Holemes Cycling & Fitness for all of your cycling & fitness needs. After a day of retail I hopped in the Blaze and headed for Warminster. I arrive just in time to grab a beer say my hellos & intros, order food and set off to our meeting. After a delicious Italian take-out meal, compliments of our tireless DS Denny Dansak, we started the meeting. Basically it was lay out the rules of the road so to speak, figure our race schedule, and go over team & individual goals. After a very productive and and at times quite funny meeting it was almost 11:30. We parted ways to meet up at 11:00 for day two of team riding. I missed Saturday, but it seemed like a very good ride with 12 guys for 4+ hours. Sunday was about the same with eight of us and 4+ hours again. It was 19 degrees out when we started. Remarkably it really was not uncomfortable once my face was sufficiently numb. We hit out for 71 miles all told with some good paceline work and time to talk more with my new mates Steevo, Stubna and Geronimo. I was very impressed with the way everyone rode. A group of 5 of us pushed a 1-2 mile dirt climb and thatb felt good. I know I came away from the 36 hours with a great feeling about our team and how we are riding. With the firepower we have, it should be a successful year. I really think we will rise to the occasion and above at some big races. It will be great to lay it down to watch Jared, Nate, Rob, Geronimo et al finish it off. We have great workers and classy winners. This will be fun. Stay tuned for more as we get our fancy new steeds and their fancy new hoops.
Yeah boys & girls I am more excited than I have ever been to race. The team rocks!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What does it take?

So a lot of my cronies, as well as myself, are really riding the hours/miles right now. Which poses the question "What does it take to seperate yourself?" Is it more training, is it time in the gym, is it an ability to suffer, is it being willing to forgo things that others will not? Yes, to an extent.
Some people could ride twenty hours a week, yet never be able to sprint or climb or be willing to sacrifice. It is interesting to read of what seems to be a rennesaince of personal discovery. I look at my good friend Mike Miller. He has sacrificed more than anyone I know, to achieve his goals in cycling. I respect what he has achieved the last three years. Mike is the epitome of "what does it take?" This year I look at my new teammate Stephan. For anyone who has raced the road, you know of Stephan. He is pure talent. It was cool to see him come out last year and race again. With no team, he was always there. I look forward to trying to help him achieve his goals. Stephan has what it takes to be a champion.
The list is quite long with examples of people who have achieved great things, each to varying extents, have what it takes.
Are you willing to prepare longer, harder or smarter than your competition? When you do, remember that your work guaranteed you nothing. While you are doing your thing, so am I , and dozens of others who feel we are doing what it takes to win.
What does it take? If I knew, I sure as shit would not give it away.
Good luck to all my friends and competitors. We will soon see if I, you, them "have what it takes"

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I have the shits of the, well, ... read on

So As I mentioned previously I have some sort of virus/bug/unwanted visitor in my lower GI that has now plagued me for four days. It is at least relatively predictable. Eat, wait one hour, experience gnarly cramps & stomach pains, then release.
So today I go out for a ride and am not feeling so physically weak so I start to push it a bit. Well, the same core muscles required to do some big gear efforts are also the same ones used to help in the release of my unwanted belly demons. So I am twenty minutes in, and I start to feel the rumbly in the tumbly, I think damn twenty minutes to the LA Twp park. I can make it. Well two minutes later Ring of Fire comes on the the Ipod and somewhere stirs the pot so to speak. I remember there is a new development going in about a mile away. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Positive talk and praying there is a Honey Pot at the site. I am in luck there is the sweet blue plastic depository. I fiddle with my helmet straps and unzip the jacket. while squeezing tight. I make in into the Porta not a second to soon. KerPow, Kazaam, oh oh oh that burning ring of fire, down, down , down the flames going higher. Oh the not so sweet irony.
Off I go for the rest of the ride. Over to the park to look at some course changes and the addition of a wicked long run section. Damn, feeling it again. I head home, another 45 minutes or so.
Sorry. I get home and am undoing my jacket, helmet, pants everything. I scream inside . Off with the shoes, and to the bathroom yet again. Barely. Whew. Weigh myself, 152.6. That is not good. Five pounds since Saturday and I am eating.
Hopefully all is better tomorrow.
Gotta go, not to the bathroom that is.
AI rocks!!!!!!!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend rides

Bo f'ing ring!
Ames was away at Scrapapalooza III, so it was just me and Hobbes for the long weekend. I must say the high point of productivity was cutting back the ornamental grasses on Saturday. A whopping 30 minutes of work to my credit this weekend. Whew.
I figured it was a good weekend to get in some killer rides and not feel guilty about being gone all day. Entertained thoughts of driving to my new teammate, Stephan's place and going on a long ride with him. However, the season is long and less time spent driving somewhere to ride won out for Saturday. I decided to ride to Linglestown to meet up with the Faulkner Honda team and join their ride, then ride home. Since I was looking for 5 hours this would be the ticket, and it was. A relatively hard first hour or so got me to the ride, then 2 1/2 hours of pretty easy riding with FHR ( Watts went from 220 @ 1hr to 185 at 3.5 hours), then refuel and head home.
My old high school hoops coach rung in my mind. I could hear him scream. "Andy Miller" what is the shortest distance between two points?" " A straight freakin' line." That is another story altogether. My straight line took me over an 8%'er for a mile, and the steep .5 mile pitch to my house. Time to gear down and just get over them. I did, and it felt good to end with two climbs. 5:08 and 92 miles in for the day.
Sunday awoke to cool air and threat of rain. I better go soon. Rolled out at 10:00, and at 10:05 the rain started. Thank goodness I was rockin' the new Craft rain pants & rain jacket. I finally prepared. Zero power as i managed to also get sick somehow Saturday and purged everything from my system. So 1.5 raining hours of 38 degrees later I get home and dry off. Immediately the rain stops and within 30 minutes the sun peaks out and the temps rise. Stupid weatherman and his pm rain.
Well I did not purge everything, as I spent the rest of Sunday close to the bathroom. What a shitty day literally & proverbially. Even Desperate Housewives was a repeat.
I hope today is better, although 7:30 am Monday Conf calls are usually not harbingers of good news.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

I must confess to being an American Idol fan. The first weeks are equal parts entertaining and equal parts disturbing for me. It amazes me that people think they are the least bit talented. I mean it would be as if I were to audition, I freakin' suck. What people will do for their 15 minutes, is kind of comical.
Ice Cream and/or chocolate, when that stuff is in the house, I eat it like it is my job. In the 8th grade I went a complete marking period eating two ice cream sandwiches and a container of chocolate milk for lunch. It was sweet, literally and proverbially
Bike stuff. Yes I am a bike geek. Wheels, tires, bikes, etc... you name it I dream of it, then I buy it, then I sell it. At last count the Holmes cycling & fitness crew had me at 32 bikes in my "riding life", number 33 is on the way.
Beer. I like beer. hmmmm beer, I like beer.
Those are a good start

Thursday, January 19, 2006

In the Ipod, on the road

Here is a small sample of some Ipod tunes and how they rock to ride.
I am going to be a coach and do whole training programs based solely on songlists.

David Gray, This year's love. Good easy spin tune
The Verve, Lucky Man. see above
Black Crowes, Sometimes Salvation. Tempo
Kiss, Christine Sixteen. Jumps
Eminem, Lose Yourself. Four minutes of interval pain
Neil Young, After the Gold Rush. Immediately after the M
Kid Rock, Black Chick White Guy. 12 minutes of 50-11. Yes I said 50. New sprint secret.
The Smiths, How soon is now. Ames knows.
Johnny Cash, I've been everywhere. Fast pedal 120 rpm sets

Just a taste. So all you Ipod riders, what are you listening to when you hit the road?

Million dollar baby

I just watched this flick, DVR is great. Way more than a boxing movie. I was all set to ramble philosophically on this, but just do not think I could do justice to the depth of the movie. I do tend to wear my heart/feelings on my sleeve at times, and this film was quite moving for me. The last hour really poses two very deep questions.

How far will you go for someone else?

Really, how far will you go, to the Uni-Mart for chips?
Giant for tampons?
Miss a race for a dinner?
Would you give an organ if it meant you will save a life at the expense not being able to live the same life you lead now?
Would you do as Clint had to do in Million dollar baby? I will not spoil the ending.

If your life ended today, did you live a full life?

OK, so not your everyday stupid myopic cycling blather.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

By the numbers

1 Gears on the bike I have been riding
2 Fenders on the bike when it rains
3 Number of people who read this blog
4 Days until the MAC Hoo Ha
5 Straight seasons of 50+ races
6 Part of the name of a new road frame???
7 Complete bikes I have built up presently
8 Cogs on Gunnar's bike, 1 speed (fast)
9 Races in the MAC for 2006
10 Speed Dura-Ace, sweet
11 Speed needed to achieve 56 rpm's on the fixie
12 ounces in the Victory beer I had with dinner
13 Second part of the name of a new frame???
17 Fixed gear cog
19 Seasons of racing
20.6 Average speed for my last 30 minutes on the fixie tonight
21 Scarlett Johannson's age. New Time mag pic is not shabby
27 Bail out cog
28 Average speed of a Cat 2 crit
29 Average speed of a Cat 1,2 crit
30 Average speed of a Pro crit. ProCrit, that was funny. Get it, EPO. Brand name ProCrit.
34 How old you need to be to race in the 35+ category
35 Meaningless actual age
36 Top speed in a fixed gear sprint, actually 36.3
39 My actual age on 9/4/06
40 My racing age on 12/17/06. Cool how that works.
48 "Points" I have with Lilly, on 10/1/06. Need 80 to retire decently
55 The age at which I could retire and be professional blogger
Good night

Sunday, January 08, 2006

On the road again

It is back to training for the road season again. After a massive 8 day off-season, I started with some easy 90 minute rides 12/18. Now three weeks later I am enjoying putting in the time. I had a great ride with a teammate, Fred Billet, on Friday. 2 1/2 hours around Valley Forge and the Philly bike path to manayunk and back. It was awesome to be with someone, riding and catching up. Fred is such a great guy and it made the time in the saddle more enjoyable. I do 90% of my training alone and without ever seeing another rider. Friday we saw probably two dozen people on the path. Keep in mind it was 37 out and in Jan. It is cool to see people exercising, commuting, training and just enjoying being on a bike.
The season is rolling around and the team, Meredith Group-GPOA has a weekend get-together next weekend in Philly. Hopefully we can figure out the priorities and see where we are in regards to fitness. With Nats in 7 Springs this year I am sure the PA crowd will be flying in the early season, so time spent riding now, is well spent.
The team has picked up Cannondale as a bike sponsor this year. Suffice it to say that the sponsorship agreement is very good. I can not wait to get aboard my new steed and get rolling. With another three weeks of base/JRA I should be ready to start putting down some efforts in Feb. I try to get in 1,000 miles of base before any efforts start. That way I can get some endurance back after cross eason. Until next time.

Walk the Line

Ames & I saw the Johnny Cash flick "Walk the Line" last evening. It was an interesting story of what makes a person tick. It was a study in how your earlist life experiences ultimately mold who you are and how you react to things. As the film went on, it seemingly portrayed Cash as he was. There was no glossing over the fact he was an addict for a certain period in his life. That he loved June from early childhood, and never thought it was wrong to keep loving her while he was married to his first wife. I love Biopic movies. I also enjoy seeing things that show the whole story, without the removal of the unseemly details. If I am not mistaken Cash's daughters were less than happy upon seeing the movie screening. I can see why. The flick concentrated on the side of their father that probably caused them the most pain.
I left the movie with a greater understanding of one of the most inflential country artists ever. I also walked away with a deeper appreciation of the power of passion and the heights it can take you. If you have not seen the movie, check it out. If you do not own any Cash in your music library, well that is your loss. Cash is not everyday listening, but it is required listening.