Friday, February 20, 2009

It is that time again...

...where all my bike racing and blogging buddies are out slaying it on the bike in hopes that this year is better than last. It really does not matter if the previous year was great or not. The only thing that really matters to most is how can I be a little better than last year. Not that there is anything wrong with that, personally I fall in the same boat. The shit end of this is, The Law of Diminishing Returns. At some point in the future, you will be less good, effective, whatever, than you were in the past. Before you/we/I hit that point and inevitably have some sort of crisis, just take a little stock in the good moments and accomplishmentsthat you have been a part of.
It is an interesting phenomenon in that, people seem to not really enjoy the good things that they have accomplished. I am not saying to dwell on that touchdown run in the high school homecoming game 23 years ago. I am saying afford yourself the confidence and perspective that some of the things that you/I/we have done have been good accomplishments and/or significant. Moreso than just, "I can do better". We do not need to gloat or brag. Accountability is more than taking credit for the bad, it is also taking credit for the good.
I am not really sure how I ended up with this topic. It certainly was not planned. For my family's benefit, there is no need to interpret this into some sort of crisis. All is well. All is going very well. In fact I am taking stock as to what I have accomplished in my life and in the sport that I love. I am not afraid to say I am pretty proud of it. I am not throwing it in anyone's face either.
All this self-indulgent drivel has thrown me for a loop. I am not sure where to go, so I better stop.
I am definitely looking forward to doing some racing in about a month. I definitely lookforward to returning to my inner geek, sans Speedo, as well.