Friday, February 29, 2008

Beers & power tools or a good run

Something inherently manly about drinking beer and operating a saw w/ the blade just squealing through the wood. The calm of the Fort Collins Brewery Chocolate Stout and the buzz of the Black & Decker. Niiice.
I was cutting up some wood for the St Patty's Day fete. I cut up my cross barriers in a cathartic destruction of something that has consumed me for six years. It was good, and it was fun.
This act led me to think of my post title segue. The race enjoyed a good run. No matter how long that run may be, 13 years, 11 years 1 month, 6 years, whatever the time, everything has a shelf life. Relationships, careers, hobbies, everything. The interesting thing to me is not the run itself, but moreso what caused the downfall. Was it too much work? Was it too much stress? Was the passion gone? Was there a new interest to replace the old?
The ultimate end of a run is in and of itself intriguing to me. When do you know the run is over? One day you are going to wake up and say, "I just can not do this anymore." At that point are you lost, or is that decision the release that was needed to spark growth?
Nothing says a run needs to end on a bad note. That is kind of the point of the run. Knowing precisely the moment when the run should end.
I have had some real good runs in the past. I have ended some. Some have been ended for me. I am enjoying some real good runs in the present. I guess I know better now that nothing will last forever, and to think in such a fashion is stupendously naive. So I will wake up tomorrow and enjoy the run and hope to get another day.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

In the name of theatricle science

After threatening many times to buy Dark Side of the Moon & The Wizard of Oz, and synching them on the 3rd roar theory, I did it tonight. So far I must say I am somewhat impressed by the synching of lyric and rise and fall of the music to the scenes playing. It is pretty uncanny. Cool scenes. The entrance of the gnarly lady on the bike and the synched music. Tornado & Great gig in the sky. Awesome. The argument scene when the gnarly lad takes toto. The crescendo matches the argument. The song when Dorothy leaves with toto. Money starts playing as soon as the movie goes to color. The Scarecrow and brain damage synch was off, yet still pretty close. The heart beat at the end of eclipse as Dorothy is tapping on the tin mans chest.
There you go. 43 minutes invested to see what all the fuss was about. I will say the fisrt 15-30 minutes have some uncanny alignment of music to the scenes.
Freak and Roll, Into the Fog would have been money better spent. What the hell it was Christmas in February.

Like a bag of rocks, or how I spent my day yesterday

For my friend Turk. It's all some freaky shit brutha'. Hope the breezes are warm and the cares are few. Peace anyway.
So, in a very unsaleslike day yesterday I had a series of four meetings strung together. All having a distinct impact on my job, future and overall satisfaction. Yes, I stated I was putting my work woes to rest, just a wek ago. Yesterday helped to do that, or at least offer some needed clarification.
First off, remember when I stated there are just some people i do not click with? Well, meeting number one was with one of those people. I am not sure what it is/ You know when there is an immediate attraction with someone, and you realize there is an immediate disconnect. I try, I swear, that I try. I listen to her points and I try to see things from her side. She just Can't Understand Normal Thought. Ultimately I knew this grand experiment in carbon matter unfortunately had the impact of making my "career" a bit sticky. I acquiesed. I backed off what I knew was 100% right and made a bad business comprimise. Pick your battles, I guess. Smart like a bag of rocks. Meeting two was prep for #3. Each went well. Meeting three was quite in depth. I was happy with my colleague's & I off the cuff knowledge and support of our business and the choices that we make. Meeting four was the career biggie. It went pretty much as planned. I now know with no uncertain terms where I stand. Some aspects very positive, others I need to increase my presence on. The wierd part is that the piece where I am most supported, and would have the greatest financial impact would have me staying in sales and maintaining my present "voluminous" territory. More than a few of you know of what I speak to, with that statement. It is hard for me to come to grips with this. I am pretty driven. I like to work, despite what it may appear like presently. My concern is the possible misperception of being lazy. Maybe I need to fill out a time sheet for my MAC hours?
This all boils down to my steadfast refusal to give up my present life and move to Indy. I patently refuse. There are too many things in my life that can not be replicated in Indy. Couple that with the fact that the Colonel is not a big fan of "free thinkers" and I am there proverbial square peg strolling around cubicleville from 7:00-7:00 just to be seen. That just does not seem fun to me? Call me crazy, lazy, pragmatic, enigmatic whatever.
After all that I got to enjoy some time with the certain special somene. If you guys think I am committed and driven to things, you have not seen anything. As it relates to time together, it is just that. I could care less what we do, just doing it together is more than enough.
So I went from dealing with a bag of rocks in make-up in the AM where I have slim to no respect, to an awesome person who I think the world of to end my day. Yeah, that is a small price to pay.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today is the day

Four meetings today lined up in succession. All four will have a distinct impact on my day to day job satisfaction and my long term work satisfaction. Meetings three and four have the chance to give the framework of the next three plus years of my life. There is an opportunity within the Colonel's Army that interests me. I just need to see; one, if I have support and two, what are the geographical constraints. If the opportunity comes to fruition it would be quite challenging and stimulating, a position that I have always wanted. If this does not come to pass then another door opens that, in the short-term may be even more rewarding and have a more distinct impact on my overall long-term goals. We shall see.
I am actually pretty excited about the whole day.
It is interesting, the impact of timing in life. That was blatantly apparent in some things I read today. Each decision yielding another choice, each choice another outcome. Added in its entirety you hope that everything works out.
Look back at your life. I am sure you can find a defining moment that shaped your life. I know that I can. It was the day I took the challange from Gerald Soltis. Around 50 different bikes later, I owe a large part of my life experience to that man.

Monday, February 25, 2008

In what might have been...

The best winter ride I have ever had yesterday, thanks Adams Family
The best news about work I have had in a long while, thanks Hesh
The best dinner I have ever had, thanks A
What an impact six hours can have on your life. Yesterday and today were two shining examples. I set aside preconceived notions and went with my heart and what I felt was right. In each instance those six hours have given me a greater perspective on the things that are so very important to me right now. What is the sacrifice that I am willing to make to be a better cyclist, a better employee and more importantly a better person? What is the return that I will get from that choice? It has been a long time since I have felt that in tune with myself and that close to my surroundings and those with me. It has been a long time since I have cared that much about someone and/or something. Nothing will be easy, if it was everyone would do it.
Wes, do you need a training partner?

Putting it to rest

After yet another poll removal, I am putting the " sold your soul for rock n roll" pharma rants to rest. Yes, I have sold my soul for the almighty dollar. I admit it. I may not be overly proud or comfortable with the decision, yet it is the brutal truth. My biggest hurdle is knowing there are people who work for harder than myself and do so much more good, yet are not compensated commensurately. I really do have a hard time with that. I am by no means monetarily rich. Yet, sometimes I feel a bit uncomfortable with where I am at. Do I deserve, and have I earned this lot in life?
Well, as I think back, yes I have earned this lot. Every penny of it. Out of college I worked a shit sales job to save up enough money to move to the Republic of Boulder to be a pro Triathlete. Yes, you may giggle. Part of that sacrifice was cash. It was worth it. It formed who I am and what is most important to me. I moved home in debt, yes negative equity kids and tried to get a footing. That lead to the most rewarding job ever, teaching handicapped and MR kids how to swim. If you ever want to know what kind of impact you have on someone, where there is no agenda and holding back, work with MR kids. Since there usually is a pre-frontal cortex deficit; or worse, trauma, you get the honest answer and emotion from them.
Then I was off to the EDS salt mines for three years. I worked long hours and hard at my jobs there to better myself. Three years post college and I finally made $20k/year. Yes, in three years I earned what most of my friends did right out of school.
At that point I just worked smarter and made good relationships that led to a good job. I killed myself for three years at AT&T. I then went to the Colonel's funhouse. I took the job very naively around making a difference through science. After killing myself for three years, I realized there was more to it.
With some good results and good moves I ended up in a dream job with the Colonel. Unfortunately, the job was phased out after just 10 months. So, here I am three years later. Three different managers since then. Eleven managers in eleven years at Lilly. After seeing yet another job I really enjoy get sliced and dices into smaller responsibilities, there are four reps now doing the job I did by myself just one short year ago, I am in the time of my discontent.
Fast forward. After getting a sweet raise for 2008, I fully realize I have morphed into a money-grubbing whore. You know what, I do not care. I did not design the territory. I work it. I still love what I do, when I get a chance to do it. Simple math says that is 25% of the time now.
I will put it to rest. I love the flexibility this position affords me. It may come in very handy some time soon.
That being said I am very much looking forward to my Wednesday meeting with my Area Saled Director. Hopefully I can take on some new responsibility.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Try this again

The first post today was a little too close to home, so I deleted it. It was also quite depressing. Maybe not for you, but for me. I, for some reason, had a lot of thoughts about some people who were close to me in life and have passed on in the past few years.
On a more positive note. Decent ride today. Legs coming around after the week in J-ville. I set up my new home theatre system yesterday. DK came over today and showed me all I needed to know. Very cool to watch young Haley point at the Tour o' C on the Tele and say Da Da. The system is effin' sweet for a HTIB system. Watched Gladiator tonight. I was upstairs and it sounded like the horses were running through my living room underneath me. I can not wait to watch 300. The Ipod attachment rocks very nicely. The upcoming party should be loud.
Friday was a little work, a little snow and a sweet 2 hr singlie blinglie mtb ride at Lady Pinchot. Shoulder hurt from yanking on the bars at 45 rpms. Steevo, my left shoulder has a big divot in the joint and sits at least 1/2" lower than my right. I still loved hitting the MX track with you.
Had a nice talk with Nina about relationships, hers, mine and the stress of dating. Such a good friend and person, she deserves better.
Saturday brought a special breakfast with my great bike shop friends. I got to partake in the annaul pancake breakfast since we missed it last week. Yummy. Fueled for the 3 hour road ride and all was good. I heart fenders. A certain someone did not know I rode with fenders in the winter and misinterpreted a text and thought I may have been hit. Sorry.
Big deathmarch ride tomorrow with Ray & Nanctress. I should be in for 5.5ish when all is said and done. River Rd will be an MF'er at the end of that haul. I may have to eek out a century just for the halibut.
Time to rest. Thanks for reading.
Sitemeter rocks. I always get a little concerned when someone Googles my name. K-Mad's dad asked if a certain someone has Googled my name? Is this dribble really that bad?
For those who missed this mornings post. This song lyric was the gist of it. I was thinking about what a friend had said, I was hoping it was a lie.
In honor to those who have passed. You are missed. We are better people for knowing you.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Observations and musings

May Hey pointed out that there is a preponderance of pharma reps that are pretty hot. He is pretty much correct. I have been at a National Meeting this week and the amount of "pretty people" is friggin' bizarre. The weird thing is that it is almost a fake look, like too hot for their own good.
Other thing, 10% of the sales force was in grade or elementary school when I was in my first professional job. That is scary.
People do not know when to give a standing ovation. They are dispensed like candy at these functions.
Pharma reps are alcoholics. Either that or they are so cheap that they dink their gills blue on the Colonel's tab. Miller Lite & Coors Lite as well. Come the fuck on. Half these kids would not know a good Belgian if the Gnome on the La Chouffe bottle jumped out and punched them in the nose.
Some people are always going to bring a smile to my face. Some people I will never click with. Why is it that you seem to run into the non-clickers so often?
I got more enjoyment from texting during the meeting sessions than the meeting content. Thank you.
Not sure when the last time was that I looked so forward to seeing someone, as I have been the past couple days.
Some old friends are going through divorces right now. Shame.
Killing time in an airport is a drag.
Got to go to work tomorrow. Blah. At least the new love seat is being delivered.
Snow mtb ride for late afternoon and Saturday should be on tap. Sweet.
I wonder if Babik is having his afternoon snack right now?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On principle alone

I am at a Regional sales meeting this week and certain things just get me on principle alone. Enough that I could not hold my tongue. People knew I was pissed and I have pretty much had about as much as I can handle.
People "step down" from jobs to get placed in the highest possible sales position that can be achieved at the Colonel's Playhouse. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!
I know many reps who have busted their ass for years to never get that recognition. Certain people get to keep their present salary and then get all the perks of the highest sales level, because they chose or did not choose to make a change. Put in a better anaology. You are a Pilot and no longer want the stress, or just are not as good a Pilot as your peers, and you decide to step down. You decide you want to be a stewardess. Well you should not be a stewardess and have a Pilot's salary. The stewardess is not flying the plane. I am in an airport so I went with that example. Point being, you chose something different, live with the parameters of that choice.
Yes, I am not happy. Couple that with the confirmation of yet another rep in the mix starting in April and I am at a loss to actually see what the fuck I am doing with my life. Forty years old and getting little to no satisfaction from your job, on a day to day basis, is not a good thing. Realizing that the job affords certain things I can never hope to get elsewhere makes the whole deal even more disconcerting.
At what point is enough, enough?
I know I have made this bed, I just am having a real hard time sleeping in it at present. The Bike Game Season can not come soon enough. I need to get my mind off of this. Parts of my life are working well, and I am happy about. Other parts just drag on me so much that it impacts the overall quality of my life. This meeting can not end soon enough. I really need to figure some shit out.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

That was just dumb...

to not look at the weather map before I started riding
to take off my fenders
to wear the new jacket & fall jersey
to ride the bike path instead of through the semi-hood
to start with a tailwind
to not drink more during the ride
I started out getting a little too warm, as the new jacket is damn sweet. Definitely a 30' jacket. Twenty minutes in I am wet from sweat, soaked legs and ass crack from removing the fenders and riding the slush covered bike path. I was generally not feeling the love. Ride out to the newest gambling mecca of Central PA and turn around. No desire to go to further. That may have been the sole good decision on the ride, As soon as I turn the rain starts coming. Now I am already wet, and not so spritely from being sick. It is now 38 and raining for the next 30 minutes. I wanted to be anywhere but on the bike at that point in time. Rain stops and I get back to the Burg for the last 40 minutes of headwind. Screw this, toss out the anchor and enjoy the hood. Remarkably the throat feels good.
Worked at the shop yesterday. Got shafted on the Pancake dinner. No one at the shop had breakfast with visions of cakes and sausages dancing through our heads. Turns out the breakfast is NEXT Sat. Doh! Pretty dead day. General shop hanging and shooting the shit. Saw K-Mad, Eric & Jules for a little, before they visited the great grandparents. Received a very nice surprise in the mail from UT. That was really cool, thoughtful and heartfelt. Definitely made the day.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ironic is it not and other little tidbits o' life

I got a newsletter from my health plan today, I am deemed at risk for hyperglycemia and diabetes. Not new news, I knew that for the past year or so. The funny part was the Healthplan was sending me a letter to try to coax me into walking 30 minutes a day three times a week. Good luck, I hate walking. They also need me to watch my diet. Well I have given up Ice Cream and Nutella. So now that big brother is making fell swoop judgements based on the fact I can not control my heredity, it will be intersting to see if this affects my premiums if the "numbers" do not improve.
That being said I managed to exceed my healthplan allotment of weekly excercise, today. Felt like blah, still shaking this cold. Can you imagine my weight & sugars if I did not ride?
Seriously humor me. Last year I rode 450 hours. Not all that much by bike geek standards. Yet I had my best year ever, hmm. Sorry, back to the point. Conservatively each hour is 600 calories give or take. That is 270,000 calories. SEVENTY-SEVEN POUNDS OF CALORIC BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mother of Pearl. Yeah I better start walking, Forrest friggin' Gump style.
Think about it another way. As a cyclist you, I, we need to eat roughly the equivalent of SEVENTY-SEVEN ADDITIONAL POUNDS, calorically, just to stay at weight. That is pretty funny. Thanks healthplan, you know best.

Now for tidbits.
1) New pedals. Speedplay Zero, set almost fixed. Nice. No heel roll.
2) 151, my weight post-ride today. Not the Bacardi death rum.
3) Fort Collins Brewery sampler pack. Yum
4) Valentine's day. As good as it can be 2,000 mile apart.
5) New work initiative. Even more free time. How the EFF is that possible?!?!
6) Good chat with an old colleague
7) Team bikes are ordered. Yeah new toys soon.
8) New TT wheels, foreshadowing??
9) Still coughing up little creatures from my chest & head
10) Working at shop tommorow, on pancake breakfast day.
11) For Hoovis. My vacuum friggin' rocks.
12) Mastercard shut down my credit card after buying Black Crowes tix & new album. Profilers!
13) Three fun filled days in climate controlled Jacksonville next week.
14) Was toying with getting a new car. Nah, I will suckle the company Teet for a while longer.
15) Hoovis has pull. Getting a mention there is like Oprah's book club.
16) Flick is absolutely the best storyteller I have ever had the pleasure to read.
17) I counted a 21 race cross schedule, not including Nats & with open dates. Oh yeah. No real travel either. WTF, that is awesome.
18) St. Patty's day fete 3/15, starting at 6:00. If you read this you are invited.
19) Bro is taking K-Mad to see Grammy tomorrow. Deep down I do not want to see her looking like I think she does. Better to remember better times. Others will surely see it differently.
20) Last and most certainly not least. I can not wait to get off that plane next Thursday and speed over to the Warwick.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sometimes I am amazed

Really after working the Mental Health side of Lilly the past six years I probably should not be fazed by shit. Yet some things keep me in check, and usually it is the staff that pulls the doozies. Like today for instance. The food delivery guy decides to tell a joke about a Potato prostitute to me, while there are staff members behind him. Unreal, punchline: " I da Ho" equally as bad when read as when heard.
Then a staff member starts to recount the tale of when her water broke. Felt like 25 gallons she said. I vividly remember because I was trying to eat a bite of shrimp Lo Mein, bad timing all-around. To make it better, another lady chimes in and asked if the water made her carpets stink. When I thought it was done, yet another lady retorts that the breaking/broken water has a sweet smell to it. At this point I actually said "seriously, you guys, it's lunch." Needless to say I was done.
I then got to watch the weird therapist talk to himself as he scooped out Lo Mein by the bucket full. All the while I am looking up in dismay & disgust while the Psych at the other end of the table just returns the same look and shakes his head. Wow!
I can not sleep and that is all I can come up with. Time for some better living through pharmaceuticals. Speaking of which Clemens testifies at 9:30 tomorrow. Dude, is pulling a Palmeiro and flat out lying to the Grand Jury. He is in so deep it is crazy. His whole legacy depends on lying right to the end.
Where the eff is Johnny Cochrane when you need him.
I wonder if Diggler has joined the Army yet?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thanks Burt

We will all know for sure if I start calling Wayne up to join him for double half-caf super skinny caramel choco no foam cinnamon sprinkle lattes.
Sitemeter is cool. You can see how often people visit the blog, lord only knows why. Where they are geographically and what page referred them. So, I check this morning and see a great deal of activity on the blog already. I notice they are all coming from the Douchbag cyclist Pittsburgh sports lovin, short-bus helmet wearing blooger Hoovis. Sweet, I can only imagine what he wrote. So I check out my morning read as usual and there it is the hyperlink, "who may be gay". Now knowing the clientele of Doucheblog and this great offering of American Literature, you know damn well people are going to see who is being "outed". I just want to say thanks Burt. As they say there is no such thing as bad publicity.
Now I need to go hop in my Ford F250 so I can go chop some wood and kill a few helpless animals with one of my many high powered rifles. I better make sure my flask is full and I have a full can of Copenhagen for this adventure. See, I'm not gay. Man I can not wait until I can use my wok and vacuum my house with the new Dyson.
Just remember kids. If you read it on the internet. It is true!
Burt Hoovis for write-in Presidential candidate 2008.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Linens N Things

I heart Linens N Things. There I said it. Second fave retail establishment behind Holmes. Generally I despise shopping. I do not enjoy the fake smile, comission driven sales person. Let me alone. I am going to buy some shit, unless you piss me off. If I have a question, I will ask.
So the past three years or so I try to shop online as much as humanly possible. Much more pleasant and efficient. That being said. I love Linens N Things. No problem to drop mad cash and feel good about it. I am on this domestic kick right now. I bought a high zoot air purifier (online)to see if Hobbes if partially to blame for my constantly stuffed head. Sure enough. PureAire, it is awesome. Worth every penny. My head cleared up in 24 hours. So good I am thinking of getting a second one for upstairs.
Back to Linens N Thing. I ordered a Dyson Animal vac yesterday. Might as well get all the Hobbes hair from the carpet. Also got a sweet set of Calphalon cookware. Now there is enough to serve the summer cycling hostel guests. Three different kinds of salt, teapot, and other sundries. Remarkably I stayed away from the point of purchase dark chocolate.
Head is starting to come around. I hope I am a little better tomorrow. Maybe I will go do an easy ride on the hiker trail in the snow tomorrow or Wednesday. Take a pic or two even.

Absolutely zapped

Now the zero energy, tiredness phase must set in. Throat & chest not so bad. So tired I feel like I can barely move. Thank god today is an easy work day. Well, as opposed to the rest of my "difficult" days. I just want to sleep.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Prom

So last night was the MAC prom and promoters meeting. I was illin' in the AM and it progressively got worse. Meeting went well. Five new events to the schedule. That is good for the sport. Prom festivities went off well, albeit with minimal attendance. It is what it is. I enjoyed seeing everyone that was there. Thanks all for the kind words of support. Had to bug out early and forego dinner. I could barely speak and could not tast anything but Zicam and Ricola anyhow. Met up with some of the shop crew at Brewhouse before going home and had a great time. Poor Benny was getting abused. Never ordered rounds of hot tea and beer before, the tea was needed and the Breckenridge Brewing Vanilla Porter was top notch. I entered the bar with a sultry sore throat Barry White voice and departed with a barely audible high pitch squeak.
Late stop at the grocery store for some tea and finally home a whirlwind twelve hours later. It is amazing how being around good friends can make you forget how shitty you feel.
Yesterday may have topped my new one day texting record. I better call Verizon tomorrow.
I wonder what everyone who missed getting their awards last night was doing instead?

Friday, February 08, 2008

Just another day at the office

So to speak.
Go see Dr Nayyar to drop some stuff off. One of the very appreciative docs around. I have no issue going out of my way for her. Back home since I was feelin' like poo in a handbag. A few emails to the MASS list prolly made me public enemy #1. I just wanted a simple answer.
Lunch at York clinic where the lunch is a necessary evil. I would love to find the first drug rep who took lunch into an office, and beat the everlovin' bejeezus out of him/her. First I make and return some few phone calls from colleagues, which put me in an absolutely pissy mood. Someone in Indy has their head so far up their ass that they can see daylight. More reps are coming. Just when I had to deal with the BS of overlaps being where they should not be. Three people doing the job that I did just one year ago. Now another comes into the mix. AAAARRRGGGHHHH!
There are days where I am truly embarassed, such as yesterday listening to someone's day and how hard it was. All the while knowing I did 1% of the good this person did. I can hardly deal with this shit anymore. I have forgotten more info about mental health disorders than I probably presently know.
I did the lunch, spartan attendance puts me in yet a fowler mood. One decent discussion, then I end up leaving early after one doc said he will be back to see me in 30 minutes or so.
Get to the car and drive home. At least a welcome text shines a little light. Get home and pack up to try an easy ride, since I am a bit sick. Next thing I know I am having some sort of cathartic experience it seems, underdressed, sick and feeling great. Legs are just tickin'. A little presure on the pedals, no problem. Big pressure on the pedals, no problem. The shit is easy today. On top of the gears, all is well. I feel the phone buzz in my jersey. Ahhh, ride and text time. Nice little conversation. Legs are now feeling great. Freaky shit brutha.
Whip up a nice dinner, text some more, some bad news about Grammy, a good chat with Ferg and some Tequila and hot tub to relax. Another one in the books.
I hope what few MABSers that will be in attendance at the MACQuet can put me in a good mood tomorrow.
Everytime I here some band's song on a TV commercial I wonder when it was they actually sold their soul for the almighty dollar. Then I look back at my work day and try to figure out when it was that I sold my soul for the almighty dollar.
I get more mental stimulation emailing philosphical healthcare positions with Spanky & May Hay, then with my work.
I wonder if people realize how much I actually care?
I know the good Colonel is clueless.


My head and boo boo belly are having a race to see which one will explode first. Tummy is winning at the present time.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Thanks to May Hey for this quote. "You will never realize how expensive healthcare is, until it is free." I read a high level view of Obama's & Clinton's thoughts on healthcare today. Their whole general concept is largely rooted in rhetoric. "Preventive medicine through education, diet, exercise blah, blah blah. Listen peeps. You live in the land of the fat and lazy. There is no such thing as preemptive education. At least not any that will last. Their plans are largely akin to a New Year's Eve Resolution.
Seriously, get friggin' real.
Medicare & Medicaid is the living example of the Pareto principle. 20% of a group are responsible for 80% of the, in this case, cost. By going to a Universal system you can creep drastically closer to a Medicare model. It is blood from a stone. Providers must see all comers and get reimbursed on a fee for service basis. The issue is the Government will set that fee for service. Basically treat 'em and take what we give you and like it.
A better model would be something like a no premium Healthcare spending account. Meaning you, as an uninsured consumer have a pot of cash at the beginning of the year. You may use that cash for medical services. Once you have exhausted your kitty, then you are 100% out of pocket. This is similar to retiree health care. Whatever is not used can be refunded as a % of unused bonus, the rest goes back to the national kitty. All uninsured will fall under the Medicare Part D Rx benefit. Where there is a nominal co-pay for meds up to a certain dollar amount, then a chunk (this would be lowered or sliding scale in my model) where the payee is 100% accountable, then catastrophic coverage where all meds are covered. In my plan insured consumers in this program are not eligible to receive branded drugs. Sorry. You want the real stuff, pay for it. Oh yeah, for a knowledge base. A generic med only needs to be within a 20% pharmacologic buffer above or below the therapeutic dose. So one script your 20mg Prozac may be 24 mg, the next it may be 17mg. Gives you confidence does it not? Sorry we are cutting costs here at Hebe Universal Healthcare.
Tort reform. No healthcare reform will be worth a lick without tort reform as it relates to frivolous malpractice suits.
Read up kids. Know what is rhetoric, what can actually be accomplished, and what is truly of importance.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Because I can

Yes, three posts in a day.
Good massage in the morning. Body Logic does a knotted back right.
Pretty easy work day, and actually some good conversations that let me know that I still know my stuff. Always rewarding to have a Psych ask for your opinion and knowledge.
Medicaid/Medicare payer studying and test. Two hours of reading then the 40 question test. Good info that I needed a refresher on. Only missed one, huh, not bad.
OK boys and girls, make sure that you are well versed in your candidates health care stand for the election. This topic alone could have the biggest long-term impact on your life. Know the issues and what the downside of your candidates "universal" program is.
Light lunch, operation skeletor phase 1 remember. Chicken salad for dinner, yum.
Three hours on the bike. NAKED LEGS BABY!!!! That was sweet, until the driving rain came at 2:15. Only lasted 5-10 minutes and sun then came out. Sweet. Rain was almost cathartic with the bare legs.
Damn near got hit again today. I guess people are not used to cyclists on the road yet. Three times in the last four rides. Guy blew right in front of me and I was grabbin' brake to avoid the T-bone. Note to all. Bonty cork pads and aluminum rims need a little more time in a rain storm.
I think I am taking tomorrow off to go for a long ride and just chill.
I just found out that changing my political party affiliation to Independent now precludes me from voting in the PA primary. Even if I were still Republican I do not think I could vote for McCain, middle of the road or not.
I guess it is soon time for me to inform myself about the main candidate issues.

Word of the day

Since yesterday was Super Tuesday I will offer up a delayed bonus post in honor.
MEGALOMANIA- That is the word of the day. I see no other reason to spend the time, money and effort to try to become the President of the USA. Seriously, what must drive someone to know that their every move, word and action of their past, present and future life will be scrutinized like a crooked picture at an OCD convention.
Obama spent 11 million for ads targeted at Tuesday's primaries while Clinton spent 9 million. That is friggin' crazy.
All of that to be the "Leader of the Free World"


All the cool kids have 'em.*desc_rel_item*element
I made the conversion to fender geekdom last year, and oh was it pleasent. No more soaked legs. No more soaked ass. No more of the road grime stain that looks like you shite yourself. Fenders are cool.
I wonder if Sez is cool enough to rock fenders?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

You just have to ask yourself kid...

... is the juice worth the squeeze?
I love the flick, "The Girl Next Door". The general premise is that in your life you will make some very big, impactful decisions. When you are ready to make those decisions you need to think long and hard is this decision one that is really worth making, can you handle the outcome?
I have had two interesting conversations in the past twenty-four hours that bring this concept to light. One was with someone that I am really enjoying spending time with, the other was with someone from my past who really needed to just talk. The premise is still the same. The first conversation led to a question that, when I look back at it now, was hopefully a test of the waters to see if the juice is worth the squeeze. I hope you feel that it is. I do.
The second conversation was with someone who just needed to vent. They are feeling some misplaced repercussions from friends. I offered about as much help as I can offer at the present time.
The thing is, ultimately you really can boil everything down to this.
Is the juice worth the squeeze? Are all the good things that can possibly happen from a decision, enough to outweigh the bad?
That being said, in the couple things that mean the most to me now, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.

Monday, February 04, 2008

That dude is a friggin' retard!!!!!!!!!!

I am sure that is what must be running through the minds of the general populace as I ride by on a 38 degree day singing. I train with an Ipod, since almost all of my training is by myself. It is essential on longer days. There is only so much to entertain me during a ride. So if a good tune comes on, I have no issues singing along.
Picture this. Off in the distance you hear a nasally warbling that is getting louder as it approaches. Holy Christ what is it & why are the shrieking " I'm seeing things for the first time." They must think it is some weird incarnation of the young pedal bike soul savers coming in for a surprise attack. But wait, he is not wearing a suit, but some garish blue & orange diamond design jacket and he is pedaling along in what looks like Gene Simmons stage shoes from the Destroyer tour. As quick as the surprise came, there it went. Another satisfied local.
So boysies and girlies, the next time you are training alone, take your Ipod. When a good song hits, start singing along. Pay no mind to where you are or what people may think, sing, just belt it out. " You won't find me on my knees, no you won't, no you won't, oh no you won't, cause I'm seeing things for the first time, I'm seeing things for the first, seeing things for the first time, in my life, oh in my life, ooohhhh yeeaahh.
Makes you smile just thinking about it.
Ride hard and sing loud.
I wonder if Flick won any cool cross-sport paylays last night or if he lost Hot Gril's college fund on the National Anthem over-under. BTW I won the Anthem prop bet.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

How would you like your froglegs sir?

Extra crispy, thank you. Another long ride, for me at least, today with 4.5 hours. The little leggies were toasty crisp at the end. Ice skater dad was gettin' zippy on the rises & I was barely holding on.
After tomorrow I will be at 1,500 miles through seven weeks. Not really big miles by SoPro status, but almost 40% more than last year for base. Hopefully they will pay off for three weeks in May.
La Chouffe, I bought a case this past week. Oh my. Good stuff. Add that to being tired & dehydrated and I may make through the whole 750 ml, then again I may not.
I have discovered that I really enjoy texting. Or, at least, I really enjoy texting with a certain someone. I enjoy the initial time together even more.
Lots o' good stuff going on. I can hardly believe some much is actually rollin' decent right now.
Latest IPod gems.
Hope is all I need, Last Train, Bulletproof. Stiff Little Fingers
Intro, Amazing Grace, Boys on the Docks. Dropkick Murphys live from Boston '02
Torn & Frayed. Black Crowes, Stones cover. From VH 1 Storytellers
Sally Maclenane. The Pogues
1,2,3,4. Feist
New Soul. Yael Naim
Good to be me, at least right now.
I wonder who Steevo has in his cab right now? Good egg, that Steevo character.