Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Powers that be

Sometimes the logic of major companies escapes me. I will focus on the beloved Colonel today. Not Sanders, but Colonel Eli Lilly. I work for Eli Lilly Pharma in a Neuroscience position. We went through a realignment in November, to better align with our customers. I agree that we have WAY too many reps in our company, as does Pfizer, BMS, Merck and the other players. The bad should be pared away. I am all for that. Stop promoting 23-24 year old kids with no experience, but are willing to move to Indy to do some job for 18 months and then be christened a manager. Thet have no skills, except they were "geo flexible".
Sorry, I digress.
So people were realigned and some of the consequences were wacky. People living in a town, yet not having that town, and having to drive 1 hour to get to their territory. People who never sold a drug, no picking up a new drug and dropping what the sold in the past. Who knows. Go along with the flow & hope it works out. I am trying to change territories so that i can go back to selling something that I believe in & understand, vs something I have never sold. Does that not make sense? I will find out soon enough.


How long it took me to blow today while on the fixie. Still had three little hills to go and 4 miles to go. It took 17 painful minutes to finish up. BLECH! I was so slow the last climb past Super Rutters I took the sidewalk to avoid the no shoulder road. Some old Biatch still found the nerve to lay on the horn as she passed!?! WTF!
The first 1:45 was sweet, feeling good, rolling the hills. Then the drink 1/2 a bottle of water caught up to me. Stopped for a Coke and mixed in the bottle, but that only lasted well, you do the math, 28 minutes.
Still fun to ride & not be working. That will lead to my next post.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

For the record

The infamous bet w/ my lovely wife is as follows. She gets $100 if I dump my fixie bfore 3/1/06, due to me forgetting it is a fixie and launching myself to the ground while trying to coast or forgetting to keep pedaling.
The incident in question was just stupid ice road skidding. Downhill sheet of ice. One 1968 Dia-Compe brake creating a controlled pedalling skid.
She will not get one red cent from that little debacle.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Fixie fun???

Not really. Rode w/ DK today. We said we would ride last evening, I decided it would be a straight and flat shot then return. Boring yes, but good for fixed gear. Easy to keep 19, and few hills. Well for some reason I turned off on a road that I knew put us into some serious rollers. Rollers suck for the fixie. I have got it to where I can keep 25 relatively comfortably for extended downhills. The shit is, that is 150 rpm's. So when the geared guys are coasting I am spinning sick. Yeah, it was harder than I wanted, but it was fun. Not much conversation since I was constantly way behind on descents, then busting it to catch on before the next roller. To ad insults to injury I slid out on some downhill ice & railed my knee. Pretty sore right now, and three of my ribs have distinct scrapes and bruises. Pretty funny looking actually.
Next time I institute winter gear restrictions w/ Gus, 53-23 or 38-16. I will be nice and allow coasting though.
Ames ripped up a killer broccoli casserole and spiced up chicken for dinner. Damn fine. Played some cribbage w/ Wendy later, Amy won by one peg. Damn! Henze & Bob get home Wednesday, it will be good to see them. Rumor has it, the Island Bar will be open Friday night.
Christmas just around the corner now and I am done shopping. The internet has made me even more of a hermit than before. I do most stuff online and love it.
Till the next time.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Cut & paste

Yes, all i am doing is a cut & paste from my guest blogging.
This is new though. Pretty f'in epic. Actually gave me goose bumps as i watched #9 & 10.

gossip and fun, not UCI points
« first thoughts
Wanting More… »
Too much…
…happened in four days to write about it. I would do a disservice, trying to mention it all. This blog will be a one-two word timeline train of thought. Hold on tight.bikes wheels clothes 5 1/2 hour drive Legal Seafood Weather Channel Yozell roomie pre-ride FORT arrivals Lemongrass vegetarians VOC dimebags home on the range snow Gunnar Fergie pouring rain slush race wind sleet whiteout numb freezing disoriented scared crying convulsing blubbering disrobed Bill savior Carharts Lemongrass French coffee hot numb fingers General Tso Wittwer Steiner peppers team pic beer juniors cheering Betsy pitting elites Dieter amazing Selander future Wells otherworldly Wells otherworldy meeting boring dinner good friends good Troy mohawk Liberty Cup Wells wow drink Lemongrass 737 tunes friends toasts party skinsuits condoms musette hats Wittwer Gunnar Melodie Metzgar Velo Bellas Wicks ethiopian AC AB bathroom piggybacks cooler crash ham sammies security guards musette vomit bags crowded beds cock blocks plasma remote security guard armwrestlingsock gloves tractor trailer diners bed gas driveThere you go. Four days in a nutshell.
Special thanks to Bill & Ryan Leach for looking out for my wellbeing Friday, thank you.
Gregg Dion for your support & generosity.
Amy for your understanding of this obsession/passion.

Monday, December 05, 2005


Since the three or four people who may actually look at this know I race bikes, I will try to stay away from that topic. Ames B-day today thirty-seven. Damn near her whole office, 28 people, went out to celebrate with her on Friday. I was so moved by the outpouring of friendship, I felt obliged to cover the bar tab. Money well worth it. To see Ames and all her friends & co-workers enjoying themselves was awesome. Tonight we are going to Stock's on 2nd for dinner with Roxnne & Trooper McCombs. IRox is one of Ames best friends. I have dubbed them lesbo lovers, aka donut bumpers. Rox persona is Boston Creme, while Amy's is French Kruller. So, I made the dinner reseervations under Kruller. I will probably not be able to keep a straight face tonight as I approach the Maitre d', Kruller party of four.
Should be fun, good food, good drinks and good fun.
NATS, HDTV and Wireless all to come. I know, so thrilling. Welcome to my world. Actually it is pretty freakin' good, and I enjoy it immensely.