Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"You look happy"

I have actually heard that a few times lately. Well, thanks for noticing, I feel happy as well. Enough that I submitted my app to be considered for LA Ink. We shall see how it goes.

Scott Molina once told me...

...when this all ceases to be fun, that is the day I will walk away.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Frankly, I was shocked!

Wow! Saturday was shocking in so many ways. I will try to remember as much as possible.
I was shocked how much it rained early Saturday.
I was shocked that I did not flip out when the Blazer died. Yes the Blazer died.
I was shocked that I was psyched to race in the rain.
I was shocked that I went wire to wire.
I was shocked the margin was almost 1:30.
I was shocked that the party prep was quick and painless.
I was shocked that I actually did something social.
I was shocked that I actually threw the party.
I was shocked that 27 people attended.
I was shocked that everyone respected the "cotumes required" rule
I was shocked at some of the costumes. Josh in particular.
I was shocked that Josh brought an effin' Rubic's cube to the party.
I was shocked to hear he solved it three seperate times.
I was shocked that Joe Dirtwrecker put his head in an ice water container for only $1.
I was shocked at the amount of alcohol consumed. 1/4 barrel, three cases, 1.5 bottles of rum.
I was shocked at the fun of the great Marshmallow battle.
I was shocked that the hot tub was 105. That was hot.
I was shocked at the whole party.
All in all it was a pretty awesome 24 hours.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just in time for Halloween

I have been informed by my family doc that I should seek out a diabetic counselor, so that I can make nutrition changes to control my sugars. WTF! Does she not know it is candy season? How can you tell a sweet tooth junkie to stop the sugar intake around Halloween? The glucose & HbA1c are borderline, 126 & 6.2, for the last year. Nothing to worry about now. You just do not want them to increase. Being the good patient that I am. I will consider modulating my sugar intake. The diabetes education seminar is flat out. Spend two hours to hear, eat less sugars, watch your carbs & exercise. Sweet. No pun intended.
On another stellar health note my shoulder seems to be progressively worsening. It is now making popping sounds. I also have the pleasure of shooting pains when making certain arm movements. If I ever get the rest of my body to feel like my legs do right now, watch out.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy places & friendly faces

The first weekend of the MAC. So many good friends and acquaintances, there is hardly time to say hello to everyone. Two awesome events by two top notch promoters. Instead of naming names of everyone I was so happy to see and speak with, I will just say there were so many. I do not want to forget or slight anyone.
About a year ago this weekend is when I essentially stopped spending any free time at my own home, before I moved out for good. I left every Friday and came home Sunday night. No heartfelt goodbyes, no meaningful hellos. What a difference a year makes. I have come to grips with where I am at. It was not in my original plans, however I am pretty happy right now. This weekend further cemented that. I love the scene of the MAC, it makes me happy. The people make me happy. Racing my bike makes me happy. Doing well makes me happy. Hell, even rolling a tubie in warm-up did not really faze me. Yes, the MAC is my happy place. A true labor of love. An athletic community like no other. Everyone should be proud of what we have all fostered.
To everyone I spoke with this weekend, thanks for the kind words. Thanks for taking some of your valuable time to share, even if only a minute of it, with me. This weekend truly was my pleasure. To those I missed, I am sorry. I will catch up soon.
Hell, even the strong possibility of a shit day at work tomorrow can not dampen my spirits.
Don't let the bastards get you down.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Words to live by

A good friend sent me a check for stuff I purchased for the MAC. The MAC truly is a bittersweet passion for me. I love the people, the races, racing, the whole vibe. Note I did not say I love promoting. There is so much work and stress, the toll it takes on you is hard to describe unless you are the person who is in charge. Not to digress, that is another post for another day.

Here is a pic of the piece of paper he wrapped the check in. It is now prominently taped above my office desk. Thanks friend. I hope that I am treating your baby well.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Genius, effin' genius

I do not pronounce to be a Thom Torke and/or Radiohead fan. However, today, I converted. In fact I may even "buy" their new release, "In Rainbows". What makes Radiohead a genius band you ask? Today Radiohead officially changed the game of commerce. I do not mean downloading songs. I do not mean the record industry. Radiohead changed commerce as it is known. This example will be written in Economic textbooks in the future. Are you on the edge of your seat yet? Here goes. Radiohead ended their EMI committment in 2005. They are a world famous band without a label. So what do they do? They release their new release over their website. La dee friggin' da you say. What makes this incredible from an economic supply and demand standpoint is this. You, me, them everyone, we name the price that we want to pay for the release. That is correct. Pay what you like. Take it for free, it is yours. Pay the iTunes equivalent of $.99/song for ten songs and it is yours for $9.99. Take a stand and say the man will not bring the artist down and pay $100.
That is what is genius. A loyal fan base will never screw their idol. People will pay for it. Some will pay more than it is worth, like a public radio pledge drive. Some people are cheap and will take it for free. Radiohead says, that is fine.
Think of what Radiohead has done. They have avoided, packaging, shipping, distirbution, lawyers, contracts, artists, stores, labels, EVERY middleman has been removed. The actual record industry has been removed. From a retail support standpoint this is a scary concept.
What truly blows me away is the pricing. We name it! Hell I may even buy the release because I am so impreesed that Radiohead has balls the size of boulders to do this.
Certain actions change history. Without being over the top, I do feel this will change the face of commerce. Not globally, not product or service wide. However in niche market industries, where loyalty and passion play large parts in buying decisions, this concept is great.
Yorke is so out of the box on this that people will not get it. They will say he is a fool, and he may be. I think the fool will be the band who keeps up with the status quo.
There it is my pick for entrepreneur of the year, Radiohead.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It's just lunch

However it was the best one I had in a while. Food, conversation, company, you name it. Very nice. Cafe Fresco is high on the recomendo list. I am looking forward to the the Pan-Asian joint that is going in across the street soon.
Big weekend race-wise for me this weekend. IC Lite & the real deal IC V. I rarely say I am gunning for the win in a race, however this is one where I am gunning for it. IC V has a 40+ category this year & I plan on going head to head w/ Applegate. He is a prior National Champ and prior IC winner outright. My plan is to be on him like white on rice. I am busting out the go big or go home tire selection for Sunday. Vittoria file treads. Yessireebob. I am rocking the files for a road advantage.
Food for thought from the original roughrider, Teddy Roosevelt.
"Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered with failure, than to take rankwith those spirits that neither enjoy much nor suffer much because they live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat."
An awesome quote, and an equally awesome run-on sentence.
I will dare.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ohhhhh ffffffffudge

Except he did not say fudge. He said it, the Queen Mother of all swear words. Well actually I am he, and I did not even say it. As Steevo & I were warming up for the Hagerstown cross race yesterday, we happened upon a full-on BMX race track. Being the little kid that I am I could not resist. After a roll through I proceeded to the gates and did a lap. Well, almost a lap. I carried a bit too much speed into what I thought was a large tabletop double. Turns out it was a triple with the unknown bump right in the middle. Strategically placed to catch my front wheel as I aired over the front lip. Keeping in mind we are on cross bikes on a BMX track. Yep, I stacked it hard. I slammed into the third lip with my left shoulder and immediately thought broken collarbone, season is over. Well it is not broken based on my scientific touch test, however the pain is pretty freakin' bad.
Nonetheless let's race our bikes. Race starts a group of nine of us seperate quick. Then down to seven after each FORT guy has mechanicals. Together few some laps and I am thinking man, I can ride the front here. I hold back and keep a rhythm. US Army Gallegher attacks and dangles. Steevo goes after him a few laps later. As he guys I hit the front for a little over a lap to slow down our group of five. Steevo bridges. Long story short, Steevo is a stud and ends up second after some young kid bridges, sits on and then sprints. I feel the pain every time I get out of the saddle. This sucks on the 10 times up a short 42-27 pitch. Eventually NRC road stud Fader drills our group. I rool in 7th. My legs were good, but could not stand. I really feel the shoulder.
Fast forward to now. I did not really sleep because the pain went from dull to excruciating. Add to the fact that I roll around a great deal when I sleep, it was not good. I gave up the battle at 4:45. Yes, I will try to race today. The legs feel great. If the course allows me to stay seated, I will be good. If it has a lot of stnding to accelerate. I am in trouble. As much as my tailbone hurt last week. This is soooo much worse. As a point of reference. It hurts and is a strain to lift a coffee cup, what maybe two pounds.
This one will require a hospital visit later today or tommorow.