Saturday, November 26, 2005

Out and about

Did a little holiday partaking last evening. Tour de Burg bar crawl. Had Ames stayed out any later it would have been a crawl. Drinks w/ Scott & Wendy, until Amy got the "I gotta go's." We sit down at MARS and she sips her French Martini and bing bam whammy. "We gotta go." Well it was really fun while it lasted. Had I continued to partake I would have been well over the legal limit, and since I drive around all day for work, a DUI really does not fit very well.
Out on the fixed gear Friday. Sweet 90 minute ride. 32 and windy, but I was bundled in my FORT thermal jacket, so I was toasty. I have become absolutely smitten with the Surly Steamroller. It is so simplistic it is fun. No more worries about forgetting to stop pedaling, even after coming off of 150 rpm sprints. Actually toying with the idea of racing track this year. Something new, and far less pressure upgrading from 5-4-3-2 than trying to finish off a Cat 1 upgrade.
That is enough for this topic, more tomorrow after Reston MAC race.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Stupid techie shit

Well since it is Black Friday, Amy is shopping and I am twiddling my thumbs until the cable guy arrrives in his assigned block of 8:00-4:00 to install our digi cable today. An 8 fuckin' hour block, you can not be serious!?! I am 100% confident this guy will arrive at 3:50, be here til 5:00 and still find a way to F it all up. I will be royally pissed at that point. Wasted day! Last time the cable guy was here he could not figure out our set (dual tuner pic by pic) and he had to uninstall everything. With a little coaching to the customer service girl this time, hopefully the tech will be on his shit.
So, I decide to kill time by addressing more techie woes that I am having. We have DSL on our PC. Since we live in Eastbumblefuck, PA we have an interent provider that my work deems not secure enough to guard the secrets of the world. So I am resigned to dial-up. Yes f'ing Flintstones era 41.2 dial-up. Any idea how lomg it takes to load graphic and 5 minute voice clips at 41.2? Suffice it to say it is a long time. Finally I have been granted permission from my overlord at the evil empire & allowed to try to get wireless connectivity. Probably because he will not be my manager in Jan and all the costs will hit someone else's budget. It looks like my woes will be solved. I just need to get some of Amy's tech-heads over here to help me out.
Enough techie shit.