Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thems are some bad genes/jeans or...

You can not pick your family, but you can pick your jeans.
It seems that I have issues with each. First the jeans.
As I was informed in such a cute and witty fashion last evening, the ultra light colored and faded jeans are a bit on the dated side. I agree that they are old, yet they are quite comfy, especially regimental style. I then voiced the words that shall forever linger in fashion infamy, "I have a couple pair of black jeans." Black jeans? That look of horror, dismay and you have got to be kidding me, rushed across K's face. What did I say? Somewhere in the annals of man fashion there exists a rule that black jeans went out somewhere prior to the millenium. I am sure that Ry could have informed of said rule, yet I guess I was hung out to dry. The giddy laughing and ear to ear smile confirmed what I have known all along. Someone really does need to monitor the clothing that I wear in public. The rationalizations I was weaving were just not working, so I succumbed to the fact that I, in fact, am a fashion dolt. So later tonight I get to do my best runway walk and model my fashion faux pas.
Second issue seems to be my genes. Turns out I have been predisposed to be behind the blood sugar eight-ball, from the start. My grandmother, father and both uncles all are/were diabetic. Sweet, how is that for a pun? I had my yearly bloodwork Tuesday. Later that day I received a call from the Dr stating that I need follow-up tests to assess if I am diabetic. Diabetic? WTF?!?!? I eat healthy, I exercise, I am not overweight (maybe by cyclists standards I am) and I feel fine. Well, the numbers do not lie. I have had a good year. I managed to increase my sugars from 119, to 125. At 126, I am by definition no longer insulin impaired. Drumroll please, at 126 I graduate to diabetes, yay. I look at it this way. The numbers are still very low. I am not insulin dependent. I feel fine. I eat well. I exercise a lot. A few simple dietary mods and this is a non-issue that requires some yearly bloodwork.
So there you have it. My genes/jeans are not so flattering. At least I get to model for my sweety tonight, maybe she will return the favor. At least one of us looks super hot in jeans and slacks.
I wonder if Hoovis has swam longer than 100 meters yet?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Conscious choice man...

That is why you are sitting at the Gas and Sip drinking beer? Reference anyone?
No, that is why I am seriously thinking of not racing ANY MAC events this year. No more than three, that is certain.
After five straight years of 50 race, March-December seasons, I have reached the end of my rope. I am tired, mentally. Physically I am flying, I think 7 Springs was a pretty solid and objective testament to that.
There are things I want to do, to experience. People, more aptly a specific person, I want to experience them with. I want and need new challenges. I think the fall/winter, this year to be specific, is a great time to lay that groundwork.
I still forsee a ten race cross season. The funny thing is, that is both miniscule to some, yet voluminous to others. Cross is fun, it is awesome. The racers are great, the races are great. There just comes a time when your head, mine to be more specific, is not really into it.
With all that being said I look back at two of my best years ever in cycling. The results and experiences were incredible. I want to be fresh for '09 so that I can continue that.
A quick recap of the last two years, play along since I rarely toot my own horn.

Wins in 2008 EVERY distance I raced in MTB. STXC, XC, Enduro, 24 hr relay, Super D
Winning every MASS 40+ race in '07. Sandbagging to some, I know. Remember I had not raced an MTB in 12 years prior.
Seventeen total wins in '07 & '08
National Champs jersey. National Champs podium
Three Series championships and series runner up

I think I deserve a little break.
So here is how I am going to spend my free time.
Yoga, swimming, trail running, rock climbing, kayaking, sleeping in, drinking guiltlessly on Friday & Saturday nights, supporting K at WORLD's, sleeping in, spending time chalking all the little fun things off of our list.

See you soon, or maybe I will not.

I wonder what Byron & the Killa are doing right now?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

And a 40 for my Homies

Cuz that's how I roll.
Super big bike game this past weekend. This game was bittersweet for me as I really wanted to be game watching/supporting on Sunday for the State TT. More on that a little later. Super ride Sunday, wish I was there.
OK, back to front.
Shout outs for some great friends and peeps that made the weekend special.
KuhnDizzle & Cadence: He has taken a 40 year old crit rider and somehow morphed him/me into a XC racer. I should not brag, but check out the 7 Springs lap times for evidence.
Ray & Nancy: Thanks for the support, friendship and allowing me to ride for
Robbie Lickenballsner: For pushing me to be better and giving me something to strive for. Thanks for the compliment.
Benny MFing Lance: The best wrench to turn a hex key around. Calm, cool, collected. Wicked talent and a damn good dude. Enjoy the OKC trip.
TimmermanNuts: 54 minutes on lap 1 at 7 Springs. Five minutes faster than the second fastest lap( oh yeah, I had the second fastest lap). Sooooo fast. Be scared if he comes to the Darkside in Ott Nine.
K: I have not looked so forward to being home in a while. Thanks
Zach, Don, Brandon's mom, Aaron's girlfriend, Jed, Lupine Bill, Janel and anyone who cheered, helped and/or gave words of encouragement. Every little bit helped.
I know I ommitted some people because there were so many great moments in a 48 hour span.
That was a great way to cap off the season. Any other turning of the pedals in anger is just gravy.
Thanks for reading.