Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It is not like you missed me

When, you have Hoovis, The Angry Laotian, and The Blogger Laureate of Lancaster County you really have some good reading options. Far better than this drivel.
Lots has happened, lots going on.
Maybe I will try to update a bit more often.
I will try to pick a daily topic to skewer with my oh so relevant wisdom.
Until we meet again.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Clearwater 70.3 Ironman, or the moral flexibility of the elite athlete

Kara & I just returned from an epic vacation. Lots of driving, lots of fun with family, friends new and old, and a new perspective on competition for me.
Our vacation was to go to Clearwater, FL so Kara could compete in the Half Ironman World Championships. After tons of training and prep she was so fit and ready that it just came down to the race. Kara knew going into the event that it is notorious for drafting. Both of us thought that maybe the rep was a bit overstated and people would respect the fact the event is a World Champs event.
I must state that after twenty years of racing I have never seen such a well organized event. This event is top-notch. From check-in to a personal concierge to help with your gear & bike transition storage, to removal of the athletes wetsuit, the list goes on. I have never seen so many volunteers that are organized so incredibly well. Jimmy Riccitello, race director, should be given some kind of an award for the superhuman effort that went into this event.
That being said, I will now give the perspective of an outsider watching the event. Keep in mind I have competed in Tri's where there were 2,000 athletes before. I know what it is like. I spent most of race day on my bike riding on the actual course watching and actually riding in race traffic. I have NEVER seen such blatant drafting/CHEATING in my life. Groups of riders rolled through in packs and pacelines. So many times I witnessed solo riders trying to race legit get swallowed by groups. I was blown away by the absolute disrespect the athletes showed to the event, their fellow competitors and themselves. I am not sure how people can sleep with themselves knowing that that cheated so blatantly. I also followed the race online real time. I watched as certain athletes splits stayed consistently fast throughout the day, as other athletes splits increase by 2-3 mph during the last half of the event.
So that leads me back to my lovely Kara. Yes, I am a little biased. However, I know her well to know that she has zero moral flexibility when it comes to cheating. During the event a group of twentyish men caught her. While they were riding in a pack, Kara and another girl tried to get out of the pack and away from them. With some success they could get out, but the CHEATING group caught back up. Then it happened, Kara tried to pass again. There is a rule in tri's that you must pass in twenty seconds or you are drafting. Kara could not pass the men in twenty seconds and got called. Shit thing is the CHEATING drafters were not warned or called for riding in a pack! FOUR MINUTES PENALTY! Even though extremely bummed she flew on. At the finish her split was 24.5mph for 56 miles, her two previous mid-race splits were 24.4 and 24.3. Hmmm, yeah that reeks of solo effort to me. I checked splits of some of her competitors that went from 22 at mile 20, to 23.5 at mile 56. That means that CHEATER needed to ride at 26 mph the last half of the race. Riiiight. Kara was fifth off the bike and waited out her penalty. Falling 12-13 spots she went out and killed the run and moved all the way up to 10th. There was a three way battle with 200 meters to go and she gave it her all and ended up 11th. I was and am so proud!
If you take away the 4 minute penalty Kara was 7th, one second from 6th. 6th place was the first American.
After a week of thinking about this. My thoughts are these.
Jimmy Riccitello is one of the classiest people around. He spoke with Kara for a total of forty minutes on two separate occasions. He called the ref who stole Kara's dream to figure out why the penalty. Jimmy is top-notch.
The race organization is THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!
The amount of CHEATING is horrendous.
This race does NOT deserve a World Champs level based on the cheating rep, and the lack of open roads to limit drafting.
The moral flexibility of the Elite athlete is alive and well.

Bring back Texas Hill Country as the National Champs event. Hard course and open roads. If a race can not guarantee two totally open lanes for a race it should not be a National or World Champs event.

The good thing is we met some great people, we had good times together and I think Kara finally realizes just how good she is. Now it is time for some rest.
Great job babe!

I wonder if the CHEATERS are practicing riding in a paceline right now?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Clipper Inn Bed & Breakfast Freeport Maine

This post goes out to the honor of Captain Ron. This is my personal thank you for making my Mother's birthday such an experience to remember.
It is my sincere hope that this blog entry will forever change the way you do business.
My Mother is in Maine visiting friends at the present time. For her birthday she wanted a night stay at a B&B in Freeport, ME. She sent a link of B&B's, so I looked at them and tried to pick a nice one. I settled on the Freeprt Clipper Inn. The rooms looked nice and each had a private bath. The Inn was within walking distance of Freeport. I was able to make an online reservation. I received email confirmation and forwarded that to my mother.
Fast Forward to yesterday. My Mom arrives in Freeport and goes to the Inn at 6:15. Check in was anytime before 7:00pm. Upon arriving she was greeted very tersely by the Innkeeper. He informed her that she was late. My mother clarified that check-in went until 7:00, and provided her name. She was then informed that there was not a room for her. They were booked. My mother was confused as she pulled out the email with the confirmation. At this point my mom is still outside. The Innkeeper curtly states "come in". My mother says she is confused, because the confirmation shows payment. The Innkeeper replies, "well I do not have your money". My mother is even more confused. I forget what she said next. The Innkeeper replied, "get out". No trying to rectify the situation or even slightly understand it. No help offered at all. No call to Webservations to clarify. Zippo. My mother again states she does not understand. To that the Innkeeper says, "FUCK YOU!" He then turns and walks away.
My mom is 62, about five foot tall on a good day and could not utter a mean word to anyone. Trust me when I say we are polar opposites as it relates to colorful language. For me to hear thsi last night made me equal parts sad, livid, and just plain angry.
As we spoke I looked up the Maine Innkeepers Assoc site, which the Clipper Inn is a member. I hope my mom went to the business and filed a complaint. I also hope she files a complaint with the Freeport, ME Better Business Bureau.
Until that time I will use this blog entry as feedback on the Clipper Inn B&B in Freeport, ME. I hope every tourist that googles that place sees this blog entry.
So, Clipper Inn, consider this my most sincere way of thanking you for the steallar treatment you showed my mother.
By the way.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gay like happy, or gay like well you know?

Yeah he hit it on the head. The blog has turned a bit introspective, shall we say. The ole piss and vinegar is just not there right now. No worries you still have these offerings to tide you over, each are first class readings.
Again I miss the Beer & Booze at Black Lane due to the Granogue/Wiss weekend. Someday, I promise. Today & tomorrow I step it up to roll the Elite class. That ought to be fun. If they hold it together, the top seven each day should be the guys who have represented the US at cross worlds last year. Fun times, the goals are finish in the money and on the same lap. Oh yeah get through the start unscathed each day.
Seems politics, taxes, banking crisis are hot cyclist blog topics these days. I liken that to James Carville blogging about bike racing. We know just enough on the surface to be relatively informed and super dangerous. After renouncing my Republican ties last year I find myself looking to vote not for the candidate that I feel I relate to, but more against the candidates that I feel are not right. I guess that is reason enough? I generally loathe the political and electoral process. It brings out the absolute worst in people. Slander, mistruths and lies, all for personal glory. There is so little substance offered for a person to make an educated decision for their candidate. At least there are a few more weekd of Tina Fey skits to look forward to.
Let me see if I can stir up a little something something.
Here is my Presidential pick.
If the weather is super shitty nasty McCain will win. If the weather is predominantly nice across the country Obama will win. Draw your own stereotypical conclusions.
Can I write in Burt Hoovis on my ballot?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Good times

Since damn near all these blatherings are about bike races why change. It was a loooong bike race weekend after all. Iron Cross weekend has come and gone and I have noticed a few things about myself.
I still like to be involved with helping a race come to fruition.
I still dislike being one of the last people around tearing down a course.
Friends will always get my help.
I am riding pretty fast, if I may say so myself.
Mean, Mt Vesuvius Hebe is a faded memory, thank god.
Mechanicals will eventually happen, how you deal with them is the key. I finally can.
I like racing a death spiral where you can pedal and attack.
Crossing a finish line and seeing my lovely lady is awesome.
Spending time catching up with friends is a blast.
Meeting more of Kara's friend's is also a blast.
I would kick Hoovis's ass in a tri-geek game.
I love lazy mornings.
I do not need to race cross twenty times to feel good.
I do not want to race cross twenty times.
I feel like a little kid when I ride a bike in the woods.
I feel like a little kid at Christmas when I see that awesome smile.
After reading through Random Acts of Kindness, I realize I can be a better person.

For those who wanted a piss and vinegar diatribe about my Iron Cross experience, sorry, not this time. Like I said to someone Sunday. It is still a beautiful day and I got to spend it on my bike and with friends. That is awesome.

Monday, October 06, 2008


Yep, pretty much so. Lots going on of late.
Hmmmm let us see.
Wall St collapses on people playing motgages like it is a roulette table.
Palin does not totally flub it. I hope people saw right through the smarminess. If you looked real close you could faintly see the pupeteer strings moving and the spindoctor inserting the words directly into her mouth.
Baseball playoffs, Huh? Who knew?
Armstrong coming back. Interesting. My stance on the grandstanding of the French doping labs is distinctly different from this flaming tri-geek . The samples were deemed unusable, period. No more testing. I look at it this way. Armstrong was probably the most tested athlete ever. He was never found guilty. Maybe he was one step ahead in medical technology? Surely he was not alone, that has been shown to be true. He still won. Call it what you will. He still pedaled a bike across the line first 7 times in a row. Personally, I feel that is the greatest sports career accomplishment ever. Enough of that. No, I am not a LA groupie like a certain someone.
OJ guilty again, ooops my bad, for the first time.
Cross season starts with 2 wins and a good Elite 7th.
No stress with cross. Just chillin', race when I want to. Novel is it not?
Started to swim again with K. Very fun. Who knows maybe Xterra next year. I would spot the Doucheblogger 10 minutes in an Xterra race. Shall we start the challenge now?
Hopefully, or maybe not, the blog slackerdom will not be as lengthy until the next time we chat again.
Oh Yeah. Halloween Party Sat. 11/1 7:00ish. Costumes required. You are invited.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thems are some bad genes/jeans or...

You can not pick your family, but you can pick your jeans.
It seems that I have issues with each. First the jeans.
As I was informed in such a cute and witty fashion last evening, the ultra light colored and faded jeans are a bit on the dated side. I agree that they are old, yet they are quite comfy, especially regimental style. I then voiced the words that shall forever linger in fashion infamy, "I have a couple pair of black jeans." Black jeans? That look of horror, dismay and you have got to be kidding me, rushed across K's face. What did I say? Somewhere in the annals of man fashion there exists a rule that black jeans went out somewhere prior to the millenium. I am sure that Ry could have informed of said rule, yet I guess I was hung out to dry. The giddy laughing and ear to ear smile confirmed what I have known all along. Someone really does need to monitor the clothing that I wear in public. The rationalizations I was weaving were just not working, so I succumbed to the fact that I, in fact, am a fashion dolt. So later tonight I get to do my best runway walk and model my fashion faux pas.
Second issue seems to be my genes. Turns out I have been predisposed to be behind the blood sugar eight-ball, from the start. My grandmother, father and both uncles all are/were diabetic. Sweet, how is that for a pun? I had my yearly bloodwork Tuesday. Later that day I received a call from the Dr stating that I need follow-up tests to assess if I am diabetic. Diabetic? WTF?!?!? I eat healthy, I exercise, I am not overweight (maybe by cyclists standards I am) and I feel fine. Well, the numbers do not lie. I have had a good year. I managed to increase my sugars from 119, to 125. At 126, I am by definition no longer insulin impaired. Drumroll please, at 126 I graduate to diabetes, yay. I look at it this way. The numbers are still very low. I am not insulin dependent. I feel fine. I eat well. I exercise a lot. A few simple dietary mods and this is a non-issue that requires some yearly bloodwork.
So there you have it. My genes/jeans are not so flattering. At least I get to model for my sweety tonight, maybe she will return the favor. At least one of us looks super hot in jeans and slacks.
I wonder if Hoovis has swam longer than 100 meters yet?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Conscious choice man...

That is why you are sitting at the Gas and Sip drinking beer? Reference anyone?
No, that is why I am seriously thinking of not racing ANY MAC events this year. No more than three, that is certain.
After five straight years of 50 race, March-December seasons, I have reached the end of my rope. I am tired, mentally. Physically I am flying, I think 7 Springs was a pretty solid and objective testament to that.
There are things I want to do, to experience. People, more aptly a specific person, I want to experience them with. I want and need new challenges. I think the fall/winter, this year to be specific, is a great time to lay that groundwork.
I still forsee a ten race cross season. The funny thing is, that is both miniscule to some, yet voluminous to others. Cross is fun, it is awesome. The racers are great, the races are great. There just comes a time when your head, mine to be more specific, is not really into it.
With all that being said I look back at two of my best years ever in cycling. The results and experiences were incredible. I want to be fresh for '09 so that I can continue that.
A quick recap of the last two years, play along since I rarely toot my own horn.

Wins in 2008 EVERY distance I raced in MTB. STXC, XC, Enduro, 24 hr relay, Super D
Winning every MASS 40+ race in '07. Sandbagging to some, I know. Remember I had not raced an MTB in 12 years prior.
Seventeen total wins in '07 & '08
National Champs jersey. National Champs podium
Three Series championships and series runner up

I think I deserve a little break.
So here is how I am going to spend my free time.
Yoga, swimming, trail running, rock climbing, kayaking, sleeping in, drinking guiltlessly on Friday & Saturday nights, supporting K at WORLD's, sleeping in, spending time chalking all the little fun things off of our list.

See you soon, or maybe I will not.

I wonder what Byron & the Killa are doing right now?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

And a 40 for my Homies

Cuz that's how I roll.
Super big bike game this past weekend. This game was bittersweet for me as I really wanted to be game watching/supporting on Sunday for the State TT. More on that a little later. Super ride Sunday, wish I was there.
OK, back to front.
Shout outs for some great friends and peeps that made the weekend special.
KuhnDizzle & Cadence: He has taken a 40 year old crit rider and somehow morphed him/me into a XC racer. I should not brag, but check out the 7 Springs lap times for evidence.
Ray & Nancy: Thanks for the support, friendship and allowing me to ride for
Robbie Lickenballsner: For pushing me to be better and giving me something to strive for. Thanks for the compliment.
Benny MFing Lance: The best wrench to turn a hex key around. Calm, cool, collected. Wicked talent and a damn good dude. Enjoy the OKC trip.
TimmermanNuts: 54 minutes on lap 1 at 7 Springs. Five minutes faster than the second fastest lap( oh yeah, I had the second fastest lap). Sooooo fast. Be scared if he comes to the Darkside in Ott Nine.
K: I have not looked so forward to being home in a while. Thanks
Zach, Don, Brandon's mom, Aaron's girlfriend, Jed, Lupine Bill, Janel and anyone who cheered, helped and/or gave words of encouragement. Every little bit helped.
I know I ommitted some people because there were so many great moments in a 48 hour span.
That was a great way to cap off the season. Any other turning of the pedals in anger is just gravy.
Thanks for reading.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah

Yes, kids it is possible to go to an event and NOT race in it. I spent my morning that way yesterday, and it was super fun. There was a local Tri 10 miles from my house so I went to do some spectating and cheering. With a nice morning warm-up ride and a some race wheel prep taken care of, I switched into spectator mode.
I had long since forgotten what it is like to open water race, so watching the swim was really cool. Since the swim was a lap swim, I was able to do some cheering mid-way through. Off to the bike leg she went and off to the woods I went on the cross bike. After some intervals it was time to go out to the half-way point of the bike to check the race out. Holy friggin' sweet, 5th overall! Back to some more intervals a quick high speed crash with the race director's wife and her mom (long story). Thankfully we were both relatively unscathed. Out on the run and still 5th overall. Holy Dang! A fast run and 5th overall and 1st woman.
What an awesome race. What a cool day. I caught up with some old acquaintences and spoke with some really nice people I had just met. The Tri scene is very close to the MTB scene. Very friendly, very welcoming and supportive and extremely positive. Now that I have spectated, I must say the old tri bug has me thinking. Mostly pondering the possibility of drowning after not swimming competitively in sixteen years, yet thinking nonetheless. It would be fun to do a tri. A new challenge. A safe environment where no one knows who I am and no one cares if I swim like an anchored yacht. Who knows. It sure beats 160 right hand turns and a sprint.
Maybe an Exterra race could be in the future?
Maybe I will continue being spectator/support crew? it sure was fun.
Great race and thanks for letting me be part of it.
I wonder what my late '80's tri buddies are doing right now?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And now for a little perspective

Most people know I love a good debate. I enjoy being the Devil's advocate. Take the contrary unpopular view and make people see that said view is not "evil". If you want the best example of this, in a theatrical sense, rent "Thank you for smoking." It is great. The premise is that as the Devil's advocate I do not need to show you that my view is correct, I just need to point out that your view is flawed.
That being said. It seems Big Oil is the latest whipping boy. Now first perspective is that gas prices are NOT a pure function of Big Oil. The gas price blow-up was more a function of shady traders hedging bets on oil futures and driving prices, to cover losses elsewhere. So most of the far left already have their Big Oil premise of greed and batching in gold bullion shot from the water.
More than that my view, as opposed to "yours", is this. Oil, and its byproduct gas is a bargain. The simple minded argument of mpg for vehicles is sheer pandering to hysteria. Has mpg gone down? Of course, that is a shame in a technological age. However, your argument there is against the auto manufacturers and not Big Oil. Get your argument straight and seperate the issues. They are mutually exclusive.
OK, back to point.
Gas is a bargain. The price per gallon is inexpensive. If you look at the price per gallon as it relates to economic stimulus, gas is the ultimate driver of economy. Gas allows goods and services to get to the consumer. Gas allows the consumer to utilize these goods and services.
Let us take examples of three particular goods that are highly consumed, can be delineated out to cost per gallon and have incredibly high margins with essentially ZERO R&D or economic stimulus. Soda, coffee, bottled water. Why is Congress not going after Starbucks or Coke/Pepsi. These entities have cost per gallons that far exceed gas. They are consumed just as much, yet no one is on a high horse about paying $4 for some effing double mocha cappa caramel half caf frappalatta. Yet, Starbucks exploits coffee pickers for pennies per hour wage and pennies on the pound for beans.
Enough of this. The post would be far too long to go into the whole argument. My point is this, especially to bike racers. STOP EFFING WHINING ABOUT GAS!!!!!! You just drove 1,2,3 hours to ride your bike in circles around an industrial park when you could have walked out your door to ride for free. Thus you would have stuck the dagger in the heart of Evil Big Oil and you would have saved the environment.
When you look at margins, R&D, economic stimulus, supply & demand, gas really is quite a bargin. Ultimately your argument is flawed because their was no objectivity. Like in the movie, there is more than one flavor, Vanilla. I want Chocolate.
Thank you for smoking and have a nice day.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

P S A of the day

EZ PASS, just get it.
Seriously thought my blood was boiling at the 95 toll stop due to not being able to get in the EZ pass lane.

Good day at the "office"

Good ride at Iron Hill to end the Enduro season
Hangin' out and chatting with friends and strangers
Nice outdoor candlelight dinner while watching Black Crowes Freak and Roll San Fran concert on the house
Nice fire burnin' in the pit for Rise of Taj
Dark Choco S'mores, yum dilly
Chubby Bunny marshmallow contest, damn, I lost
Half dozen neighborhhod teens stopping by outside the fence, in awe of the "TV on the house"
Dogfish Head 90 min IPA's
A good night's sleep

Friday, August 15, 2008

The end is nigh

or is it.
Iron Hill tomorrow for the last Enduro of the MASS season. After a good season I may come up a hair short on one of my major season goals. That is fine by me. I tried to win the Enduro series, yet knew that I was competing against a stronger endurance rider in my teammate
Licktenballsner. He has beaten me even up at every event. Hopefully tomorrow we can do another 1-2. Maybe I can even get the V this weekend.
After that it is 7 Springs. Team event vs the solo. Wiser minds and wiser times have prevailed on that choice. We look to be strong, so hopefully a team V will be in order. Even on the top step that V will be super bittersweet as there is definitely somewhere I would rather be, watching a race. That just leaves Bear Creek to warap it up for the MTB season. Crazy thing is there are three friggin' cross races between 7 Springs and Bear Creek. WTF!?!?!
Putting in the cross bike time the past week or so to get used to it. Feels good, thoughts of sugarplum fairies are dancin' even. Maybe that is because the training time has been more fun of late?
A little backyard cinema the other night was super fun. I can only imagine what the neighbors think. I believe the cinema is getting fired up on aturday as well. Hell, I may even be getting fired up on Saturday as well. Dark Chocolate smores, Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA and Van Wilder, The ride of Taj.
Yeah man, it is finally pretty damn good to be me.
On a bummer note, I will miss a going away party for a very good friend tomorrow. I owe so much to this guy that it is not even funny. It is one of those debts that you can never repay, yet hope some day to make a small dent. Dude, hooked me up with a cross team, a road team and prolly had a say for as well. More than that, on a long weekend to Cincy a few years back, he and the coolest 'burgh cyclist around came to my rescue more than they will ever know. In a lifetime a person can only hope to be so lucky to have friends like I have. To have the good fortune to have enjoyed this particular friendship has been a true blessing. Be well my friend. Enjoy.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

That was a fun ride...

w/ Robbie L.
I just erased a long pretty well thought out post, about the race, course and logistics. Better left unsaid. Rob & I were away at the 2 mile mark and kept on rolling. The superhuman specimen that he is, absolutely drove the fire roads while I drafted. Enough to earn the V in my book. Robbie rolled the line and I came through at 1/2 wheel for a 1-2 at God's Country.
Another disappointing thing was the lack of cell service that I had in the mountains and how my voice mail never registered until I was half way home and my phone was all but dead. Not so good.
Went to DK's cookout and croquet tonight. Good time, fun night with friends. Very happy we made it. Croquet was stellar. After many a ClusterF things spread out and Seve played like a man, in defeat that is.
Lots of highpoints today.

Friday, August 08, 2008

This is how we roll in God's Country

Yessiree BoB. God's Country. Coudersport, PA. Killing time before the killing time. GC Enduro is tomorrow so here I set at The Millstream Inn. I must say I am quite pleasantly surprised. I have a microwave, frig and recliner in my room. Tres nice. I was able to reheat my Masala Bistro Shrimp Biryhani tonight for a good meal. Yum dilly.
Shrimp Biryhani you ask? Yes, there is a story to that as well. I went on an easy afternoon ride by myself and then warmed-up with my extra favorite triathlete before her TT. She was rockin' the Zipp wheels so I knew she would be quick. It has been a while since I have been a spectator at an event. It was cool to talk with some friends while she rode. It was even cooler to see that great smile when she found out her time at the end. Holy fast! Really nice finish pic out on the innerweb. Needle in a haystack.
Oh yeah, Shrimp Biryhani. A great win deserves a good meal. Since someone has been craving Indian, it was off to Masala Bistro. Good Indian food on the West Shore, check it out.
So, now I am off to find a beer and some kind of long sleeve shirt to warm-up in tomorrow. Hopefully the god's will align and the legs will comply. If not, I still have a picnic with my best friends in the evening. I hope she is ready for the experience.
I heart the Olympics.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Yeah, baby, yeah

All seems pretty good in TOL land these days. Feeling pretty happy with the way some things are coming about. The tiredness is leaving, making way for even more fitness. Legs have been good the past three days. Even today, on little sleep, the efforts came easy.
I enjoyed one of the nicest days I have experienced, maybe ever, yesterday. Pleasant, peaceful, beautiful, everything was easy and felt spot on. Hopefully many more days like that to come.
So I have been looking at the cross schedule lately, and realized that maybe just maybe, cutting back may be in order. I already am out of two MAC events due to commitments that mean sooo much more to me than cross. Imagine that. Even though I support the inclusion of the Whitmore's events in LI, they are top-notch, I just do not see making a 12-16 hour round trip drive.
Who knows, maybe I will race them, maybe I will do some "soul riding". Maybe I can get a whole new mtb enjoyment this fall. Lots of things, lots of choices, all are good, some are better.
yeah, baby, yeah!
I wonder if there will be an Austin Powers Prequel?

Friday, August 01, 2008

Holy Tired

Yep, tired, lethargic and generally little desire to ride hard. That was yesterday. Pulled the plug when it just was not fun. Meh a little spin around the block will loosen the legs and head this morning.
The next few days are pretty full with riding, helping friends move, a party, and possibly a little road trip. I am sure I will be thoroughly knackered come Monday.
Went to the Junction last night. man, that joint scares me. New name same old atmosphere. Thankfully Gus, Seve, and the Adams family made it very fun.
Got some new, to me anyway, music in rotation. Metallica S & M and Girl Talk, Feed the Animals. Good stuff, each.
I think I will pick up a new projector today. The Colonel's loaner has seen better days. No color, cockeyed screen, runs hotter than a latin chick scorned, and I just want my own.
Three more really important bike games for the year. Yep, you heard right THREE more IMPORTANT bike games. Should add up to 15 racing hours if all goes well. After that, it is all about just having fun. Race cross when I feel like it. Enjoy easy riding when I feel like it. I keep paring the cross schedule back every time I look at the calendar.
Enjoy the weekend kids. Be nice, surprise someone you dig. Do something nice, out of the blue, because you can.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


That is what I heard over top of Springsteen's Johnny 99 on the Ipod tonight, as I am track standing at a red light. I turn left and notice the old guy sitting on the front porch of his trailer, yes I wrote "front porch of his trailer", he waves his hand and goes again. "Put it down." I reply, "nah that is cheating." He shouts back, " that's right, it is cheatin'." The light turns, I wave and pedal off, he smiles and waves back. Lately I have been having these type of interactions with peopl while riding that restore my faith in mankind. Little kids smiling from cars, drivers talking to you at stoplights, people nodding in approval as they pass. There seems to be some kind of good karma in the air of late. I am not sure what it is, I just hope it continues.
Todays spin gave me good time to get lost in the Ipod, singing along as I ride and just enjoying. I hooked up w/ Josh Beck for a few minutes. I have so much respect for that guy. Webster's dictionary should have a picture of him next to the word class. He was asking which bike I preferred on fire roads, 29er w/ road wheels or cross bike. I was stumped I could not answer. I did not want to slight one or the other. It was like asking which child a parent prefers. I like all eight of my "kids". Some are different thatn others, but I love them all the same. I think they dig me also. Oooops, yep that may have been a bit weird. So while riding and speaking with Josh I decided to off road it a bit through some loose gravel. Totally fun, and good practice to feel the rear wheel squirm. Unfortunately I pulled a "Lamont you big dummy" when I hopped back on the road and pinched the rear tire. psssst, flat. I was laughing, as I thought it was funny. I am sure some of the group riders did not understand my childlike joy and riding through the stones. A flat was the small price to pay for a moment of pure joy. Twain once wrote, "there is nothing so pure as a boy and his bicycle." In that moment that was me. Flat tire, who cares, I was having fun.
So riding has been super fun lately, and I am looking forward to tomorrow's ride already.
On a different note, I finished "The Road" today. Four sitting and the book is done. It is super depressing, yet somewhat uplifting in a "courage of the human spirit" kind of way. It may have been a Pulitzer Prize winner, but The Original Legend Bookclub gives a two opposable thumbs down. The content and context far outweighs the amazing detail.
Oh yeah, this guy seems to be trying to channel this guy. Freaky in a Post Office, have you seen this guy, wall calendar type of way.

Monday, July 28, 2008

And now for something completely different

I opened up a book and started to read it last night. After a conversation last evening where I stated I just do not have the patience/attention span to read a novel, I figured I owed it to myself to try. A quick fifty pages before bed last night and another one hundred and forty tonight. I think I will finish Cormac McCarthy's, The Road tomorrow. Maybe I can do this.
Some close friends were making fun of me for my need for instant gratification at the shop tonight. I started to think about it a little. I really enjoy seeing a personal accomplishment, or experiencing personal reward in a timely manner. I also can enjoy things that are by no means instantaneously rewarding, probably just not as much.
So I think I am at a point where I can get involved in a book and actually enjoy just reading. Huh, whooda thunk it?
That being said if anyone has any ideas for books that I should read, please let me know. I like mystery. I like non-fiction storeis. If you have read a good book lately let me know. I am turning over a new page.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Because I know you are just dying to find out

The non-race weekend is officially over, well until next weekend when I may do it all again. Blasphemy, I know. Being that I am not so good at sitting still I needed to find something to do. I decided to take up smoking and see if I could get through a full carton in one weekend. Nah, that will have to wait for another off-week.
Friday: vacation day. Went for an awesome ride friday. Four hours of beautiful sun and good times. Just layed in the grass at Fort Hunter and stretched afterwards. It was great. I definitely need to do that again. I did a quick clean-up and zipped to the shop to help out for a few hours. By 8:00 I was cooked.
Saturday: Worked at the shop from 10:00-5:00. Super busy, some people are just put on this earth to be the proverbial fly in the ointment. Some people can really make your day. Thankfully there were more day-makers, than breakers. Got out for a little TT bike recovery ride afterwards to spin the legs out. Very nice. A quick stop at the distributor on a Saturday night made me feel pretty normal. A few of Chico CA's finest Pale Ale's put me in the total chill mode to watch the Tour TT. Talk about boring. Even for a bike techie geek that put me to sleep.
Sunday: Copious amounts of coffee and weed pulling started the day. Followed up by mowing the lawn. A quick shower and off for a cook in at my Mom's, thanks to the weather. Yumdillyicious. A quick virus scan to save her computer from spyware and I was out. I called Seve to see if Seve was home. He was. Another one of Chico CA's finest pale ale's was consumed and I left with a set of wheels and two sets of skewers from Sevelay industries. back to Benyou to clean the garage and bike room. Organized all of my tires and removed some tubies to get ready for some cross season carbon goodness. 34 files baby, hoo ha. A little breather to return some texts and calls from the day and then off for some Brewster's ice cream. Nice. Best ice cream session I have enjoyed in a long time. End the day off with a little blogging and there you have it.
How friggin' boring was that? I almost feel I should apologize if you made it all the wat through.
You know what, you should wish to be so lucky to enjoy the time and company I had this weekend.
I missed racing, however I really enjoyed the weekend.
Have a good week kids.

Friday, July 25, 2008

What on earth am I to do

I am not racing this weekend and now have to fill my time. What will it be like to be "normal"? Maybe I will bust out the Benyou drive-in tonight or tomorrow night. Watch Jaws or Caddyshack outside by the fire? The Luv Gods are playing at Ceolta's Saturday night, maybe that is an option? Big Lebowski evening may materialize? I need to mow the grass. No, I am not soft like some guys.
Start the weekend out with another vacation day for a nice 5 hr tour of Dauphin county then work at the shop. A night chillaxin' with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and a large man-eating shark may be a real good thing.

Here is the start to my Super D. yes, this eventually was a downhill race. I

Enjoy the weekend homies.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Is that Mastercard on the phone?

Super D entry fee $45, WTF
Kenda Nevegal 2.35 front tire $30
Kenda Karma 2.2 rear tire (which rubbed the stays the whole time) $30
Heavy duty tube $4
Putting on the Starts & Stripes jersey. PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

As much as I downplayed it afterwards, I was really excited. I have this uncanny talent for downplaying any accomplishment.
I could do a super long post about the whole course and how it went, but that is a bit self-serving. It was super fun, and to hear my friends and teammates cheering as I turned to the finish was awesome.

He's baaaack

Just got back from Mt Snow w/ Tunny and I am whupped.
Suffice it to say the atmosphere at the camp was high all weekend and my great teammates and friends kicked ass. FOUR Natty Champs jerseys & SEVEN podiums.
More to come later.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Torn & Frayed

Old school Stones tune, cool cover by the Crowes.
That is how I am feeling these days.
Knee aches bad from crash at Stage race and is very sore to the touch.
Bruised quads, hip and shoulder, yay.
Left elbow is sooooo sore to the touch I get a nauseuos sensation when it is bumped.
Pressure on left palm leads to weird "sleepy" sensation passing down to pinky & ring finger.
Neuropathy is back in right fingers. Pinky is always "cold", bad blood flow, not good.
At this point I just want to get to Mt Snow relatively healthy.
Oh those barrooms and smelly bordellos.

Monday, July 07, 2008

A heartfelt thanks

To, in no particular order.
The Oesterlings
The Kuhns
Mike Kuhn
My teammates
MASS friends
All those who came out to spend their holiday at the stage race
Anyone who gave words of encouragement throughout the weekend

It is weekends like this past one that bring a smile to my face. I hope that all who were at the event enjoyed it as much as I did.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

You just need to find someone...

... that no matter what, will always think that the sun shines out of your ass.
Funny line from the movie Juno. I just got done watching this little flick, it was like the tale of two stories. The first part was really funny and witty with great one-liners from Juno. Awesome sarcasm, right up my alley. The second part was an assessment of relationships. All in all, not a bad flick. Cool quirky music as well.
That title line, and the timing of me hearing it, is somewhat ironic to this weekend. This weekend marks one year of my divorce being final. Some lines in the movie made me think of some things. It was definitely the writer's commentary on relationship's and their dynamics of success and failure. This wrapped around the premise that things are not picture perfect, yet they work out.
There just came a point in time where the sun just stopped shining out of my ass. You know what, one year later, we are probably both better people.
This weekend I will be doing what I love with some of the people I consider my closest friends, in an atmosphere that has become like a rebirth for me. The other irony is that Amy will be two miles away Saturday with some of the people that she holds closest to her, in what is probably a rebirth for her.
So, I hope that those people will think the sun always shines out of her ass.
For me, maybe that someone will eventually come. Until then, I think the sun shines out of the MASS/MAC ass, and that is more than good enough for me.
Enjoy your holiday everyone. Be safe and have fun.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Soul Singing

Fifty minutes. That is all it took. Soul singing most definitely. Had the great pleasure of riding the Stage race Night TT tonight, with lights. Oh my, what fun. At one point through the Tunnel of Love I mentioned to the Head Dog that I never need to race another road race. The fun, the feeling, the oneness with the bike and the trail, wow that was fun. Feed me milk and honey, lay me down.
So run your little fingies to BikeReg and sign up pronto. I guarantee that your soul will be signing by 10:00pm friday night.
Plus you get to see the tannest man on earth.
One of the last MASS races for Euro Style before he gets all Southern Hospitality on us.
If you are lucky maybe you will even get your vanity fix.
Even super fastie is gracing us this weekend.
A myriad of reasons to pedal your lovely and enjoy a good time with friends.
Hurry, scoot along, go register so Kuhn can sleep easier.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mike Bennet once said... Redux

..., not long after he threw Roger Hickoff out of 12th grade English. Yes, physically lifted him and threw him out of the room and touching down into the lockers across the hall, ahh the good ole days of education. Sorry, I digress. Mick said after the incident "You just need to know when to BOG." "Hickoff did not know when to BOG, so I threw him out." Something to that affect as it was 1985 and shit gets a tad hazy.
I was a bit afraid to ask what BOG meant, being that he just threw one of my best friends about eight feet threw the air, but I pressed on. "BOG?"
"Yes, BOG. Bow Out Gracefully." "Know when you are down and leave."
Well, today I BOG'd my ride. Totally felt like death. Maybe it is the 8 hard days out of 15 since NOLA trip? Maybe the head cold i can not seem to shake? Maybe it was the two concerts thrown in the middle? Maybe it was the copious amounts of beer from last night? Maybe it is Global warming? Maybe I suck ass?
Who knows, but 20 minutes in I was thinking about escape routes. Shit of it is, they are all climbs. So I decided the longer gradual climbing route home was the deal. Eff it. I went home and proceeded to nap for twice as long as I rode. Maybe I was/am tired?
If the bike is not fun, then there is no point.
I hope it rains like hell tomorrow so I can lay around and be a sloth, and not feel guilty about it.
If the Crowes would have played for 90 minutes last night their set would have kicked the shit out of DMB's set.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tour of PA

For those who are unintiated, this is the real deal. Four hundred plus miles and some top notch young talent. Not young talent like a 25 year old minx wearing Daisy Duke's, but talented U25 cyclists. I was able to check out the finish today, over lunch. It was awesome. Carlisle totally did it right. Volunteers, vendors, the finish, all was top-notch. I got to see my Mom who was a sponsor/vendor and met up with my old road teammates, and saw some friends along the way.
It was cool to see the guys after the race and random people just asking them about the race. Kids were getting autographs and people were enjoying themselves. What a great scene.
Caught up w/ DS Keckley and rent-a-wrench Jonesy for a while. I invited the guys over for dinner and a chance to get away from the race hubbub.
It was fun making dinner, shooting the breeze and hosting the guys for a few hours. They are top notch kids and super talented. Hopefully they will all get to experience the pleasure that cycling can bring to them.
Take a minute and follow the race, who knows maybe one of the names that you see will be the next big thing. Maybe one of the names that you see will keep making cycling their passion and give a little back. Maybe one of those guys will turn a friend or spectator on to cycling and show them how much fun it can be.
Long live the long ride.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Poor Hammy

Young lad was the center of such abuse at the shop yesterday. Some young hottie was into the little bugger for reasons unknown to all. That only fueled the abuse potential from the shop crew. Definitely not a place for the thin skinned people to hang.
The best thing to come out of the abuse was a possible boxing match. Hammy vs. The Legend. We can bill it as "The Harm at the Farm". If anyone can get their hands on some boxing gloves and headgear let me know. I am calling Diggler's bluff for a match right after the STXC at THE WORLD'S COOLEST BIKE GAME
This will be reminiscent of the great Hoovis v Albright match from years gone by. Maybe we could video the fight and sell it to benefit a good cause?
Time to go, need to hit the speedbag for a while.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A healthy dose of...


That was a pretty full weekend. Positives eek out a win, 8-6, over the negatives.

Seeing REM Wed night with Thotise. As an FYI, he will no longer be linked until he uses spellcheck. Misspelling your title?!?!? Hay friggin' Zues!
Been a looong time since seeing those guys. Mostly because they have sucked ass, figuratively, the past ten years. Good memories with some good friends at all the REM shows that we have seen.
If you have not purchased, downloaded, pirated, taped, etc... Accelerate, do uourself a musical favor and hop to it. Good stuff, as in the real REM, 15-20 years ago.

Friday, June 13, 2008

So sorry to keep you waiting

Stuff, lots of it, and more to come.
NOLA work meeting
drink, drank, drunk (not me)
Young 'uns w/ risque clothes
good discussion w/ a local about Katrina and skeevy tourism
Debauchery on Bourbon St
Trying waaaay too hard for love (again, not me)
Legs like poopy
Legs like supermodels
Butterworth ACTING like an EFFTARD. Notice I said acting. No slander involved if the act is "critiqued" vs. the person.
Stoopid 50. I hope four days in a hotel room is good training
REM & Modest Mouse next Wed at the Mann. Hoo freakin' Ha
I bet the chicks at PSU tonight are more tame than some I witnessed at the Colonel's pain gala in NOLA this week
What might have been the biggest four day waste of time in my work career
Major city and no wireless? WTF?
I saw Tom Dempsey's shoe
I drank Absinthe
I, with the help of Milla da Killa, may have come up with an alternate energy source
My boy seems to have found his Stars and Stripes legs
Gots ta run. I have some Bid Ness about me to take care of, and get a massage and a ride in.
I wonder what all of my ex-Colonel training colleagues are doing right now?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

In the ongoing spirit...

...of preparing less and less for each successive National meeting that I attend, I tried to set a new low bar today. I tried, but i did prepare, and I probably prepped a bit more than last time. Damn. Mostyly due to online testing and content I had to listen to for four hours. Just when I thought I had the bar lowered.
Did manage a wicked cool little workout on the bike today. A little STXC/cross practice. Accelerate for 15 seconds, then spin 15 seconds. Repeat for twenty minutes. Spin easy for 15 minutes and do again. Basically race a couple STXC's in a ride. The cool thing about a Power Tap, Sez & Hoovis can flame away, is you can see your efforts. I set the parameters and voila, there were the fruits of my labor. Eighty 15 second efforts at 430-500ish watt avgs.
Enough geekdom.
A little more news on my friend about the upcoming procedure, diagnosis, treatment alternatives left me a teary eyed. In two weeks there will be a definitive plan. If you are religious, say a prayer. If not, like myself, keep my friend in your thoughts. I can not even fathom the amount of stress and anxiety the next two weeks will bring. Good thing they are strong.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Tongue tied & twisted

The absolute beauty of today was wiped away in one quick feel swoop.
I spoke with an old friend today, who I was very close to some time ago. They had just received some not so positive news. We spoke for a while and, between each of us being pretty emotional, I tried to ask about old friends, their family, anything to ignore the reason for the call.
I was so taken aback I could barely think straight about why we speaking in the first place.
It has been quite some time since we have seen or spoken to each other, yet with some of my old friends they mean enough that there will always be that bond. This person is one of those people.
I will be thinking of you.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Because I can...

Grow some lambchops
Make the Scalpel into a 69er
Not update this literary gem
Rely on Hoovis for Blog traffic
Go to a crit and say eff it and then leave and not race
Ride my bikes a lot
Drink too much at my own cookout
Lower the avg hours worked weekly for Americans ( I did not design the job)
Drink 360 oz of water in 2 days, I thought I was dehydrated. I only rode 3.5 hrs those days
Gain 6 lbs of sloshing water weight in that time period
Does that mean I peed, sweated and perspired 16 lbs of liquid in two days?
Burn a bridge, it is easier that way

Yep, those were the high points of the week. I know you are jealous.

Bike Game in NJ tomorrow.
Diggler turns 21 Monday.
New Orleans for week in eight days.
Stoopid 50 in two weeks.
Round Top 12 hr solo in three weeks.

I will soon be accepting pity dates. I have but two criteria, supermodel & races some form of bike. Easy enough.
I wonder what Jennifer Maclay is doing right now?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pricey little twig, branch, whatever

SRAM 971 chain
American Classic rear skewer
RD Hanger

In an instant I go from comfy, fun riding with Pflug'er to all the aforementioned parts being destroyed by a pesky little piece of tree that wants to say hello to my rear derailleur. GRRRR!
The streak is in tact. A mechanical at every race so far. Some are weird, like yesterdays. Some are part of the game, flats, leaks, wheel trueing issues and are of little consequence. All are part of the bike game, and all are frustrating. As the Diggler said yesterday, "that is part of mtb racing."
At least I am not acting like an imbecile when they happen.
Control what you can control, do not ruminate on what you can not. At least that is what I keep telling myself.
Today looks like a good day for a coffee shop ride, except that the coffee shop will be 50 miles away.
Hopefully I can post some pic-a-nic photos after today's cookout.
Enjoy the holiday. I saw a great sign yesterday while out riding.
Memorial Day, it has a meaning.
For those of us who have been selfishly thinking only of a day off work Monday.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Now that was a first

Due to my uncanny ability to forget most anything, at most anytime, I was able to see something pretty cool last night.
After my obligatory stop at the shop, and the obligatory shop gremlins effing with my MTB equipment yet again (another story another time) I set off for home. Here is where two parts of my effervescent personality come out.
1) I forgot my wallet & suit jacket at the shop. I ALWAYS forget something there.
2) Even though I was less than one mile away, I refused to turn around. I despise turning back for things. It is in the past, deal with it another time.
That being said I went home and prayed for sunlight so I could do an easy ride back to the shop and get my wallet. Finally the sun broke so off I went. I am finally learning how to enjoy riding easy and absolutely love recovery days. As I was coming home I have to do a .75 mile, 8% climb. So I take it easy. I am noticing the swingset tucked in the woods, the lush foliage, the huge rock outcroppings that are in such cool formations, then I saw it. There it was, the first time I ever noticed this phenomenon in the month of May, MY BREATH. Tuesday May 20th at 7:00 and I saw my breath. That seemed so cool, at least to me. I started to take very deep breaths and exhalations on purpose. I just wanted to see my breath. I was like a five year old the first time they see their breath. It was something so simple, yet so cool.
Stuff like that is why I really like easy days.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

HOLY DANG!!!!!!!!!!! long, but worth the read & new info

I could not even think of a title that would do justice to yesterday. First off, I will answer the burning question. The answer is no. If the rain would have came at the start and persisted all day, then the answer would have been a resounding yes. What was the question you ponder? It was this.
For some, as Chili pointed out in the comments, the race was truly EPIC. For me is was simply the hardest seven hours I have EVER put in doing a race.
I will try to give some insight and you may decide for yourself.
Rocktober Challenge is truly one of a kind. It is a backcountry Marathon that will challenge you in many ways. Sure there are other events that are of the same distance, in the country. I am not so sure there are events that encompass anywhere near the terrain that was encountered yesterday.
Here are the quick numbers:
74 miles
9,898 feet of vertical
9, 458, 382 rocks on the course. Most in bone jarringly long "trail" succession.
Avg speed 10.8
finish time 7:12, I was third winner was 6:39
More course info.
15 distinct climbs that I could feret out
18 miles of climbing, 25% of the race
50% of climbing miles at 4 or 5%, that was interesting to me.
33% of climbing miles at 6%. Why did it feel so damn hard then??????
Here are the climbs:
Miles, % Grade
Lap 1
1.1, 7
2.0, 6
.9, 6

Lap 2
1, 8
1.3, 7
.5, 6
3.0, 4
1.5, 5
.5, 14 Damn you Kuhn
1.7, 6.4
1, 6
1.3, 4

Lap 3
.5, 15.3 That Powerline can go
1, 5
1.8, 5

7 100 mg caffeine Gu packs consumed
3 Margarita 200mg sodium Clif Blok packs
3 50mg caffeine Balck Cherry Clif Blok packs. 850 mg of caffeine for those counting at home.
122 oz of HEED
72 oz of water

What is absolutely impossible to explain is how difficult it was to ride the rock sections. Not a rock here or there, but stretches of trail over a mile long that are nothing but rocks the size of your head. Throw in a few 1/2 mile descents through rocky stream beds that are running full on for good measure. Dirt road climbs, that are soft from the previous days rain, that are 5-10 minutes long at a 10% grade. Trails so vertically steep that you have to walk them. Trails that are so twisty, blind and fast, that you somehow forget the pain of the aforementioned hell and just want to make motorcycle throttle noises.
I can not do a race report, because how do you remember 7+ hrs of backcountry riding? I can't do it.
I will recount some high points.
Start: Robbie L., Brandon & Wes are gone like they are shot from a cannon. This is up a long steep climb into a soft, bumpy field. Soooo hard. I settle in at 11th, and fifteen minutes in question my strategy of starting out chill. Within fifteen minutes I move up to form a group of three with Ry and NUE racer Shawn Adams, riding 4, 5, 6. Shawn tears his sidewall in the first major rock garden and he is hiking out of the woods. Ry & I roll the rest of loop one in 1:25 for 17 miles. Into the checkpoint to get a new bottle while Ry needs to fill up bottles and stop for a bit. I take off for what was probably the hardest, physically and mentally, 35 miles and 3:45 of riding I may have ever done. Totally by myself for the whole lap, wondering why I am doing this. Lap two had SUPER steep climbs, crazy mile long sections of rock gardens and endless places where I thought I was lost. I kept hearing the bronzed God was just a minute up the road, trail, rock graden. I went a bit harder to catch up, ate shit spectacularly once or twice, then fell back into my strategy of race your own race. Finally hit the checkpoint to see Zayne fueling. Thank God Aaron & Zach were there to help with chain lube. Switched Camelbacks, got a bottle devoured some yummy beef jerky courtesy of Mr. Shempf, and Wes & I headed out for lap three. 5:12 into the race, and we knew we had somewhere between 15-20 miles still yet to ride. We also knew of at least two monster climbs. We barely turned the pedals on the rise to get out of the lot, then finally loosened up on the road. As much as we cursed the good name of Uber promoter, super racer, and damn fine guy we enjoyed some super sweet singletrack. It was not a race at that point. It was riding cool trails with a good friend. I waited at times, Wes waited at times. We enjoyed, as much as we could, some really sweet trails, dumb Powerline climbing and knowing we had to be done soon.
With a gentleman's agreement in hand I took over the last section of trail, and absolutely ripped it so fast. One minute of pure unadulterated childlike joy, made the previous 7:11 all worthwhile.
Brandon won in 6:39. He is the real effin' deal.
Robbie L. was second in 6:51. This was a warm-up for him. One of the best 24 hour racers in the country.
Kuhn promoted a top-notch event. To see all the amenities and prizes he had for us was unbelievable.
The Kuhn and The Oesterling families are incredible. They give sooo much of themselves for this passion that we enjoy. Thank you!
Thanks to DCNR for allowing such a unique event.
Thanks to equipment sponsors, Cannondale and Ergon saved me yesterday. Flawless bike performance and grips that are second to none. I can not wait to rock my new Deuter pack for Granogue. It is designed so much better than any competitor product. for the incredible support we receive and for promoting all that PA has to offer people, right outside their front door.
Thanks to Masala Bistro for some yummy late-night Terai Chicken.
Thanks for reading.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Epic, by definition, or not

Not much going on lately, so no updates.
Tommorow is Rocktober Marathon mtb race. This should be pretty nuts. Seventyish miles of mtb fun. With today's rain, and a chance of rain tommorow, that could make the course even harder.
That brings me to today's soapbox. The word EPIC.
Epic, that is a word that is very much overused in cycling. Like some kind of pissing contest, ooooohhhhh my race was so epic. I did this, that, and the other thing. Like so many things in life this term, at least in cycling parlance, has been dumbed down. In twenty-one years of racing I may have done ONE event that I considered EPIC. Maybe I cherrypick easy stuff? Maybe I have a higher standard as to what is a physical challenge? Maybe I am just going off half-cocked yet again? OK, back to EPIC races. My EPIC race was Cross Nats in 2005 in Providence, when the Nor'easter hit at the start and during the 35+ race. When a Cross Nats race get cancelled, that is EPIC. When you are so cold and hypothermic you do not know where you are, or fall off of your bike on a straight road, that is EPIC in my book. If you finished the 35+ race you can suffer more than me, at least on that day.
That being said, the Rocktober Challenge will be friggin' hard. However, the race will prolly not be EPIC. If it were 35 degrees, snow laying and snowing during the race, then it would be EPIC.
You want to know what is EPIC, go here.
So if you read this and race MTB, you should be embarassed the Muur Conqueror did what he did, and you could not drive to RB Winter State Park to challenge yourself. Seriously 31 ELITE guys?
Look for a race report on Monday, or not. My guess is the race will be a personal challenge where we are getting the most out of ourselves in our own personal battles. That is EPIC. Nah, prolly not, just looong.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Very Nice

Pretty much a good sum up to the weekend.
Early rise for stop #1 in the MASS Enduro series. French Creek 5 hr marathon was pretty sweet. Mostly because of the rock star trail conditions the endurnace racers had for our first two laps. A few tweeks on the one climb made it awesome fun this year. i do not remember some of the super fast twisties from last year. Niiice. Yeah i miss the road, nahhhh. People are way too nice and trails are way to good. There is not a single road event where you can challenge yourself like most of the MASS races. There is not a single road event where you can hang out afterwards and talk with friends who, gasp, do not even wear the same funny colored clown suit as you. imagine that. Sez, I think the four corner crit is actually the new inline skating. Think about it. Really only a few people actually inline skate for fitness. The rest just take a few strokes and coast along. That is essentially most any crit. Only a few guys actually work. Most just sit in the draft a pedal a few times. If there were such a thing as group inline skating i am sure there would be a person that would just sit at the back and wait for the final inline sprint.
No race report to give. The race was super fun and I felt strong and happy with what I did. Steevo I did give a "salute". It was kind of a Pete Townshend right arm guitar windmill. Not sure where the eff that came from. I guess that is what makes them special. No pics, no baby binkies, no pre-rehearsed stuff. Just zip up the jersey and enjoy the moment.
About two hours of bike cleaning was even enjoyable. The neighbor was impressed with the Stones, Stripped, playing while I was cleaning. The mom and little girl who commented on my broken bike last week, came by to say hello and ask about the race. A few other neighbors even stopped for a chat. Very cool.
Nice ride with the Adams family today. Nancestress killed it yesterday with an awesome 3rd place. She was out hammering today. The only weekend downside was the 1:15 ride home into a 20ish mph headwind, at the end of 4 hours. Grrrr.
Cooked dinner for Mother's day. I must say it was pretty good. Not E-town foodie good, but very tasty good. poached Salmon, grilled portabella's in a Thai peanut sauce and a killer veggie tortellini salad.
Planted some flowers and the back yard looks even better. It is even raining now, so the timing is impeccable. Now I just need to get some peeps over to enjoy it.
All in all a pretty nice weekend.
Damn I am tired. Time for a therapeutic beer/hot tub session.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Which button do you want to press?

I was reading an article about bike fit today, imagine that me reading about bike fit. This was different in that the point of the article placed a very heavy emphasis on neurology and the inherent implications of neurological functioning on fit and outcome of proper fit and function.
At the bottom of the article the author makes a very interesting point.
Understanding this will leave many of you thinking "I need to do something". There are only 3 motivating factors that change human behavior; pain, fear or ambition. Which button do you want to press?
This theory can be related to about anything. You can then apply to life in general. That can essentially be broken down into life. The base need is accomplished by essentially being alive. Needs 2, 3 and 4 (safety, love and esteem) break down into what I feel are the three cornerstones of life. These are work, familiar, social/hobby. By reducing the task, living, to its smallest context you can better handle the enormity.
All of that being said, there are but three ways to impact your hierarchy of needs, pain, fear or ambition. Of these three motivators you only really have total control over one of these, ambition. Pain and fear are totally reactionary. Some may disagree, although I am not sure what the basis would be. Something has to happen to cause pain. Something also has to occur to cause fear. Some immediate event or an experience that leaves an indelible mark. The great thing about ambition is that it is totally in my, yours, every one's control.
So how did I digress so far from bike fit? It is the same principle of Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant". "This song is not about Alice's Restaurant, it is about the draft." The point is not really about bike fit and the implications of neurological well-being. The point is about taking a proactive motivational position, vs. a reactive motivational position. ie French Creek Enduro; sure it is going to hurt, I have only raced that distance once before, however my motivation is the desire to win. The ambition to get the most from myself.
Pain and fear are a part of everyday life, however by pushing the ambition button hopefully I will go a little bit farther.
I wonder if Maslow would have enjoyed the Bike Game?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Just another Tuesday

Go to some offices.
Run into a no class GSK rep. She just lost all courtesy from me.
As Mike Ness said so eloquently, "You shake my hand, while you are pissing on my leg."
Slow week for psychs with APA going on in DC.
Long ride in the sun was nice.
Lady telling me to not ride on Ridge Rd, due to a bear being chased on the road, was funny.
First house I bought with Amy is for sale. Some fun times at 1306.
The crazy cool 12' high Daniel Boonesque person carved from a tree.
Rode by the house I grew up in on Ridge Rd.
Watching Diggler & Gus jab at each other with my Ipod playing was hilarious. I could hear nothing, but their expressions were priceless. Good fun.
Set up some plans for weekend and next week. No I did not forget Mother's Day
Hopefully the rain holds off and French Creek goes off. Back to back 6+ hr trainers would suck.
Well tomorrow is just another Wednesday.
I wonder what Tina Lavin is doing right now?

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Some Weekend high points

Friends for dinner and spending the eve Friday
New race on Saturday
MTB race peeps
The Vee. Steevo, no salute was given.
Being amazed by Rob L.
Nice dinner Saturday night
Killer Rhubarb pie w/ The Adams Family, Ry and fastest Guy's girl
Having the balls to go back to Michaux. I always sucked there.
Riding in 8th until I had to DNF half way through
Getting a ride with a stranger back from where I broke down
Having a great conversation about the outdoors, being active and PA with that person
Not going beserk over DNF reason
Dark chocolate bar while cleaning my bike
Little kids saying the most awesome things "You know why the sun is in my eyes?" "Because your bike is wrecked." Man did that make me laugh and put things in perspective. The little girl's mom was mortified.

Lots of little things here and there made for a nice weekend. I am glad I did not let something that I can not control spoil all the good things from the weekend.

Maybe I am a kinder, gentler version these days?
Maybe I just appreciate people, things and experiences a little bit more?

No matter the reason it is a little more fun to focus on the good, and the things I can control.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Gluttony is one of the Seven deadly sins

So here is my post-race meal, after a pretty hard 2:26 mtb race. I guess "post-race" and "after" are redundant, huh? So what, my bully pulpit.

1 large Chocolate chip muffin
2 lbs, yes 2 lbs of Tortellini salad (1/2 was eaten 2 hrs later)
1 Coke 12 oz
1 Coke Zero 12 oz
1 Gatorade 12 oz
1/2 H2O bottle Gatorade 12 oz
Full H2O bottle Endurox 22 oz

Grand total of solid and liquid mass in my belly, 112 oz. Better stated, SEVEN POUNDS!

The bad part is that food needs to come out eventually. I am not a purger, so it will not be pretty. I will spare you the part about how I think my H. Pylori boo boo belly is making a comeback.

Those who have been following the progress of "The Blunder Down Under" will be happy to know, maybe you will not be happy, but I sure am. Australia has officially been renamed, drum roll please, New Zealand.

All in the spirit of keeping my loving and adoring readers up to date.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

You have my permission...

To kick me in the shins
Punch me in the thigh
Club me with a large blunt object

If you see me with an allen key in my hand anywhere near my seat binder bolt, at a race this year.
It is official. Height is set on ALL summer bikes right now. Cross bike fun will start later. So, guess where my saddle height on the Scalpel is right now? The exact place it was 25 minutes before the Greenbrier racer start. Hmmm, imagine that.
So if I start going for the toolbox, start an intervention. If I actually grab an allen key and head towards the bike, well you have my permission to inflict physical pain.

I hope my legs are a little less toasty by Saturday, and I do not mean warm.

Frig facts:
Beer: Guiness, Stella Artois, Duvel, La Chouffe, Hoegarden, Ithaca Apricot Wheat, Ithaca Red Ale, Ithica IPA, Ithica Brown Ale. 10 different beers. NICE!!!
Cheese: Havarti, NY extra Sharp Cheddar, WI Sharp Cheddar, American, Mozeralla, shredded Cheddar, String Cheese, Parmasean cheese. 8 different cheese. NICE!!!

It's a thrill a minute plane ride
Overtime at ring side

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Ride food intake for 4+ hours with 4x12 climbing repeats.

Tastycake Oatmeal raisin bars, 2
Fig Newtons, 4
Clif Blocks, Pina Colada, nASSty. 1 bag
Tastycake Rice Krispy treat, 1
Tastycake Vanilla sugar wafers, 1 post-ride treat
1.5 Large H2O bottle with HEED, 4ish scoops total
Gatorade Lemon-Lime 20oz

Rough total is 2,200 calories consumed.
Kj expended 3,362.
Sweet, literally and proverbially, more eating to do!

Got to ride with Josh Beck & Chris Kuhl for a while today. Josh is the nicest and strongest guy around, Chris is not far behind. Riding behind two 6'2" guys is sweet.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Not in the Meth head sense, even worse the bike gamer sense. As I have stated before I have this weird habit of constantly tweaking saddle height on my mtb's, based on feel, and feel alone. Yesterday was no different. I felt good warming up, yet the saddle "felt" a little low. What is a tweaker to do? Tweak it. In the scheme of things it made zero difference in the outcome, it just made it harder to pedal up the climbs. Even without the change I was getting beat yesterday. Sometimes you are not the best, and that is the cold hard fact. That is why the races are held.
This post is not to take anything away from the incredibley fast ride Pfluger & Mr. Gunn did. They killed it. They killed me and if you look at the lap times, they would have killed ALL the semi-pro's. I can only imagine how fast they would have been with a traffic-free course. We were catching people before the first big climb.
This post is just about how I always try to eek out a little more. If things are good, they can be better. If I am fast, I can be faster. One day I will finally learn that the set-up is fine. It is the mental hurdle of having the confidence that things are good enough just as they are. I need to trust myself that everything is just fine.
Good race, good friends. Fun to get out there and here the support. Fun to test yourself. Yes, even though I fell short. It was still fun to get beaten by two friends who I have an immense amount of respect for. Hopefully you will see all three of us on the Mt. Snow podium in July. My goals have not changed. I just know I need to be a little better in three months. I also know I need to stop tweaking. Maybe I will let Hamdiggler JB Weld my binder bolt later today.
Great ride Gerry & Gunnar.
Time to go to the garage and check saddle angles on the bikes to make sure they are the same. Yes, it is 3:45am.
No, I am not happy that I am up doing this.

Friday, April 25, 2008

My angels, my devils. Thorn in my pride

With the opportunity for personal redemption 36 hours away. The Thorn in my pride is starting to twist. Ideas flitter around. Confidence rolls strong yet there is this gnawing devil that is pushing me a different direction.

Could you just kill me
It's hard to make up your mind sometimes

Are you wanting inspiration
You spill your secrets on me
Did you tell me with a whisper of things that will never be
Do you hear me breathing
Does it make you want to scream
Did you ever like a bad dream
Some times life is obscene
My angels, my devils, A Thorn in my pride

Just a sweet song after a big bottle of La Chouffe for dinner. The ssshhhh whisper at the beginning is so nice.
This is what we call Sunday music.

So Sunday we will ultimately see which "music" plays. Long song, short song, rock opera?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The cart guy

I am a creature of habit. I will admit it. Pretty predictable, unless I am a little manicy, then watch out. Who knows what you may get.
As for grocery shopping, I like Weis. I can make my store list by aisles, before I even step foot in the store. Wegman's and the new Giant are nicer and have better selection and more high-end yummies. I just like Weis. At "my" Weis there is an institution for me. He is the cart guy. I always look for him. I always try to "help" him out a little, by pushing the carts in and lining them up. It is sheer unabated laziness and apathy that people can not take the extra three seconds and properly "stack" their carts in the cart storage thingie. The cart guy has been working at this Weis since it was built, maybe fiveish years. He has a learning disability. He is a younger guy, so I feel for him. Not in a pity type of way, but empathy. I must say I am at times, also inspired by him. Today was one of those days. There are some hallmark pre-frontal issues with him. He is loud, too loud. He has no filter. If he is happy you know it. If he is mad, you know it. There is little reasoning, just action. This leads to walking behind, in front of cars while entering and exiting the lot.
As I said, today was one of the days he inspired me. As I was unloading my groceries I heard him coming. I took my cart to the receptacle for him, but did not put in right in. He likes to take the cart directly from you if he is right at you. Like a shopping cart valet service. He takes my cart and gets sooo excited. "Yipee another cart!" Yeah, another cart, yay." "I love carts!" He keeps doing this as he takes the carts to the store.
Why is this inspiring? Am I just a sap? Am I making more of this than what it is? This guy absolutely LOVES his job. He prides himself on great cart service. He tests himself to see how many carts he can push at once. He is trying to be the best cart guy he can be. Every time I shop he is there. Snow, ice, rain, scorching heat, cold, you name it. He is herding carts and having fun.
So when your day is shit or when I listen to my noon conference call tommorow to announce yet another realignment, think of the cart guy.
Really a lot of my/our issues are not much more than some carts that are haphazardly thrown about by outside forces. We just need to straighten them out.
"Yippee another realignment!"
Thanks Cart Guy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Schedule

Appease me, I know you do not care, nor would I expect you to. This is about goals and how writing them makes them real.

4/26 Deep Blue STXC

4/27 Greenbrier. Personal redemption after last year's physical and mental metldown.

5/3 Cat Classic. A change in sched, for the better.

5/10 French Creek. Big star, as in personal challenge. As in longest race to date.

5/17 Rocktober. See above

5/24 Granogue Enduro. Last in the big 3 Enduro blast. My own personal spring classic season.

5/25 Drink myself silly and watch movies on the side of neighbor's house.

5/31 D&Q sizzler.

6/7 Tour de Tykes weekend. STXC takes on big importance.

6/8 See above

6/15 Stoopid 50 marathon. Another big mental challenge. How good am I?

6/21 12 hours of Round Top. If I recover from Stoopid 50.

6/27 Black Crowes & DMB

6/28-29 What, a weekend to be a "normal" person?

7/4-6 The most fun you can have on two wheels

7/13 Fair Hill XC

7/19 Basket, meet eggs. All the eggs, meet basket. Mt Snow Stars & Stripes weekend

7/27 Nottingham STXC. Diggler and Lej in the battle of anorexia

8/2-3 Open, imagine that

8/9 God's Country marathon

8/16 Iron Hill Enduro

8/23-24 No races, for good reason

8/30-31 Big M effer of a pipe dream here 7 Springs solo. If the Endurnace series is the goal, and it is. You need to respect the series and go solo for 24.

9/1 Hopefully be able to walk, talk, eat, etc...

9/13 cross season starts with another 20ish races

"Only" 24 summer season races, 9 of which should be 4-6 hours or greater.

See, I knew I could cut back and race less than 50 events this year.

Maybe I should stop wondering why I have next to no social life.

My "social" life is the race atmosphere. Until you are there and see all the great people it really is hard to explain the happiness that it brings.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gaming for the gamers

A couple of bike games today. TT in the am & STXC mtb in pm.
TT went pretty well. Happy with the time and effort. Quads not so happy. Afterwards I could not even stand to pedal. More than a little concern started creeping through my eggshell mind. After a grand total of six Advils and much Sportsbalm medium balm the legs went from not being able to bend and/or pedal to just a little tight. Sixty minutes of massage on Rte 30 later and I was feeling alright. Long warm-up and I think I can race. Then the heavens opened and the lightning came. As we decided to not race the skies cleared and Robbie L. said we have a small window of clear. Line up to start and here comes the deluge again. Just like mud cross. Slick corners and muddy face from drafting. Then the legs come around. I feel good. Attack a little and have a gap while in second. The KABOOM huge thunder and some flashy flash. Don M. comes running out and calls the race as agreed upon at the start. I was happy wiser heads prevailed.
So a nice TT ride for me, with 6th in the 1,2 and 2nd in STXC and we will call it a fun day with much dirty clothes and wet bikes.
Stopped in West Chester to see Muur Conqueror, K-Mad and Jules. Dinner and Duvel and it looks like an overnight is in order.
Good week all.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

What did I learn today???

People enjoy riding stationary bikes when it is 80.

People enjoy treadmills in same 80 degree weather.

Passion is passion, indoors or out.

Diggler is fun to hang with.

I enjoy speaking with people about bike and fitness stuff more than I enjoy speaking about depression, bipolar, adhd and schizophrenia. Imagine that.

Shop employees are about the best guys around. I already knew that.

I am a fanatical tinkerer, especially with bike stuff. TT seat height again today.

I lack confidence, such that, when things are correct and good, I try to take it to eleven to make them better. I usually end up back at nine.

The Cannondale Slice TT bike is bar none the best fitting bike I have ever ridden, yes a TT bike.

Sometimes you have to take a stand. Even when you are giving things away.

Stand for something, or you will fall for anything.

Ferg is a great friend.

Naps are good.

Dark Chocolate is better. Thankfully Fishing Creek CVS is not the demographic for dark chocolate. DOVE 71% is marked down to $1.87/bar. I bought six.

My neighbors are nice, I just need to speak with them more.

Sleep meds are key, especially after a late day nap.

Since there seems to be an increase in traffic of late, take the time to read some old entries some day. It will not be as entertaining as flick but it may be a better insight.

At this time I shall state what I refer to as the Burt Hoovis clause.

The views, opinions, and writings of this blog are mine and mine alone. They do not reflect, imply or relate in any way shape or form to my family, friends, employer, cycling team or sponsors. My writings should not be (mis)construed in any way, except that they are the content of a blog. Nothing more, nothing less.

Response, rebuttal

Rick Brown, I will use his name since he had the balls to sign his name, has a great response to Friday's post. It was well thought out and he signed his name. That is what it is about. If you are going to take the time to invest yourself in something, put your "signature" to it. A blog, a response, your job, your passion. Whatever, it is you have done stand up I say I did it.
Rick, I would read your blog, if you had/have one. It is just that type of pointed writing that I enjoy. It may not be factual or correct, in totality, however it is what blogging is about. An opinion based on the criteria that you see in front of you.
I would write more but I am running late. Yes, Rick et al. I volunteered to assist a friend's business at a local health club to educate members on how to better understand their training and fitness.
Believe it or not, it is not all about me.
More people should take the time to respond to blog posts like Mr. Brown. It is dissenting opinion that brings growth and change.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Po tay toe, po tah toe, attack, accelerate...

It is all semantics.
Seems I touched a nerve. Sorry. No offense was meant nor was I trying to be an ass. I ALWAYS ride with an Ipod. Is it rude on group rides? Yes. If you are a regular reader you know the impact music has on my life. It is almost spiritual. Yes, I know that sounds gay. However, I NEED music when I ride.
I also ride with my cell 90% of the time. You never know when you may have an instance where you NEED to use it. I also text while I ride if I am not doing a hard effort. Yesterday was a very "different" day. A friend is moving today and we were texting about a lot of things. I knew I would not see or probably even speak with her today, so I was doing a lot texting.
I was texting during the 2:30 I was riding before the group ride. I was texting in the parking lot before the group ride. I am sure you saw it. Was it a dick move? Yes. Sorry.
As to the event in question. We were going up the little hill and, yes, I was texting. I was riding safe and out of the line. Whoever was leading was going harder than he could handle, as evidenced by the speed drop at the top of the hill. I did say, in a helpful way, keep your speed through the top. It is a fundamental climbing technique. He just stopped/died early. I kept rolling and did a steady pull. I was taking my turn, and yes texting. Then the Lombardi Sports jersey guy came by MUCH faster than a pull through. Either he attacked, while seated, you can do that or he accelerated harder than a normal pull. Enough so, that I even said "cheeky move." I have been racing for twenty plus years. I fully understand speed changes. It was definitely a faster acceleration. I got in line and just rode. Along came the rolling section that I referenced in the post prior. No need to rehash that.
My ride yesterday was to be 4 hours pretty easy with an effort here and there. I knew that rolling section of road so that was where I planned the effort. There are two rollers and a great chicane followed by another roller. It is one of my favorite sections of road around. I had 3:00 in my legs already at that point, in theory the group should have been much fresher. I even told Andy I was pulling off after that section. A fave song come on, which is good for me, especially when the Ipod is on shuffle. It is true serendipity. I did my effort. That is bike racing training. It is not going out on a group ride and riding for 2 hours at LT or greater with no change in pace. That is also why I train alone. I have things I need to work on, to be a better racer and those efforts can be misinterpreted on group rides.
For the Fat F****, that is how you referred to yourselves, not me saying those words (read prior posts comments), I am sorry if I rode like an ass or offended you. You guys were strong on the flats. I can not help if I was a bit faster uphill, or know how to change pace with sharp attacks. That is a you issue, not a me issue. Next time I see you guys, I will surely apologize in person for texting while I ride. I should not have done that. Trust me, after my friend's move today that probably will not happen as much. Yesterday was a texting anomaly due to certain circumstances. Things needed to be communicated and I wanted to "chat" with her.
Instead of being "cheeky" and saying "u da man" maybe you should ask me how i train to be able to accelerate like that?
Everyone knows who I am on this blog. Can be man enough to not sign a comment as anonymous? That is your perogative though. Maybe it makes you feel better about skewering a "skinny blogger"?
I race on weekends. I could give two shits what happens on Thursday.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Daddy Longlegs and the competitve rhythms

First off. Let me clarify the poll. I will clarify it this way. I vote on all of my own polls. Right now the vote is 5 to 0 in favor of the ability to have a platonic relationship. Take a guess which one I voted for? I know that probably a mindbender for Hoovis. Enough of that.

The euro trash personna's of Zayne, Dieter and Van der Zell speak of the competitive rhythms that one experiences while on the two wheeled machine. I had good competitive rhythm of late. I feel no chain, float up climbs while texting and squash all with my Euro mullet. OK the Euro mullet is a little stretch. You get the idea though.
My competitive rhythm is a bit different. Brace yourself, my legs feel longer. Yes, Daddy longlegs mofo. My legs feel longer, Like they are just spinning wicked quick little circles with no effort. I was there yesterday, so much so i was tweaking seat height. Felt like Daddy Longlegs again today. Even got off the bike to check seat height. The competitive rhythm is there.
What is interesting is convincing myself to trust the longlegs feel and know things are going well.
Poor group ride guys felt the daddy longlegs rhythm tonight. I was texting as I passed people up a few little climbs and on the front. All with the Ipod in. Classy, I know. Seems a few took offense and tried to attack. I kept texting and said "ckeeky little move." Rolled up to them as we started a section with a few little rollers and a super wicked chicane downhill that can be railed.

On the second rise the stars aligned. On came The Who, Who are you, Covered by the Stereophonics. The opening squeal matched the rhythm, then the super sweet Whooooo are you, repeating. I was signing and ready to jump out of my skin. Rhythm and sensations are there, here it comes time to go. Boom. Woke up in a Soho doorway, attack. ....And the breeze blew back my hair" jump again. "I remember throwing punches around..." Drill the top. Descend through the chicane. Just as verse 2 opens it is full gas over the tracks and up the rise. Crest at 32 and hold 30 for 1/2 mile stretch to the road. I had 30 seconds in about one mile, nice.
Yeah, that is what good tunes and Daddy Longlegs competitive rhythm will get you. How can you slow down when you hear "who the eff are you" blaring in your ears, and the Daddy Longlegs are ticking?
That my friends is another reason I love riding bikes. Where else can you you get the sensation that your legs are longer? OK, maybe Peyote, but that is a different angle altogether.
Tan lines have finally made an appearance.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Turn around and walk away

That has been my Modus Operandi in friendships and relationships over the years. I fall out of touch with people and walk away from friendships. It is not like I have some humongous overabundance of friends.
This leads to today. After many texts and plans, changed plans, etc... A & I end up riding together. After a nice ride we go to dinner. We talked about some things and come to a common ground agreement. Friends. In the past I would have done just as the title stated. I tend to operate like that. Friends, who needs them? Well, it turns out that I do. It turns out that I need this person, A, as a friend. This time will be different. As for this friendship, there is just that something special about her as a person. Add to the fact that I almost never stay in touch with female acquaintences, and you can see this is a change for me.
So now when the phone buzzes, 1 new text message, it will be a special surprise. Also one where I do not need to overthink things. It will be what it is, a text from a special friend. Deep down you always wish for outcomes that are most beneficial for yourself. However, with friends and people who mean a lot to you, I always wish for what is best for them. After that, things will work out the way they are supposed to.
To my friends, past, present, old, new and those yet to come. Thanks for being there.
I promise to do my best to not turn and walk away. There are only so many bridges on the way home. I would like to think I will stop burning them.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let me try to explain

First find a knife. Any old knife will do. Then locate your sit bone. Find it? Got the knife ready? Now jab it hard into your skin at the sit bone. Done? Pleasant huh? For shits and giggles, take said knife and now cut yourself. 1/2" will do. Wait a little while until the initial pain subsides, but the area is still sore. OK, now find the arm of a chair. The narrower the better. Sit down, slide back and forth, sit down and force pressure downwards onto the fresh sit bone wound, in fact bonuce lightly on the arm for a couple of minutes. Assuming that above ordeal took you five minutes, I am sure you get the idea of pleasure. Oh yeah, REPEAT THIS 30 MORE TIMES. That is what Australia felt like on the ride with Diggler today. Steroids, icthammol, hot tubs, everything is checking the inflammation, but the offending furruncle known as Australia is still sore.
If this keeps up I will be riding a Scalpel after Greenbrier, and I am not referring to the super sweet totally awesome team issue bike. I am more thinking the razor sharp instrument.
Enough of that.
Rolled the big Rubbers today. I blew out a little rubber this weekend. As soon as I blew it out I knew I was done. The juice was spilled and therubber was cut. I just turned and walked away in shame, unable to finish my business. After a looong walk of shame back to the pits, I noticed my Big Rubbers standing at attention . There were just screaming out to be ridden. So I mounted the biggies and riding we went. I am waiting for my new Ignitor small Rubbers to arrive Thursday or Friday. These new rubbers are special, with a tougher sidewall to avoid blowouts and leaking of the Stan's tubicidal juice. I just hope the thicker rubbers do not hurt my feel. The big rubbers were fun and allow for fast hard riding. The small rubbers definitely are more nimble and provide a better feel. Big rubbers, small rubbers, either way it really only matters that you are riding.

Ok for those new to the game, read this gem. I must say I think it was my finest work to date.
Tires 29er vs. 26er

I wonder if a long lost friend will read this and find the need to leave her office for a smoke?

Cut rubbers, raging Australia, A moving to DC, even more work hassles. These are events and inconveniences. Am I happy they are happening, no. Will they fundamentally change my life, no. When Bad Andy said it must be good to be me, at the start line, on Sunday. Once I bitched for a split second I caught myself and I eventually got to the real answer, it is pretty good to be me.
I kind of like it here. I think I will stay a while longer.
Enjoy the sunshine.
All in all