Sunday, June 25, 2006

Long day in the saddle

Not really.
It was a long day on the couch though. Shitty weather and some decent sports, World Cup, F1 & NASCAR, at least for me. It started with the England vs. Portugal game. I missed maybe the first fifteen minutes after getting back form a nice easy ride. However, from 11:30 on I was on fire logging almost eight hours of big couch time. After a little nap during the F1 race, I got nutty and switched couches and positions. I went from the couch to the loveseat, and seated to reclined. Yep, that was the big news of my day. Back to the couch for NASCAR.
The England match was pretty good. I do get sick of all the fake flopping those guys do, yet it was still a good match.
F1 was the typical race to turn one and that is all she wrote. Schumi did drive a nice race, but positioning is everything.
NASCAR was a road course, so it was one of the two days where they actually have to show skill. No real surprise in who dominated. Gordon was spot on. Reminded me of the SPEED Network special where he drove Juan Pablo Montoya's F1 ride at Indy. He rocked out at .5 seconds slower than JPM, after about an hour in the car. Say what you will, the dude can drive.
All in all it was pretty f'in boring today. The only real highlights were a killer brunch & dinner that Ames made.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Damn Birds

If the freakin' birds outside the bedroom keep me awake again tonight I am getting a pellet gun/pistol tomorrow. I crash in the spare bedroom if I can not sleep. Outside the window is a tree which is home to these evil nocturnal birds. They woke me at 1:30 this morning, so I went outside to show them who is boss. I picked up a handful of mulch and whipped it into the tree. Problem solved, or so I thought. Ten minutes and they are back at it, this time it seems louder. I go downstairs and debate my next step. Glass of water or the garden hose. Since the neighbors in front of us are still awake, he is a nurse with weird hours, I opt for the pint vs. hose method. The little f'er is chirping to high heaven, so I douse him. Shut him up good.
Now realize there is actually a great deal of forethought and trepidation involved in this process. First I was somewhat scared because I witnessed a bird of the same make and model as my little chirping friend attack a squirrel yesterday. Yes, he/she/it was divebombing a squirrel and beaking it. I was riding and had a front row view of the bird chasing the squirrel across the street, dippin' & divin' until the squirrel found solace under a shed. So at 1:30am I am thinking I am going to hose down this little monster and then the bird will attack me and beak my eyes out. So now I am blind, bleeding and rolling in the front yard. So I decide the pint cup is my best option. Then I think the super-evil Hitchcockian bird will somehow chase me in the house. Now I am being beaked in my own abode & have to explain to Ames why I have awoken her with my screaming. Yes, there is a lot of thought process that happens at 1:30am to shut up a little varmin. So tonight I will see if the bird will wake me. If he does it again, than Charlton Heston will then be my president, albeit a pellet or BB gun. Charlton would still be proud as I excercise my right to bear BB arms.
Wish me luck.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Be careful what you wish for

My job is very unsatisfying right now. The thrill of short days wears off quickly. There is a possible opening on the horizon. It is a position that I think I would really love. I would work in the PA State Government as a liaison between Lilly and policy makers. Way cool, as I enjoy the nuances of politics and would be more in an advocacy role for open access pharmaceuticals. It would be a huge jump in rsponsibility and pressure. As the role is seen as the make or break person as it relates to making sure Lilly products are covered on State formularies. Definitely a challenge, with a huge upside. Also like any high pressure job there is a huge spotlight that only gets bigger as the shit gets deep. The lady in the position now is feeling that heat. I spoke with her about the job and she said, "be careful what you wish for." "Oh yeah, I also gave you an unconditional recomendation, to take this position." SWEET, I think.
So here I am with a possible major career change in the works, and I need to really sort this out. If I would be offered the position and turn it down, it would probably be career suicide. This is finally a position where I can sit at the big boy table and truly make a difference. Yeah, this is what I want. If it means huge sacrifices for the fall season, so be it. This is the first step to what I want to be when I grow up.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Happy Eve of the Apocalypse

Remember kiddies, tomorrow is 6/6/06. If you have something special to do, do it today. I wonder how many religious right crazies will use this as a platform for moral decline?
Marketing geniuses have already taken advantage of this.
Damien flick opens tomorrow. Cannondale System Six frame is officially launched tomorrow. Hell, MI is throwing a town party.
Maybe I will go to work in red face paint and a pitchfork?
I think I will break out my Iron Maiden, Number of the Beast, cassette in tribute.
Rock on Hellions.