Thursday, January 16, 2014

This is like being a Latin Major in college

...worthless in the modern era.
Four years out in the wilderness, and then he returns from his literary walkabout. Is he wiser, probably not. Has he tamed down his opinions, I doubt it.
Hopefully this will be less self-absorbing than it was in the past. I will try to stick more toward a bully pulpit of issues, sprinkled with my everyday experiences.
In the modern era of 140 character limits and instant gratification, I will boldly go to where I have already gone. I will go to the blogosphere, the Latin Major of today's world.

In case stuff gets a little weird. The ideas expressed by myself, contributors or commentators are my/their own. They in no way reflect the views or opinions of my friends, family, dogs, colleagues, employers, sponsors, sponsors of sponsors, or even the great Burt Hoovis.
Enjoy and share.

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