Tuesday, September 22, 2009

#1 in the country baby

Not on a bike, but with work amazingly enough. Albeit only for the first month in Q4, our #1 spot has moved us up to #2 in the country for the year. Interestingly enough, my counterparts in Harrisburg are #1. The ironic thing is, all four of us were talking today about how we may not have a job in two months.
With a decent August for us, and a less than stellar August for the Harrisburg team, we may be #1 in the country for the year, with one month to report. That would be a fine showing.
Still totally on edge about the job. I think all will be OK. I have a few things working in my favor, however you just never know what will happen until the day you are told "wait by your phone to be told if you have a job, and where it will be". The most ironic thing about that is the call is more than likely going to be made November 13th. As in, Friday the 13th.
The Colonel himself could not have planned it any better.

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