Monday, September 21, 2009

To be shamed, or not to be shamed...

...into starting this thing back up.
It is not like it is a literary masterpiece. It is not like my life is so intriguing. Maybe that is the point. Ok I will give it a run.
Cross is here. It is a beautiful thing in the Mid-Atlantic region. You can race every weekend from mid September through mid December and never drive more than two hours to a race. Cross is friggin' booming. Over 400 at T-town and 600+ at Charm City this weekend. People dig cross. It is fast, exciting, fun, short and easy to spectate. It is not a surprise to me that cross is surpassing road and mountain race numbers in the Mid-Atlantic. Cross has the speed and tactics of the road, the bike handling and turning skills of mountain biking, and everything is right in front of you.
I will leave this parting thought from my friend Mike Yozell and add a little twist.
"I am not a cross racer, I am a bike racer. I race bikes, I like bikes, I just happen to be racing cross right now."
Enjoy cross season kids, and also remember just how fun it is to ride/race those other bikes in your garage.


Zach said...

yes! the legend is back!

Spice said...